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 The Epic Bungee Jumping Places In The United States OF America

by Tayebah Malik
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                               “Those who don’t jump will never Fly”

Definitely Bungee jumping feels like a fall and getting lost in the world for a while. Maybe anybody would adore hanging there up till coming lower down. This might be a happy experience of life with a spark of joy that would keep calm and alive and on. And to spice up your excitement, let me tell you that there is a plethora of places in the United States of America where ultimate sports enthusiasts and curious beginners settle themselves to take the risk of diving. 

They say that ‘once a bungee jumper – always a bungee jumper’ and being a bungee jumper, the first thing you’ll look for in any new destination would be compatibility with bungee jumping. To enjoy a rush of adrenaline through every inch of your body, jump off of a height and let your fears die. And luckily if you are in the USA, you can try bungee jumping at up to a dozen of places and some of them are addressed in the article below. 

Let’s scroll down to know more about bungee jumping along with the places in the USA to experience this! 

What Actually Is Bungee Jumping?


If you are dealing with anything in life, an action-filled and fun-loving activity can give you the peace of mind you were craving. Though you can find peace and excitement in any type of sport, extreme activities like bungee jumping can take you to new heights of living a life beyond borders. This activity welcomes thriller, heart-pounder, and scream-inducer players. As a daring jumper, you would come out of fear and anxiety, and in the reaction, you will feel more alive, blunt, open, daring, and ready for whatever life throws at you. Under expert supervision, you can simply take a deep breath and jump from a height that can be either a building, a cliff, or anything. The crazy venture is nothing but a fun thrill that keeps you relaxed for a while.  

Bungee jumping involves skydiving and flying around about 15 minutes in the air to the proper altitude and then 60 minutes of free-falling (depending on your choice) in the air. Bungee fitness has Cardio and full body exercise with the addition of full body workout. The benefits of this thriller game are low-impact and even easy for joints and vitals – this means you won’t have to worry about anything. However, if you have some cardiac-related health issues, it might not be the game for you. 

Overall, if you have a devil’s dare and have the idea of jumping off a cliff, nothing can prove to be more securer yet furious than a cable or rope around your ankles. Despite experiencing this once some 3 years back, I still cannot explain the heavenly experience of mid-flight weightlessness and post-flight highs. You gotta live it to experience it!  

The Ancient History Of Bungee Jumping

The first activity was made outside New Zealand, a New Zealander copied the pattern of dangerous South sea rituals and until 1987, the inventor A.J Hackett made it legal to jump from Eiffel Tower in Paris. Modern bungee jumping performs by David Kirke and Simon Keeling (member of the University Dangerous Sports Club)with the help of Geoff Tabin, who tied the ropes for jumping.

After that is famous around the world and was mostly performed in America. At present, Unites the States of America is the center of thriller and adventurous activity. Since the 1980`s Bungee Jumping became popular and around about 1 million jumps recorded world wildly. This kind of record happens due to the operators’ strict rules and regulations like before pushing the jumper, checking the fittings before each jump, and flexibility of the cord. 

What Is The Physics Of Bungee Jumping?

Bungee Jumping is one of the adventurous acts and adrenaline rush that involves physics and calculations. such as

  • The jumper possesses high potential energy.
  • The unstretched length and the jumper develops speed due to gravitational force.
  • The Elastic potential energy that stretches the bungee rope or cord and the Gravitational Potential energy of the jumper are the two major components of Bungee jumping.

To discover activities from zipping lining to sky diving, the United States of America offers unlimited places for Bungee Jumping. With time Bungee jumping is growing famous around the USA. The big apple cities like New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, Colorado, Florida, etc maybe have appealing attractions. Enthusiasts sports lovers discover some of the adventurous spots in the USA.

Some Of The Best Bungee Jumping Locations

The action-filled venture from a tall structure brings you unforgettable experiences. One of the Bungee jumpings will go to the Navis High wire in New Zealand but after that, it is famous worldwide and People mostly do the activity to explore fun, thrill, adventure, and relaxation. The best adventurous Bungee jumping locations to experience free fall are; 

  • Red Wood Trees, California

Bungee jumping in the Redwood offers you a Trio Adventure.

