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9 Best Beachside Hotel Wildwood NJ For A Perfect Seaside Getaway

by Tayebah Malik
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Who doesn’t love the allure of beaches—the soothing sounds of waves, the peaceful scenery, the warm sensation of sand between your toes, and the invigorating sea air? If you’re around New York, you’ve probably heard about the vast beauty of Wildwood and its stunning beaches. 

Planning a trip to this wonderful destination opens up numerous options for accommodation, from hotels and motels to cozy bed & breakfasts, guest houses, and resorts. So, here’s a glimpse into the best beachside hotel Wildwood NJ, offering a variety of choices for your perfect beachside retreat.

Best Beachside Hotel Wildwood NJ

Having visited Wildwood Jersey several times, I looked at a variety of Wildwood hotels on beach. These are all the resorts I stayed in during my travels. Discover more about each of them below to help you plan the best possible stay for your upcoming visit.

Days Inn & Suites By Wyndham


Located in the heart of Wildwood, Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham offers a delightful beachfront experience. With a favorable rating of 7.5, this motel is known for its prime location just across the street from the boardwalk, beach, and ocean. 

Guests appreciate the fantastic beach views and rave about the convenience of last-minute day trips or overnight stays. Families especially enjoy the two heated pools, one with a beach view, catering to kids’ enjoyment.


Harbor Light Family Resort 

Harbor Light Family Resort stands out among the best hotels in Wildwood Beach NJ. What makes it exceptional is its commitment to accessibility and comfort. An elevator and handicap-accessible rooms ensure a hassle-free stay for all guests. 

This resort boasts two heated swimming pools, a spacious sun deck, outdoor barbecue grills, ice machines, and complimentary parking, offering a range of amenities to enhance your experience. The place is considered the best  Wildwood Hotels on the beach captures the essence of relaxation and convenience, making it a cherished choice for island visitors.

The Aquarius Oceanfront Inn


The Aquarius Oceanfront Inn in Wildwood, New Jersey is the perfect beach getaway location. Situated just a short distance from the stunning beach, cool ocean, and lively promenade, this hotel is the ideal choice for a beach vacation. 

Many guests even express happiness over being able to park their car after check-out and enjoy a few more hours of sun-soaked relaxation. They also praise the easy access to the beach. Beyond expectations, the beachside experience is promised by the hotel.

Athens II Motor Inn 

Enjoy a seaside getaway at the Athens II Motor Inn in North Wildwood. Remarkably, this motor inn is a 100% oceanfront sanctuary with lovely efficiency apartments, a large penthouse, a heated pool, barbecues, lift service, and free parking. 

Visitors value the comforts of living by the seaside paired with the efficiency of modern living. With its many amenities and ideal location near the sandy shoreline, the Athens II Motor Inn invites you to enjoy a great stay. The place is for you if you want a beachside getaway with a touch of luxury.

The Beach House


When it comes to getting the authentic Jersey Shore experience, The Beach House is the place to go. The place is considered the best beachside resort Wildwood NJ. One of its greatest features is its ideal location—it’s only a short stroll from the beach—and some of the rooms even offer guests gorgeous views of the shore. 

Located just one block away from the boardwalk, visitors can easily explore the area, making for a fun and practical stay. The Beach House is the best option if you want to relax and comfortably experience the spirit of the Jersey Shore.

The Waves Hotel


The Waves Hotel is located in New Jersey Wildwood, a 10-minute walk from Beachfront. This upscale Beachside Hotel Wildwood NJ is situated in a bustling neighborhood with a wide variety of stores, pubs, dining options, and entertainment options. 

It provides an unforgettable experience. The lobby’s all-glass construction establishes a contemporary vibe. In creatively designed rooms with vibrant colors and cozy fireplaces, guests can relax and unwind. The hotel offers all the conveniences guests may want for a comfortable stay, including WiFi, laundry facilities, and an outdoor pool.

Oceanic Hotel & Barefoot Tiki Bar

Situated in Wildwood, New Jersey, The Oceanic Hotel & Barefoot Tiki Bar is the ideal beachside hideaway. Its ideal position guarantees a memorable time by the beach, only a short stroll from the lively boardwalk. 

This hotel meets expectations with its well-appointed rooms that include basic facilities like free WIFI, outdoor hot tubs, and daily music performances. Here, guests can enjoy light cocktails and American cuisine. The outdoor pool, which offers cycling and swimming as well as other activities, adds even more fun.

Newport Beach Resort


Starting at $195, the cozy Newport Beach Resort in Wildwood, New Jersey, provides a warm beachside atmosphere. Its ideal location right on the beach, which eliminates the need for lengthy walks, captivates guests. 

The resort is a great option for people who are ready to experience the sun, sand, and sea because it offers quick and simple access to the boardwalk and the beach. Thanks to its excellent beachside location and high rating, Newport Beach Resort is a great choice for a fun vacation in Wildwood.

Bolero Resort 

Bolero Resort is a charming Jersey Shore haven, ideally situated just 250 meters from the beach and a mere 787 feet from the lively Wildwood beach and boardwalk.  The resort offers a choice of two restaurants, free Wi-Fi, an attractive indoor rooftop pool, and contemporary amenities in addition to a prime location. 

Whether you’re looking for bright days by the beach or a lively boardwalk, this luxurious location offers a wonderful refuge that makes your trip to Wildwood convenient and unforgettable.

Wrap Up 

In conclusion, the beachside hotel Wildwood NJ provides a diverse range of options for a comfortable and enjoyable stay by the shore. Offering proximity to the beach, various amenities, and unique features, each hotel caters to different preferences and needs. Whether you seek a relaxing escape or a fun-filled adventure, these beachside accommodations ensure a memorable experience during your visit to New Jersey’s Wildwood.


What makes Wildwood a favored destination?

Wildwood’s popularity stems from its expansive beaches, lively boardwalk, and vibrant atmosphere, attracting visitors with its unique blend of entertainment and coastal charm.

What’s the distance between Wildwood Boardwalk and the ocean?

The ocean is approximately 500 yards or a quarter of a mile from the Wildwood Boardwalk, making it a good option for those prepared to enjoy a brief walk to reach the water.

What factors contribute to motels being for sale in Wildwood, New Jersey?

The sale of motels in Wildwood, New Jersey, may be influenced by various factors such as changing ownership, business decisions, or market dynamics in the hospitality industry.

What guidelines should one follow on Wildwood beaches?

Wildwood beach rules encompass aspects like beach tags, restricted items, and proper etiquette, aiming to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

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