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Best Attractions To Visit In Turkey During Winter

by Tayebah Malik
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The Republic of Turkey is a multilingual country with ancient history that’s why known as the “cradle of civilizations” and the birthplace of numerous historical figures. During a visit, you can easily jump from ancient history to modern Europe. The miraculous land signifies east meets west.   The “Gobekli Tepe” has an older man-made town that is a collection of Megaliths, which came from the roundabout’s 1000-year history, moving towards the ancient history of 1200 B.C. 

“The coast of Anatolia” is world famous for being heavily populated with Aeolian and Ionian Greeks. This Turkish megacity’s unique location straddles both Europe and Asia, which are separated by the Bosphorus Strait, and as a result, has become a dynamic destination in which to experience a fantastic fusion of both continents. Generally, this remarkable land enjoys a warm, mild climate and the glorious points that you can enjoy the western side with summer and the eastern side with winter. Choice is yours! 

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The Most Famous Tourist Attractions In Turkey

You would explore the Ottoman Dynasty and ancient history or may revolve around modern Europe. The Dazzling Destinations of Turkey that best straddles Asia and Europe. The appealing placements of Domes, monuments, southeastern shores, and beaches, mountains, mosques are the best attractions to visit in the cool breeze during Winter.  

Hagia Sophia – One Of The Largest Mosque

Hagia Sophia

Fly down on the land of mosques with a blend of old and modern culture. Start your journey in the early morning. The vast history of the mosque shows that it was firstly a byzantine church that was established into a mosque in 1453. Later, It changed into Museum. Enter with respect and gratitude by covering shoulders and limbs in the mosque that depicted Muslims tradition.

Topkapi Palace – The Home of Ottomons

Topkapi Palace

The miraculous Palace that was once the living place of the Ottoman Empire whose last Emperor stands until the 20th century. The glamorous itinerary of the huge complex includes Harem house (all political decisions happened here.) It has mosaics, Iznik tiles, and exquisite jewels. experience the Topkapi Palace with a thought-provoking guide or indulge in the wonders of the complex on your own. You can reach in the early morning for visit, but the museum surroundings have high-cost shops so you might take a cup of coffee with you before visiting. come to Gulhane Park, which is on the northeastern exit. You can walk through the tranquil Park which is known as the “Houses of Roses.

The Architectural Masterpieces

The Architectural Masterpieces

The next destination is the trio of The Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, and Sultanahmet Square. The mosque and Sultanahmet have free entrance, but the Basilica cistern needs a ticket to enter. If you avoid the rushy entrance then you must buy a combo ticket for a quick entry. You can see the Byzantine era`s water pool, one of the extraordinarily beautiful mosques. The story did not end as you can visit the social and spotting center of Roman  Constantinople(Istanbul’s Former name Sultanahmet.) 

Pamukkale – The Cotton Castle

Pamukkale - The Cotton Castle

 How did you forget to visit the amazing place in winter “The cotton Castle” that is locally known as Pamukkale? The heart of the city is situated in Izmir which can easily detour with ruins of Ephesus. The Spellbind natural phenomena white waterfall is as old as the Roman Period which is used early for bathing, Hierapolis, and much more. You would admire nature and history with the combo of uniqueness and striking sites of the Pamukkale.

The waterfall is laden with carbonate minerals. The Mountainside has created the natural formation of Stalactites, cataracts, and basins. Get indulge in the world of magic when you visit the roman city of Hieropolis, watch Apollo and Delphi, which are famous as Monumental Nymphaeum and Theatre. Come back to the Kusadasi or Izmir after visiting the well Preserved Necropolis.

The panoramic natural wonders that are worldly known, white travertines, tracks of Pamukkale cataracted down the slope that look like snowy land throughout the green landscapes. A mineral-rich thermal waterfall town has a Roman spa city, Hierapolis, ruins there a well-preserved theater, and an antique pool famous for its submerged Roman Columns that resulted from the Earthquake. When you wander around the old theater and remains of the city Agora, necropolis, and grand gates, you must swim in the water in the unique water pool. To cater best memories came at dusk and wandered alongside a fall to the small town of Pamukkale.

 Safranbolu – The Outstanding Universal Value 


The highly preserved town has photogenic attractions of skinny alleys stuffed with finely revitalized wooden and stone mansions(houses) that are classically famous for sweets and traditional crafts shops where you can pick up uncustomary souvenirs. The black seed region of northern Turkey that anciently known as the trade channel between Europe and Asia. The fantastic city has included the old Carsi district which has cobbled stone streets that owned red-roofed ottoman houses, 17th-century caravansaries have rooftop panoramic views, and Hamam restored as Bathhouse that is famously known as Cukur. 