  • First, You climb on the trees.
  • Second, You tight ropes between trees.
  • Third, Jump from the highest peak of trees.

The adventure that takes you to the next level of entertainment, may be suitable for first-time experience lovers that love to do more challenging and higher places for jumping, rather than a Bridge or any kind of Structure. The unique activity performs from the Highest redwood trees (around about 200 feet high) instead of the bridge. 

First, you would climb up on the trees and then learn how to connect ropes from one tree to the other. Come to the top of the tree, tie a rope and with the help of a rope jump from one tree and tie a knot to the other tree. If you experience Bungee jumping, just tie a tight rope on your feet and make a fall from the highest peak. Going upwards to the Redwoods is as rewarding as jumping fall down from the trees.

Cost :$ 249 per person (*Prices might be subject to change) 

  • Stratosphere SkyJump, Nevada

The Iconic place in Las Vegas is the Stratosphere which would less be known for bungee jumping and is most famous for the highest peaks. Because you can reach the highest point up to 108 floors with the help of an Elevator. Actually, My experience in New Zealand is far different from the experience in the most terrifying place (Stratosphere Sky jump). 

The building holds Guinness World Record as the highest commercial building in the world. The amazing fact about bungee jumping from Stratosphere is anyone can jump easily in the daytime, night-time, or experience the sun sets. During your experience, you would explore outdoor observation and beautiful views of Las Vegas. The experience of Sky diving maybe not be the safest but it is possibly one of the best considering experiences during a visit to Las Vegas. Before jumping from the building follow the requirements and instructions:

  • Valid Id card
  • Allow 14 or above age
  • Ensure multiple safety checks
  • 14-17 age must have signed authorization letters
  • 265 pounds and a height of 52 inches or taller are eligible

Cost : * $100 for one jump per person.

  • High Steel Bridge, Washington

The best and strongest candidate for bungee jumping lovers, made of steel is nestled in the dense rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, in the United States. The most amazing and dangerous jumping spot in Washington D.C offers thrill and danger. While falling free in the air, you are experiencing bungee jumping and may be surrounded by green fields and crystal clear ice-blue rivers which would be an unforgettable experience.

Note: Before Undergoing the jumping, be aware of dangerous points and should arrange bungee jumping with the help of a professional operator.

Cost : *$99 per head

  • Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico

The Gorge Bridge famously calls visitors from all around the world which provides adventuresome jumping and stands a whopping  680 feet drop off spectacular views above from the river, made of steel  Deck Arch. You can walk and do some jaw-dropping photos at the top of the river. Bungee jumping in New Mexico has 25 years of experience, Locals jump regularly from the  Rio Grande Bridgejump from the Rio Grande bridge has the most scenic and exciting views.

       * Get ready to pay out more than $300

  • Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, Arizona

The bridge offers a jump between Red sandstone that comes to the Canyon river. The is not exactly for beginners including a height of 470 feet. The best part of this tour is you can encounter bungee jumping, including a river dip also. This gives you an amazing way to cool down and relax. Many operators help to assist you at any point of jumping so enjoy the freedom. 

Cost: *$ 149 per head

  • Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Colorado

To do the most expert jump on the list, head off to the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge. The bridge is closed all the year except open only for games and fast game events. The keen thrill seekers come from all around the world to experience bungee jumping in Colorado. Come forward to the city and experience the 1000 feet high bungee jump from the bridge. The amazing and fun-loving involvement of around about 15 sec. The stunning factor is that you will watch people walk on the plank when you hang out on the bridge.

Cost: * For Adults: $ 25

           * For Children: $ 20

  • Bungee Jumping In Florida

Florida is not an ideal place for Bungee jumping as most bridges have hanging dangerous sign boards.” No Jumping off the bridge”.So enjoy the natural experience of Bungee Jumping, search for Bungee jumping near me and discover the safest point near you in Florida. Florida has many locations in order to jump with registered companies. If  you will not find a feasible option, then you would try Sky diving at the nearby locations. For Example, One of the  places in Florida is River Ranch Resort and Rodeo where a person enjoy luxury Glamping with a plethora of activities( Including Horseback riding, mechanical Bull riding, rock climbing, etc).

