Home Adventure How To Spend A Day Trip At Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio- Complete Guide!

How To Spend A Day Trip At Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio- Complete Guide!

by Tayebah Malik
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Located just west of downtown, Mansfield has a 47-acre estate that was once the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly King until his death in 1952. Now the place is open to the public and today I am excited to take you on a tour of this lovely place, now open to the public. 

Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio holds a special spot in my heart as it was the venue for my cousin’s amazing wedding. After that, I visited this place every year on my vacation. Literally, the place, its surroundings, lush greenery, and other beautiful spots, especially at Christmas will leave you in awe. 


What About Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio History?

Notable Cleveland architect Clarence Mack constructed Kingwood Centre Gardens, the property of Charles Kelley King and his beloved second spouse, Luise, in 1926. In 1893, Charles accepted a job offer from the Ohio Brass Company, which was located nearby and moved to Mansfield. 

When he died in 1953, he gave his assets to a private foundation, which continues to run Kingwood Centre, because he had no children. It has recently undergone extensive renovations, adding a new structure to the grounds called the Garden Gateway Centre. 

How To Get At Kingwood Center Gardens In Mansfield Ohio?

Kingwood Centre Gardens is roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland and slightly over an hour’s trip from Columbus. It is situated in North Central Ohio, close to Mansfield, Ohio’s downtown. 

Regretfully, not every garden or facility can be modified to accommodate every visitor. Segways, golf carts, two-wheeled scooters, and other motorized devices are examples of powered vehicles that are prohibited. Wheelchairs, single-rider mobility scooters, and walkers are allowed, though. 

The Upcoming Christmas At Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio

Kingwood Centre Gardens in Mansfield, Ohio, keeps up the longstanding tradition of the magnificent entryway tree and decorates the corridors of the former Kelly residence in an elegant manner. All visitors must buy tickets in advance. When I last went, I think it was $8 for those who are not members, free for those under the age of twelve, and no charge for members.

Additionally, Kingwood will celebrate the upcoming Christmas from November 25 to December 30, 2023. Families love the hundreds of trees decorated with strings of lights in red, blue, and green colors that make up the Trail of Christmas Lights in the public garden. One of the trees is a 28-foot-tall light tree with a walk-in string that is the ideal spot for family photos.


It is open from 4 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday through Sunday nights. The home tour is set against the musical backdrop of local artists. It has lately grown to be the biggest and busiest holiday destination in the neighborhood. The grounds are brightly colored by hundreds of basic yet beautiful string-light trees that are between two and twenty feet tall.

Visiting Mansfield’s Kingwood Center- Things You Need To Know

Despite not being marketed as a hiking destination, Kingwood’s 47 acres provide enough space for hiking. Whatever time of year you choose to visit, there will be a lot to see. It’s one of my family members’ favorite destinations, they say. I went there last summer as well, so I have some suggestions for places you may visit and places you don’t have to go. 

Courtyard Garden

You visit the courtyard garden after exploring the rose garden. Additionally, special events are held here. It provides some shade, and if you want to rest and have a snack, there are plenty of chairs and benches. There are tables readily accessible to couples as well as individuals who want to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors, but there are no areas for group picnics.


A Sunken Garden

The original formal landscaping included various outdoor chambers, including the sunken garden. Every year, Kingwood’s renowned tulip blooms are planted in the beautiful sunken garden. Afterward, summertime garden beds are filled with large-leaved tropicals and annuals. The yard is surrounded by tall hedges that provide a peaceful atmosphere. 

An Orangery

Off the display hall is the long narrow orangery, which is next to the greenhouses and courtyard garden. In addition to providing natural light for seasonal displays, the floor-to-ceiling windows shield delicate plants. Additionally, the Orangery has a sizable tank that houses fish and other plant life. It throws light on a dark place otherwise.

Storybook Trail

Visitors can stroll along a shaded forest trail and read a book as they go along the 500-foot Storybook trail. It starts with the peacock playhouse, a children’s play area that was formerly the gatehouse. 


Duck Pond

True to its name, it had been settled by ducks when we went there, and you could purchase grains from the machines if you wanted to feed them. We also discovered a peacock here, sheltering behind a tree’s canopy.