The market is surrounded by the workshops of various craftsmen and houses it resembles Anatolian Cities. Kiranmoy and Baglar (the vineyards). The place of non-Muslims implies the socio- architectural pattern that contrasts with the European towns where tradesmen and shopkeepers live there. the houses built in this area are made of stone which shows parallelism to the wooden houses in Cukur that define how Muslims and non-Muslim quarters were established during the Ottoman Empire that reflecting the unlike communities in the area to the structure of Baglar included single story houses with gardens.

Cappadocia- The Fairy Chimneys


One of the most romantic and versatile spots has Honey-colored rocks that were eroded, spectacular minarets, and magical mushrooms. You can visit the bronze age caves that were changed into Churches, monasteries, hotels, and cave suites. Actually, entire subterranean cities have their own charm and beauty. You would begin your journey, experience on hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset, or discover the city on horseback or maybe on two wheels. During the journey to the rusting charming Cappadocia, hundreds of balloons are floating overhead, mesmerizing event that hypnotizes visitors. 

Via Land -Theme Park

Via Land -Theme Park

The complex is famous for its shopping centers, exhibition centers, and lifestyle centers, covering various kinds of entertainment. Locally famous as Istanbul theme park called its visitors enjoy world-class rides in the Theme Park. The world`s 4th biggest roller coaster covers 110kph speed in 3 minutes. After you can enjoy the sudden rope on the Viking water ride before going to the 360-degree entertainment station that is designed for all ages.

Come and experience the” Tower of Justice” which is 50 meters high and finally swing on the “Saray Salincagi ride” with a 40 m diameter of cycle and capacity of 20 persons. The entertainment would not end as you can enjoy the outdoor concerts that feature the largest outdoor screens and has the capacity of 1000 people.

 Dine In Verstile Resturants

 Dine In Verstile Resturants

There are different places of eye-catching restaurants that have beautiful Pergolas or rooftop terraces with picturesque views of the city. Would you like to experience street food? Then the best idea is to stroll the local streets to dig out the immersive experience of traditional foods. Fill your taste buds with Kebabs, Simit, and Baklava.Come to the 360 panorama that has fascinating views don forget to watch the House of Medusa is famous for its style and flavourful dishes. 

Get Lost In The European Sight

European Sight

When you are staying on the European side of Turkey, then come to the Bosphorous Strait by train or use a public Ferry and reach the Uskudar, The train takes you to the center in five minutes but Ferry may help you to watch mesmerizing views from a different angle. 

Next head north to the waterfront, where you can picnic on the promenade, and enjoy music with coffee that levels up your visit in the winter season. Your next doorstep is Kuzguncuk whose specialty is candy-colored, old houses that have dense areas of Mosques that are around about 180 in numbers cater to tourists to discover and hypnotize them to the ancient era of Bosphorus. 

Bosphorus – A Cruise Experience


The best sights of the city have must-see-sighting views and you would adore sailing on a 90-minute boat ride with loved ones along the Bosphorous strait. Encounter the essence of the camera-taking views on the cruise with the combo of ancient sightseeing views of the city. The cruise will set to start the journey from the gateway of the European side to Asia and you witness splendid views like Dolmabahce Palace, Ciragan Palace, Ortakoy Mosque, and so on.

The onboard English Speaking guide would tell you the facts, and accumulated history of various conquer empires along the sides of the Largest natural harbor of the world, “The Golden Horn.” Awe by seeing night views on Strait and enjoying local delicacies with unlimited soft drinks and optional Alcoholic drinks. Additionally, watch different shows and sensational Belly dance Performances during visits.

Timings:11:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M

The Grand Bazar, – The Biggest Hub For Shopping

The Grand Bazar

The Bazar has thousands of stalls and shops where you can find spices, tea, coffee, Souvenirs, and many more. You can purchase anything, the experience of the Bazar is mind blowing as you can browse any desirable thing with ease.

Note: Try to keep safe yourself from pickpockets here. 

Bottom Line

When we come to evaluate our tour, come to this point of view that Turkey encounters the appealing attractions of the Western side and Central Asian places that call the tourist world widely. Turkish culture is characterized and redefined by ethnic history that comes from the Ottoman Empire.

At present time, Turkey is a major tourist attraction for everybody, which holds long history from the beginning of the stone age and keeping towards with Byzantine, Roman, and Greek eras, until the present time of the Ottoman Era. 

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