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Explore 5 Striking Beaches And Top 3 Hotels

by Tayebah Malik
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Who doesn’t like beaches – that sound of waves crashing and people giggling, the serenity of eye-catching scenes, the warm feel of sand under feet, and the taste and smell of sea air? If you are in New York, you might have heard about Wildwood, its massiveness, beaches, and the richness of beaches. But is it really true? Is Wildwood A Beach-Rich Area In New Jersey or not? Don’t be surprised if I say Wildwood’s beaches are so extensive that you need a camel to surf them and if I extend it by saying it has hosted the world’s massive kite festival and a national marble tournament. Even these vast beaches hosted 30,000 cheering fans of Tim McGraw (a singer).

Are you getting excited? Do you want to explore more about the beachside resort wildwood NJ or beachside hotel wildwood NJ? Walk through this article; we have enlisted the ten most spectacular Wildwood beaches for you!

1. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is the best beach around Wildwood! It always stays clean and well maintained; while walking on the beach, you can enjoy dolphin dance, soft sand, and plenty of food/drink. You can come here with your family—it is the perfect spot to make beautiful memories with families.

 Diamond Beach

Remember – Diamond Beach is only accessible to specific  hotel guests, those staying near the Seapointe village, or live in a private social club. The allowed visitors can access every area of the beach, enjoy the shiny sand, high tide, and peaceful scenes. 

Warning: Due to safety purposes, nobody should move to the wet sand areas.

 2. Wildwood Beach

Anybody can go to this beach for sunbathing in the summer. There are various amazing food options near the boardwalk and dozens of options for family-friendly games.  Unlike some other NJ beaches, the sand of this beach is soft, shining, and fine. It allows riding on the bike up until 1 pm. There are no showers to rinse off the sand, and getting the water out from the seafront takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Prepare to drag your luggage a half mile through to the sand. 

Pretty fun boardwalk on the beach. The beach was busy but not overcrowded. People came and went. So, the crowd volume stayed about the same. The day before ending, the beach was so empty and peaceful. Walking down the boardwalk, there are cheap hotdogs, burgers, pizzas, and some costly places.

Wildwood Beach

Be sure to compare prices.

3. North Wildwood Beach

Come forward to the best free beach in the area! There is affordable parking close to the beach. At the end of any block, various sprinklers clean the body from the sand before you head off towards a beautiful home. Luckily, there are mattresses to make walking easier in summer (specifically, with a beach cart). There are various restrooms at the place of the lifeguard station at the beach. Each block seems to have a lifeguard that performs a superb job at keeping an eye on guarding the swimmers.

North Wildwood Beach

4. Wildwood Crest Beach

The calm beach is just down from Wildwood’s main beach. The main difference on this beach is the limited supply of major confections. There’s no boardwalk or city hall here, just a small pizza and ice cream shop. The best place for senior citizens with their pets, which seems easy to walk in, is why most people are attracted to the beach. Moreover, the younger crowd also comes here, which makes sense as it is the best enchanting place for nearby tourists. Other beaches are busy and crowded in the summer, but Wildwood Cres might be less crowded. Wildwood Crest Beach hosts many families and everyone, giving you enough space for social distancing. The beach is well maintained for the traffic as the beach receives huge visitors in peak times in the summer months. 

Wildwood Crest Beach

Many lifeguards are on duty, and the police patrol the beaches at night to ensure those walking around feel secure!

5. Silver Bullet

The silver bullet is the place that looks like icing on the cake on vacations. Beach, boardwalk, Cape May, eat. Don`t take it wrong!  Definitely a beautiful place for visiting and spending free time with various to-do things. If anybody searches for Instagram pictures, come forward to the silver bullet and must take a ride on the boat with the enjoyment of refreshments. 

Hopefully, after visiting the beachside resort, Wildwood, NJ, Anyone will come back again and again. The best thing about Wildwood Beachside Hotel is that it’s fun to watch waves, dolphins, birds, and boats. In fact, capture any kind of beauty from marine life and the glamour of the beachside. If you are beach enthusiastic, you must explore the pink sand beaches – how fun is it to be there!

