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Best Utah Arizona Road Trip- 7 Stops In 10 Days

by Tayebah Malik
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When asked which trip I had enjoyed the most, I would say, “Of course, our best Utah Arizona road trip with my husband last year. We took in the state parks, national parks, and hip resorts of the Wild West. It can be a little scary to plan your first road trip, but don’t panic! Drawing from my experience, here is the best guide for road trip to Arizona and Utah. A true journey is ahead of you!

How To Get To Arizona-Utah?

Henry Reid International Airport of Las Vegas is the easiest airport to travel to if you want to visit both Arizona and Utah. Many of Utah and Arizona’s finest destinations, such as Zion and Bryce National Parks, Grand Canyon, Page, and Monument Valley, are only a few hours’ drive from Las Vegas.

If your road trip is going to be longer than two or three weeks, you might want to think about flying into Las Vegas and out of Phoenix, AZ, or Salt Lake City, UT to maximize your stops and avoid going backward on your itinerary. During our 10-day trip to Utah and Arizona, my spouse and I had the opportunity to visit many unique resorts, like the Grand Canyon. But two weeks offers you plenty of time to visit the main attractions, go on some amazing treks, and take in some magnificent scenery if you’re planning to see as much as possible!

Things To Consider When Planning Road Trip To Atah And Arizona

You have a few things to consider before heading off on your fantastic road trip across Arizona and Utah.

  • Finding the ideal time to visit is the first thing you have to make sure. Gorgeous scenery is available from winter through early summer.
  • You can find affordable solutions with KAYAK; a 4×4 is not required for this trip. If a campervan is more your style, rent them out. 
  • Be mindful of park fees, which average $35 per park. To avoid paying admission fees, think about purchasing the $79.99 America The Beautiful Pass.
  • It’s wise to always have at least half of your tank full because you never know when you’ll see another petrol station—some may be more than 100 miles away.

Best Utah Arizona Road Trip Stops- 10 Days Of Adventure

There are a plethora of distinct and diverse sceneries, including lakes, cacti, red rocks, canyons, mountains, and much more.  However, I believe that one to two weeks is ideal to see a number of locations without feeling rushed if you want to see some of the highlights of each state close to the Arizona-Utah border.

Zion National Park (1 Day)


(2 hours from Las Vegas International Airport)

Zion National Park is situated in Utah’s Southeast and can be easily accessible from Las Vegas International Airport in just over two hours. This was our first stop also, which is why I’m suggesting it to you. In my opinion, visiting the park should not take longer than a day. Enjoy the ideal adventure day by climbing Angels Landing’s chains just in time for sunrise and then wading into the Narrows’ freezing waters.

In Zion, Angels Landing is a particularly well-liked trail. It is famous for its dangerous top area where you have to cling to chains. You can still walk to the picturesque Scout’s Landing overlook without permission.  Additionally, Watchman Trail goes to a Springfield overlook so you can also make your way towards this piece of heaven. 

Bryce Canyon National Park (2 Days)


(1 and half hour drive from Zion)

Because of its hoodoos, or unique rock formations, Bryce Canyon has no match. Hiking among the formations is one of the best things about this national park. The most well-liked track, The Queen’s Garden track, is a gentle walk that offers you another viewpoint of the landforms as it descends into the hoodoos. 

You may stroll around for the rest of the day or go on another walk; it takes less than two hours. Enjoy a walk around the edge near the park’s main parking lot, or set up the camera at Sunrise Point to witness the sunrise. I suggest spending no more than 48 hours there, as my spouse and I only spent two days there which was enough for us. 


Capitol Reef National Park (2 Days)

(2 hours and 6 minutes from Bryce)

One of the reasons Capitol Reef National Park is considered one of the least frequented national parks in the region is likely due to the lack of main access from Highway 24. The park is divided by Hwy 24, which passes through several locations where you can stop and enjoy without ever needing to pay an entry charge.

Rocky mountains with vibrant colors encircle Capitol Reef. From a distance, they appear purple and reddish, and one may observe them in numerous locations. You should plan to spend roughly two to three days exploring Cathedral Valley and some of the treks in order to take in the stunning Utah scenery. But we only stayed for two days before moving on to Escalante, Utah.