Kingwood Hall

The stunning 20,000-square-foot mansion on the grounds, Kingwood Hall, is open for self-guided tours and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. To visit the Dining Room, Sitting Room, Mr. King’s Office, and the Library—which has an extensive collection of gardening books—you must ascend second or main floor. The servant’s quarters and the bedrooms of Mr. and Mrs. King will also be shown to visitors.

Peacock Playhouse

The Peacock Playhouse is meant to be explored on one’s own, but staff members do check on it from time to time during the day. There are a variety of activities that allow kids and their families to discover the outdoors. During your trip around Kingwood, you can even stop and enjoy the view of hummingbirds and birds via the center’s expansive windows. You can read books, play games in the garden, and make masterpieces. 


Cost Of Having A Wedding Kingwood Center In Mansfield Ohio

Hosting your wedding at Kingwood Center Gardens usually costs around $22,000. That’s like investing in creating a day that’s as elegant and timeless as your love story. 


This estimate covers a guest list of 125 people for a Saturday ceremony and party during the lovely Spring or Summer months. If your celebration needs more time, you can add extra hours for $125 each. Keep in mind, that if you party after normal hours, there might be extra charges depending on the season.

  • Ceremony Rental: Starts at $300 and goes up to $1,700.
  • Reception Rental: The big party part ranges from $2,000 to $5

Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio Wedding Package

At Kingwood, they’ve put together a package that makes your big day run smoothly and feel special.

For the Ceremony For the Reception
Three hours to say your vows in their beautiful space. Four hours for all the party fun.
A private room for the bride to get ready Easy parking and entry for everyone.
Cool golf cart rides for you and your guests Fancy golf cart rides to keep the regal vibe going.
Free parking and entry for your friends and family. Big banquet tables that set up by the staff.
A backup plan in case of rain  Comfy chairs for indoor parties.
Wedding assistants to make sure your day is stress-free. Kingwood staff keeps everything looking good.

Best Restaurants Near Kingwood Center In Mansfield Ohio For Lunch

If you find yourself in the charming vicinity of Kingwood Center in Mansfield, Ohio, and your taste buds are in search of a delightful lunch experience, here are some local gems worth exploring:

Taco Bell 

Speaking of quick and tasty, Taco Bell is my secret weapon. The steak bowl is my personal favorite – delicious and easy on the wallet. And for your gluten-sensitive pals, they’ve got options to keep you smiling.

Smokin Bros BBQ

For a taste explosion, try Smokin Bros BBQ. The brisket chili, Mac and cheese-topped brisket cups, and pulled pork are not just meals; they’re a flavor journey. Trust those reviews – they’re onto something good!

China Club 

Explore a world of flavors at China Club. The cool vibe and diverse menu featuring Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisines make it a standout choice. It’s where global tastes meet local cravings.

Mansfield Family Restaurant

Mansfield Family Restaurant is the best option if you have a craving for a meal that feels like home. The place is where you will find comfort. With classic American delights for breakfast and especially lunch, it’s a reliable spot for a homestyle feast.

Bottom Line

Entering the magical Kingwood Centre Mansfield Ohio, is like entering a historical and natural fairytale. Every visit opens a new tale, from the magnificent grounds and the storied Kingwood Hall to the jolly Christmas lights. Kingwood offers a blend of luxury and simplicity, whether it’s the beautiful paths, the quaint Peacock Playhouse, or the chance to plan a beautiful wedding. Additionally, the neighborhood’s restaurants offer delicious flavors to the experience when hunger strikes. Kingwood Centre in Mansfield, Ohio is more than simply a location—it’s a tale that only has to be discovered.


Who resided at Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio?

Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio was once the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly King until his death in 1952.

How long will the Lego display be showcased at Kingwood Center Mansfield Ohio?

The LEGO brick exhibition, “Nature Connects” by Sean Kenney has been displayed at Kingwood Center Gardens from June 2 to September 17, 2023.

What is the historical background of Kingwood Gardens?

Kingwood Gardens’ history traces back to 1926, when Clarence Mack, a notable Cleveland architect, constructed the gardens for Charles Kelley King and his second spouse, Luise.

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