Silver Bullet

If you are a tourist and want to enjoy this juge list of beaches, you must need a place to stay and accommodate; right? So, don’t panic, here we have the best Wildwood hotels and resorts for you. Let’s explore their description!

Three Beachside Resort Wildwood NJ Reviews

Beachside resort in Wildwood New Jersey offer countless facilities to provide visitors with utmost comfort at a fair price. Let’s explore what we have covered for you in the list of Beachside Hotel Wildwood NJ.

Beachside Resort

As the name indicates, this Beachside Resort is a fantastic choice if you want to enjoy the beach views by sitting on the hotel’s balcony/terrace. Besides a luxurious infrastructure, clean surroundings, advanced security, and delicious food, this resort offers you dozens of other perks. Every hotel unit is installed with a coffee machine that you can have any time of the day. Many rooms feature a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave. The rooms are well-furnished, with a flat-screen TV and cable networks. In addition, the accommodation also offers cycling, fishing, swimming, and other activities. So, if you want a fair-priced beachside and a royal environment, don’t miss this outstanding beachside resort in Wildwood, New Jersey!

Beachside Resort

The Waves Hotel

The Waves Hotel is located in New Jersey Wildwood, a 10-minute walk from Beachfront. This exclusive Beachside Hotel Wildwood NJ has various shops, bars, restaurants, and nightlife nearby. This hotel features a lobby made up of all glass, an outdoor pool, uniquely designed guest rooms, availability of WiFI, and whatnot. The rooms are embellished with bright colors and fireplaces, which relax and soothe the visitors. Residents can also avail the facilities of laundry; in short, every comfort is provided.

Oceanic Hotel & Barefoot Tiki Bar

This beach side resort wildwood is located across the boardwalk and beach; this beachside resort hotel, Wildwood NJ offers multiple facilities and at the top is free WIFI. The hotel rooms are well-managed and well-furnished, including an outside hot tub, refrigerator, oven, TV with cable, and much more. Beyond these facilities and super-cool infrastructure, this Barefoot Tiki Bar offers live entertainment, American cuisine, and a selection of cocktails and beer. Guests can relish the outdoor pool that offers swimming, cycling, and other poolside activities. The silver lining of this beachside resort hotel Wildwood NJ is it offers Billiards, darts, and other games facilities in every room. 

Oceanic Hotel & Barefoot Tiki Bar

Beachside Hotel Wildwood NJ – The Best Choice 

The beachside resort hotel Wildwood NJ offers spectacular views and amazing sunsets, walking, and various amenities that are helpful for anybody to stay longer.  

  • While staying in the hotel, you can receive a free WiFi facility, refrigerator, air conditioner, and flat T.V screen.
  • When coming outside the resort, and looking for a dining experience, head off to the nearest dine-in facilities. Which are conveniently located to the nearby resorts.
  • The resort gives versatile and ultra-unique benefits, such as amazing locations with attractive and luxurious rooms with recreational activities. Most are located in the heart of the beachside and 10 minutes away from the wildwood convention center. 
  • Additionally, bathrooms with shower/tub and toiletries too.
  • Suppose you encounter difficulties with any activity or amenity. Just contact the wildwood beachside resort staff members, luggage or vending machine, etc. 

This Beachside Hotel Wildwood NJ offers free parking!

Closing Statement

In my opinion, Wildwood has the most picturesque and best beaches in NJ. The facilities, safety, and striking attractions encite tours to visit Wildwood every year. When you come to the beachside hotel in NJ, you can find every kind of service from dawn to dusk. The water on all beaches is super clean, you can even see your image reflecting. Just come with families and friends to experience the remarkable sites and make unforgettable memories. Capture breathtaking views on your camera and share with your friends on social media.

Before planning a trip to the Wildwoods, just check the Beachside Resort Wildwood NJ reviews and pack your luggage to entertain the captivating views from every perspective. In a nutshell, if you are an adventure freak and want to explore more and more beachside destinations, you should head off, nowhere else but the Beachside Hotel Wildwood NJ.

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