Lower Calf Creek Falls (1 Day)


(1 hour 6 minutes from Capitol Reef National Park)

Nothing is more fascinating than seeing a waterfall plunge 126 feet into the desert. Start the Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail earlier for the finest experience. Getting to the waterfall early gives you a better chance of avoiding the crowds. Before starting the walk back, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a plunge in the cool, crystal-clear waters.

Hikers who come for the day must pay a $5 car fee. Please be aware that Lower Calf Creek Falls has a small parking lot that becomes full quickly. The 6-mile round-trip trail is rather level. Approximately 7 to 8 hours are okay if you are coming for a day trip to Lower Creek Falls.

Escalante, Utah (1 Day)

(27 minutes drive from Capitol Reef National Park)

The stunning town of Escalante, Utah is just 27 minutes away from Capitol Reef National Park. Thus, be sure not to miss this stunning region! It takes little more than a day to fully appreciate the emphasized beauty. The area surrounding Escalante offers excellent hiking. Additionally, you can take advantage of the Grand Staircase—Escalante National Monument comprises a remarkable region that spans more than a million acres.

Explore the amazing Jacob Hamblin Arch on foot and set your camp in Coyote Gulch. Moreover, Hurricane Wash is the trailhead that is easiest to reach. Lower Calf Creek Falls is reachable by hiking. Aside from that, the climb to Zebra Slot Canyon is highly recommended. It’s a narrow one, though, and it might be challenging to navigate through some sections, so I advise against going alone. 

Page-Arizona (1 Day)


(4 hours 13 minutes drive from Escalante)

Page is situated in Northern Arizona, immediately preceding the border with Utah. This location is around a two-hour drive from Zion; nevertheless, we arrived here on the seventh day of our vacation, as we had to travel to Grand Canyon National Park, which is located a considerable distance away. 

It would be simple to spend two days in Page because there is a lot to do there, particularly if you want to enjoy boating at Lake Powell. If not, a day would be enough to visit Antelope Canyon and hike Horseshoe Bend. I spent two days there with my spouse. I’ve been to a tonne of slot canyons, but none of them can compare to Antelope Canyon’s breathtaking splendor. The canyon is truly a work of art; rather than being the result of nature’s processes taking thousands of years to complete, it appears to have been manually molded. 

Grand Canyon National Park (2 Days)


(2 hours 20 minutes from Page-Arizona)

You can obtain a permit to do wilderness trekking and camping, hike down into the Grand Canyon, or stay at a resort and take the shuttle to the overlooks. There are so many alternatives here that your trip can be anything that you’d like it to be. 

You can take an easy shuttle ride to the viewpoints or go on an enjoyable drive on your own. You must make previous plans if you want to visit the canyon and perhaps even see Havasu Falls. We had pretty much exhausted our options for trekking and camping after two weeks in the west. 

Due to the necessity of wrapping up our trip, we had to depart the Grand Canyon one day early. It takes slightly more than four hours to make the lengthy drive back to the Las Vegas airport. You can travel north and follow your previous path if you are returning to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon.

Bottom Line

As we wrapped up our 10-day Utah-Arizona road trip, it felt like closing a favorite book, each page filled with adventures we’ll cherish. Whether it was conquering Angel’s Landing or enjoying the calm of Lower Calf Creek Falls, every moment was like a story from our journey. So, if you’re thinking about the best Utah Arizona road trip, just hit the road, enjoy the surprises, and create your own travel tale. 


Is the Grand Canyon in Utah or Arizona?

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona, showcasing its breathtaking beauty.

Where’s the best Utah road trip destination?

Explore the stunning landscapes of Zion, Bryce, and Arches National Parks for an unforgettable journey.

How many days do you need to explore Utah?

Plan for 3 to 4 days to fully experience Utah’s diverse landscapes and attractions.

What’s the best order to visit Utah’s National Parks?

Start with Zion, then Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Arches, and finish with Canyonlands for a seamless and breathtaking journey.

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