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9 Amazing Things To See In Arizona And Utah- A Short Trip Guide

by Tayebah Malik
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Arizona and Utah are two states with incredibly beautiful landscapes. Both offer lots of hiking trails, scenic canyons, and undiscovered treasures to discover. This is a place where you could explore for ages and yet discover something new. If you’re currently planning a quick trip, you undoubtedly feel like there are too many choices. So, we produced a list of things to see in Arizona and Utah. 

So, take a look at how to truly make your road trip through Utah and Arizona, with stops like the striking hoodoos of Bryce Canyon and the expansive views of Canyonlands National Park even if you’re on a tight schedule.

How To Get Arizona And Utah?

Flying into Las Vegas is a great place to start if you’re thinking about a trip. After arriving, rent a car, and head out; it will take you about three hours. If that doesn’t feel right, you may also think about traveling from Phoenix, which is around 5.5 hours away, or Salt Lake City, which is about 5 hours away.

9 Best Things To See In Arizona And Utah

Searching for fun places to explore in Arizona and Utah? Indeed, there is a variety of breathtaking landscapes directly alongside the border of these neighboring states. From the tight tunnels of Antelope Canyon to the soaring Zion National Park cliffs. Miles of the barren desert give way to colorful rivers and desolate roads. They take you to well-known parks that draw millions of visitors.

Antelope Canyon


The slot canyon, which is situated on Navajo land, starts at Antelope Creek close to Glen Canyon Dam and extends miles inland. During the summer, beams of gorgeous light stream down from above as sunshine peeks in. The only way to see this natural wonder is on a guided trip. Hiking into the canyon alone is risky due to the possibility of flash flooding so I recommend you not to go alone. 

Powell Lake


Lake Powell, which is located a short distance from Antelope Canyon,  is a stunning location to visit. You can get to some remote locations, such as Reflection Canyon if you’re prepared for some lengthy, taxing walks. If not, you can camp near the shore, hire a boat, or paddle across the smaller canyons. Antelope Point Marina is offering an hour-long boat cruise for just $30 per person! It is just amazing.

The Wave

The Wave is a remarkable geological rock structure that gained popularity as a Windows desktop backdrop and on Instagram. Although the scenery resembles a multicolored swirl playground, very few people visit. The sole restriction is that you must have permission, which is difficult to obtain. There is a daily cap of 20 participants (10 from the online lottery and 10 from the walk-in lottery). While you’re nearby, there is a chance at the walk-in lottery; you might win!

The Hoover Dam


Constructed in the 1930s to take advantage of the Colorado River, Hoover Dam stands as evidence of engineering excellence and was the biggest dam in the world when it was finished. Since tickets for dam tours are only available on-site, it’s essential to arrive as soon as possible to guarantee a seat during peak hours. You can drive or stroll along the top to take pictures of the vivid blue waters scrubbing against stone cliffs where a white ring indicates the high water levels in the past. 

Horseshoe Bend

A stunning sight, Horseshoe Bend is formed by the Colorado River’s horseshoe-shaped curve through the canyon. It’s distinct and open to the public. Although it is frequently packed, it is simple to stroll to a less-crowded section considering there are no designated lanes or rails. There are no buildings after you reach the overlook, which is just a short stroll from the parking lot. You would not see any security rails or designated pedestrian routes.

Saguaro National Park


A worth visiting Saguaro National Park is located in Arizona, approximately fifteen miles northwest of Tucson. This area resembles a massive garden filled with hundreds of years-old Saguaro cactus, some of which reach heights of up to fifty feet. And it’s not just about the vegetation; while you’re there, keep a look out for interesting creatures like Gila monsters. The park offers ranger-led excursions, while Tucson offers upscale accommodations like the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort and Miraval Arizona if you choose to stay overnight.

Highway 66

Travel back in time via the renowned Route 66. This route winds through Arizona, from west Topock to east Lupton. Its longest and best-maintained section is located in Arizona. You’ll travel by the Petrified Forest National Park and via cities like Winslow and Flagstaff along the way. Don’t pass up the opportunity to see simulated gunfights in the former Oatman gold mining camp or to have a break to eat at one of Flagstaff’s many vintage cafes or historic locations, such as the Weatherford Hotel.

River At Zion


For good reason, Zion National Park is among the best destinations in Utah! Here, a brief stroll on the overlook trail leads to the top of the canyon, where massive red mountains rise against vivid blue skies, a sight that is also accessible by car. At a short driving distance, there are tunnels and switchbacks among the sandstone hills that lead from the east into the park.

Wild West In Tombstone

The fabled gunfight at the O.K. Corral in 1881, which is regarded by many as the most well-known firefight of the Wild West era, took place in Tombstone. The village was also featured in the 1993 film “Tombstone,” which starred Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell. Today, visitors may enjoy engaging activities like seeing a shootout recreation, exploring antique saloons and shops, and more at Old Tombstone Western Theme Park. The region, designated as a National Historic Landmark, is regarded as one of the best-preserved frontier towns from the 1880s.

Wrap Up

As you finish your exploration of the things to see in Arizona and Utah, let the stunning landscapes and hidden gems stay with you. From the majestic canyons to the tales of the Wild West, these states have given you an unforgettable adventure. Think back on the amazing places, natural beauty, and cultural treasures that made your road trip special.

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