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Top 10 Things To Do In Millersburg Ohio- A Premium Guide!

by Tayebah Malik
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My Grandma and most of my family members used to live in the small town of Millersburg, Ohio. The historic downtown is seeing a revival, with more local stores and dining alternatives. Millersburg has a lot to offer visitors from outside the area. I remember this because this magnificent town has been the destination of all of my childhood vacations until now.

This is the place to go if you want to have a laid-back vacation that involves nothing more than cycling around back-country roads or strolling through charming streets. Make sure to reserve your desired accommodation as soon as possible because the optimum season to visit is from July to November, or from summer to early fall. I’ll include a few of my favorite fun things to do in Millersburg Ohio, in this post.


How To Reach Millersburg, Ohio

Approximately six miles from Berlin, Ohio, Millersburg was founded in 1865 and is located in the heart of Amish Country. Situated at a crossroads on the Amish Country Byway lies the picturesque settlement. Are you visiting for a single day? Just about ninety minutes separate it from Cleveland or Columbus.

From my own experience, the highways that provide beautiful views are SR 83 North and South, SR 241 North, US 62 East and West, and SR 39 East and West. They’re all offering a chance to see Amish farms as well as homesteads. 

Top 10 Things To Do In Millersburg Ohio

Millersburg, as was previously said, is a little town with a lot to offer tourists. Here’s a list of the best things to do in Millersburg, Ohio to give you further ideas for what the area has to offer.

Downtown Millersburg

There are lots of entertaining places to go shopping in Millersburg! In my opinion, the most well-known place for tourists looking for antiques is Jackson Street Antique. Additionally, Antique Emporium and Starlight Antiques are regarded as the greatest choices. Furthermore, The Village Toy Shop, adjacent to the Antique Emporium, may be checked out. 

Other than that, head over to Cottonwood Shanty, a French cottage-inspired store. There are more stores here that sell trendy clothes, accessories, and home decor, such as Urban Farmgirl. They have the best collection I have ever seen. 


Bags Sports Pub

When asked about my top Millersburg spots, I would choose Bags Sports Pub. I think it’s the nicest way to spend a night in Millersburg. There are also a tonne of beers, spirits, and beverages available, including both European and North American. 

As one might anticipate from a restaurant like this, there’s no shortage of excellent culinary options, such as sandwiches, burgers, steaks, and wings. This is a pleasant tavern with an inviting environment that is both vibrant and friendly.

Olde World Bakery And Bistro

Olde World Bakery and Bistro‘s cozy ambiance makes it easy for guests to unwind after a demanding day. I’ve had their coffee, and I can assure you that it will enhance the flavor of your food too. The delicious dessert cookies, apple pie, and biscuits at Olde World Bakery and Bistro are the secret to its success. 


With a true farm-to-table philosophy, everything prepared here uses products that are sourced locally, and the owners mean it when they say that. It’s difficult to choose between their delicious sandwiches and burgers and their enticing sweets because both provide the taste of delicious previous.

Millersburg Brewing Company

The Millersburg Brewing Company creates some of their best-selling beers in addition to classics. I found the best taste in their Panther Hollow Vanilla Porter. To be honest, they taste different, and I’ve never forgotten it till today. They also host entertainment events like karaoke sessions on the weekends. 

In the taproom, guests may enjoy their brewed beer while listening to live music, which has been adorned with bricks and recycled artifacts. Whether you simply want to have fun or are an avid craft beer drinker, it’s a must-experience. Their enchanting and serene surroundings will wow you.

Guggisberg Cheese Factory

Alfred Guggisberg, a Swiss immigrant to the United States, founded the Guggisberg Cheese Factory. Since Alfred transferred his knowledge of cheesemaking to Ohio in the 1950s, it has existed since he was already producing cheese in the old country. 


This Ohio-based business is family-run and is among the biggest producers of Swiss cheese in the US. Modern machinery took the place of outdated equipment in the factory’s comprehensive renovation. The award-winning cheese factory offers cheese and a variety of meats in its gift shop. In addition, the company placed first in the World Dairy Expo in 2007 and 2008 for their cheese. 

Spare Time Lanes

I have to head towards Spare Time Lanes whenever I visit Millersburg because I am an avid bowler. You may gather the entire family here for an exciting afternoon filled with family fun. It features several amiable frequent visitors who are always happy to offer advice to newcomers, and they even host frequent bowling leagues.


When someone feels a part of something bigger than themselves, they appreciate it. Particularly young ones, whose personalities are still forming and who pick up knowledge from everyone and everything around them.

Holmes County Court

If you are interested in architecture, you should visit the Holmes County Courthouse. The beautiful clock is on top of the building’s central tower. Because of its expansive size and intriguing style, a lot of photographers visit this location to capture images. Adjacent to the building is a spacious parking area reserved exclusively for horses and beautiful buggies. Holmes County Courthouse is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions in Millersburg, Ohio, according to visitors’ lists.

Constructed in the 1800s, this structure is owned by the government. Stone walls, steel accents, Ionic columns, and plastered ceilings define its architectural style. The building’s remarkable qualities have led to its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery

Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery is a fantastic family destination that has grown to be somewhat of a draw in and of itself. Compared to a typical bakery, it has many advantages. If you’re curious about my top bakery picks, I suggest trying their muffins, apple fritters, and fry pies. 

Not only does the farm store carry wooden goods made by Amish people, but it also has a petting zoo for the little ones. The icing on the cake is that you can purchase flowers from them. So you can bring fresh flowers to your loved ones anytime you choose the things for them to make them a little more happy.


Fire Ridge Golf Course

Among Millersburg’s picturesque hills and relaxing foliage is the well-liked and picturesque Fire Ridge Golf Course. Even though a portion of it was founded in 1929, it has since undergone several renovations while retaining its original design. It provides a thrilling environment with outstanding greens that meet international standards for players of all ability levels.

Here, discounts are available to senior citizens and members of the armed forces. Furthermore, if you provide a valid identity card, there won’t be a greens fee if you arrive on your birthday. I remember I enjoyed my birthday here with my relatives and that was the most memorable birthday I have ever celebrated.

Troyer Country Market

Troyer Country Market may be your notion of heaven if you enjoy eating gourmet food from the area. This wonderful market has stood since 2006 and is well-liked by the community. In 1961, Jonas Troyer founded the Troyer Cheese Company. He brought cheese and meat from the area’s producers. His company expanded, and he kept finding new markets. 

Its popularity can be attributed to the variety of traditional Amish foods that are available. Pie fillings, salsas, pickled beets, and peanut butter are a few of the things that are offered. Meats, pastries, and sandwiches are examples of additional food categories. At Troyer, all of the components are locally produced, and their handcrafted ice cream is an excellent representation of this. You can enjoy more than 13 distinct flavors they offer.


Is Millersburg Ohio Amish country?

Yes, Millersburg, Ohio, is located in the heart of Amish Country, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich Amish heritage and lifestyle.

When did Millersburg Ohio become a city?

Millersburg, Ohio, was founded in 1865 and is designated as a village, not a city.

What are the things to do in Millersburg Ohio on Sunday?

Chalet in the Valley, Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, and Guggisberg Cheese Company factory are the best things to do in Millersburg Ohio on Sunday.

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