Overall, if in the USA, the best way to enjoy bungee jumping from any height, you must register yourself with a recognized organization that would assist you to adore breath-taking exposures. 

Get Register To The US Bungee Clubs

In the USA, there are a lot of companies offering bungee jumping and they also arrange fast gaming events every year. To help you the best I can, here’s a list of companies where you can register to take your exploration to a next level. 

In California

If you are in California, you can try registering with Bungee Adventures, Bungee America, Bungee Experience, and Icarus Bungee which can help you experience the safest, most economic, and most unique type of bungee experience. 


Whether you are in Idaho you would register yourself with  Bungee Expeditions or  Over the Edge, to experience the safest, most perilous type of jump.

 In Missouri,

You would experience  fast gaming with a registered Company. Come forward to the Outback Bungee that work in the field of jumping since 1997. 

 In Pennsylvania

Come and Explore adventurous destinations with safety gear by registering with Adrenaline Dream Advent  or come 

In Wisconsin

The company Extreme World offers a beautiful and safest experience in an amusement park  for dangerous gaming  

Is Bungee Jumping Safe?

In general, bungee jumping is considered a safe game to try and people are loving this all around the globe. In general, this game can help you; 

  • Beat the Fear
  • Have an adventure
  • Maintain mental health 
  • Feel free and Truly alive
  • Conquer mind-blowing views
  • Strength your muscles and body 

However, this exciting sport with thrill and action may be hurtful for you. Mostly bungee jumping accident happens when a jumper fail at making a proper plan and following the given precautionary measurements provided by the companies. You might get hurt or maybe seriously injure (herniated disc or compression fracture) if your cord is not flexible enough. It can also break due to excessive exposure to sun heat, temperature, or rain which can cause rope deterioration. Also, bungee jumping without any guidance might be very risky so be aware and stay safe from the hazards – you need a professional that can assist you and provide you with the proper bungee types of equipment.

How To Be Safe On Bungee Jumping Expedition? 

  • Arrive early
  • Take proper Diet
  • Be in good health 
  • Wear suitable clothes
  • Make proper planings
  • Check attachment safety
  • Must be aware of local weather forecast

A Suggestion – Try Whistler Bungee Jumping, Too


If you have experienced many different bungees jumping places around the globe and now want to explore something even better or unique, head off to Whistler. That is located a 60-minute drive from the south of Whistler Village in Canada. Here, the bungee jumping game is arranged with a highly accessible experience from the high sky to the sea. In this manner, an amazing and fun-loving place for crazy freaks who adore natural sights and discover challenging games both.  

The Word Whistler means “Anything Thick and Squat.” The Whistler bungee began in 2002 that has the highest safety record among all. The site gives a perfect bungee jumping exposure of a 50m (160ft) jump over Cheakamus River (outskirts of Whistler) surrounded by snow in the winter. 

That’s why Whistler jumping is mostly offered in the winter season. The locals vote for the person who does the most extreme activity in the village of Whistler, the fun continues and the rest is history.  

Bungee Jumping  Timings:

Summer: 12 p.m – 5 p.m Winter: 12 p.m – 3 p.m


The experience of Bungee jumping is exceptional. When you jump from a high place tied to a rope, you feel the freshest yet the securest and this is why this game is driving many around the world crazy. As it has become a global sport, you can find bungee jumping in many countries and if you are in a big-world country like the USA, you can get the opportunity in dozens of places. For example, in the USA, you can go to California, Nevada, Missouri, IDAHO, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to experience how adrenaline rushing through the nerves feel. Though in the USA, you can also visit Florida for the cause but this one is considered comparatively unsafe due to the abundance of free bungee jumpers compared to jumping under the supervision of an expert company. 

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