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Best Places To Visit In December In The World

by Tayebah Malik
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Let’s mark your ending calendar with the best places to visit in December. To fill up your memory is to choose the best for the rest, and pick up thrilling and splendid destinations of the world. Maybe it comes to a great ending to the year when you get lost in the wonders of the world. People mark their delightful holidays by scooting tourist attractions across the globe.Therefore, most people go towards the breathtaking snowy mountains,spectacular beaches, and glorious towns that would indulge them in the irresistible attractions of the world. The choice is yours!

You can adore the magic of Christmas, the amazing thing about winter, is that you could find beautiful Sunrises, cool breeze, snowfall, warm clothes, cozy beds, and cool skies with shining stars. You may intimate with the numerous destinations in icy weather and start your journey from the east or west. Some of the best spots must be on your bucket lists such as:  

The USA is famous for New york and Vegas for new year’s eve, The Czech Republic(Fairy tales on Christmas eve in Prague), Pakistan(Northern Areas), India (stunning buildings), Malaysia, Dubai, Hongkong, Maldives Sri Lanka, distinctly famous for traveling and shopping.


The Global Must-See Places During Winters

Enjoy amusing and delightful vocations after taking a break.. Just want to ride on a Sleigh or explore mesmerizing landscapes on chairlifts, love to discover a plethora of warm places to dine in, adore the profound Christmas streets, or while doing plenty of shopping, you might love the glimpses of markets. 

Best Places To Visit In December In the USA


The world-famous city, with a variety of varied landscapes, must be on top of the bucket for visiting. The classical new york eve and savage busiest nights hypnotize visitors. A large city has Hawaii Volcanoes in National Park, The National Mall(Wahington D.C), Walt DisneyWorld (Florida), Universal Studios of Hollywood in California and you want to enjoy new year festivals then turn your wheel towards Big Apple(New York)and Vegas.


The best places to visit in December in California are the most appealing to discover. The pristine beaches and crowdy places that are full in summer are now shifted towards holiday glitters during December. From my personal experience, California is one of the best unforgettable destinations in December, frequently has soothing-Sunshine and rain showers with a cooler temperature. The giant redwood, rocks, and cliffs along with fantastic beaches, desolate landscapes with lots of cities artistically famous. Just explore San Francisco, Angeles, and San Diego, Palm Springs, Santa, and Laguna Beach are appealing to explore.

Los Angels

A dreamy land with a mix of bumper-to-bumper traffic in the cold season and worldly-known places like Hollywood and Beverly Hill will print unforgettable impressions on your mind forever. Would you adore watching films and TV? You might come to the Paramount Pictures Studio, Warner Bros Studio, and TCL Chinese Theater. When you come along the Hollywood walk of fame. Stunning beaches have natural sights that cater back to visitors again and again. Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Most popular National park are also significant parts of California.

San Francisco

You would visit culturally connected neighborhoods and  Golden gate Bridge as well as Golden Gate Park or enjoy world-famous culinary items in the nearby restaurants, While getting lost in the city, The electric energy of town is always on the top. It has scenic parks, and Southern seashores dump into the crowdy places or you may kick back to the sunny beaches.

If you are frightful by the weather and the temperature plunge, snow is a go from near your house. Don’t worry! Just make a plan to Palm Springs (California), play Golf hiking, and enjoy the sunshine in Kauai(Hawaii) to adore sandy beaches including dozens of sunbath activities, and add Scottsdale( Arizona) the finest warm place that offers gourmet restaurants, and shopping markets including deserts.

Best Places To Visit In December In Europe


Being a traveler I have numerous ideas to choose places to visit around the world but the top listed spots of Europe are above all. The endless destinations have a wide variety of winter activities like exploring distinctive and spectacular places that are worth experiencing. The life experiences of Europe offer dynamic culture, admired places, rich culinary tastes, and Mesmerizing spots that fall between ancient history and the modern era, The best places to visit in December during winter holidays, warmly welcome tourists from all around the globe.

The best places to visit in December in Europe are the United Kingdom(homes of Modern cities), Czech Republic(charming city), Germany( Instagram spots), Madeira(Delightful places), St.Petersburg(RussianChirstmas),Sicily(Stunning town), Iceland(Fantasy Land), Cyprus(Tranquil beaches),

United Kingdom

The hub of modern houses, buildings, restaurants, hotels, parks, and richly gastronomic places, covers London, Manchester, Bringhminghm Northumberland, Derbyshire, and Devon, indulging visitors with its winter festivals and snowy nights. You would enjoy pleasant nights, empty parking areas at night, and local cafes and bars that are attracting off-beat travelers around the world.  

Czech republic

The center of  Europe has Christmas events happening at the end of December. The largest and most appealing event happenings in the world are in Prague It has strong roots in the past and you find dense cultural threads while walking in Prague during the December holidays. It is one of the most beautiful cities with cobbled stones and curved footbridges over the rivers.

The best idea is to purchase things at night while walking in the streets with  Christmas trees and lights that fascinate visitors at the start of the Winter. The Capital is captivating and charming snowy layers in the season. You can visit the Christmas Market, Petrin Lookout Tower, Letna Park, Charles Bridge, Prague Clock Tower, Cesky Krumlov Castle, and Moravian Gallery. 


You could add areas with smaller crowds and magnify cities that cover with snowfalls during Winter, When temperatures fluctuate with the addition of lined-up markets, Christmas decor streets, and glittery nights, taking this area the most visited spot in Europe. Enjoy fresh snow flacks starting from November and ending in March that offers snow falling from Blue Sky in various areas. Germany transforms into a snowy Wonderland that offers musical concerts, Christmas markets including Stollen(fruit cakes), Hot chocolates, coffee bars, parks, and ice rinks pop up in the cool season, complete with decorated trees and glow-up streets. You would Discover ski resorts in  Zugspitze above 3000 m from sea level that is home to three glaciers. heaven for hikers. Would you be tired of darkness, lonely, snowy-covered places? Move towards catching some Sun, Surf with the fusion of cool breeze and snowfall to enjoy tranquil beaches, countrysides, and vineyards. travelers who are a seeker of the finest wines head off to the tiny town (Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt). 


One of the best holiday destinations to celebrate Russian Christmas. The rich cultural and historical areas arrange the largest festivals in Europe. You can touch the city on 7th January to explore the festivity of Christmas. Add Hermitage Museum, Peterhof palace, Church of the Savior on Blood, and Winter Palace to your list.

Best Places to Visit in December in Asia


An ideal time to visit is in December for couples, families, and friends because several cities in Asia are decorated with colorful festivals. The best part of this season is that you can enjoy pleasant weather. The richly populated, diverse culture, multicultural spots, spectacular civilizations, and oldest history is essential junk for making Asia popular. Make a long list to explore the diversity of Asian states. Set your budget, to discover the splendid Mount Averst (China), spectacular places (Combodia), Skyscraper (Hong Kong), Splendid beaches(Thailand), picturesque hills(Pakistan) ancient temples (India) all depending on your choice, which would never disappoint while you discover the Continent.

Phuket, Thailand

Plenty of versatile beaches offer the best warm places to visit in December that captivate tourists every year. the country`s largest island has magnetic facilities to enchant travelers with turquoise water and soft sand. Kata, Hat Karon, and Kamala call visitors from November to February to provide thrilling opportunities like diving, swimming, Snorkeling, and hopping. Wat Chalong has the largest Buddhist temple on the island when you come to the take sunbathing come forward to the big Buddha that covers with Burmese marble.

The Ghost Festival worships ancestors and the Vegetarian Festival celebrates during the Chinese lunar month which is arranging for purifications and putting the body through extreme tests, like fire walking and hanging from a hook.

Angor Wat and Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, known as a resort town, is a gateway to the Angor wat and  Miraculous Temples that depicted Khmer Civilization. if you explore Siem Reap, you would find the mixed ethnicity of Chinese and French colonial architecture where Aspara dance performance spaces are arranged with Bakeries, Galleries, and rice paddies.

NewDehli, India

Delhi, the mixed diverse culture and the oldest roots of traditions, is a gateway to international tourists. Along with the oldest Yamuna river. Holding the oldest religious ethics including the Diverse arts and crafts industry. The hub of excellent cuisines that are available in every corner of the markets. The Red Fort, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, Qutab Minar, Lodhi Gardens, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s Tomb, The Old Fort, The National Museum, The Indra Gandhi National Memorial Museum, and many other magnificent places that have portrayed the enrich history and culture of two ancient religions of the world.

Bali, Indonesia

The various golden beaches lined up with palm trees and crystal clear water and other tourist attractions offer splendid opportunities for visitors during December in Bali, Indonesia. Crystal bay, Seren Sanur is the world’s best destination in the world. The paradise of earth combines multicultural history, stunning views, and much more.dig out the best places to visit in December and enjoy the coolness with comfort.

Hongkong, China

Beautiful skies, cool breeze, and low humidity welcome its visitors during winter. Enjoy mild weather with a board experience that takes you to Victoria Peak. you would observe the attractive hills, beautiful harbor, and skyscraper-filled skylines that offer 360-degree views.

Islamabad, Pakistan

The capital of Pakistan has the best places to visit in December for couples not only local but attractive destinations for international visitors. The ideal city for visiting in December to enjoy the holidays. The northern part of the country is top of the list to start a journey to be planned to explore the areas like Gilgit Baltistan And Azad Kashmir. You can lead towards the Murre hills visiting through the city.

Pakistan Monument, Lok Virsa museum and Shah Faisal Mosque is drafting the historical culture of Muslims. or you would explore nature with a blend of scenic attractions, come to explore Daman Koh, Rawal Lake, and many more. when you are in search of the finest cuisines then move forward to the Monal Restaurant (the hub of local and international dishes). Don’t forget to visit the  Sunday Bazar and Jinnah Supermarket.

HOChi Minch City, Vietnam

The interthread of old and new culture has focused on steeped culture with the modern era. You can feel the pulsating energy while wandering in the local markets. The Cu chi tunnels near the city have underground passages that were used by once Viet Cong for escaping during invasions. Let’s see, the Cao Dai temple which shows respect to all religions and encourages peace around the globe.


A famous destination has the magic to lure its visitors and the world is so full of such heavenly places. The sky nights in winter have mesmerizing views that enchant travelers and wanderers around the world; somewhere you’ll see white snowy winter nights and in some areas, it’ll be a cold yet green night under a bright sky full of stars and fully-grown moon of the Fortnite. There’s a lot you can see and explore in winter; just pack your luggage and fly. 

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