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Hotels With Balconies In DC

Why Are They So Awe-Inspiring?

by Tayebah Malik
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When it comes to balconies, Washington DC hotels directly click to the mind as they feature the craziest and most creative balconies meanwhile. Since striking and spectacular views surround DC balconies, they are becoming great hangout spots.  The advanced technologies and skillful engineering has made these balconies more innovative, cozy, and cool, where visitors perform dozens of activities. When I visit Washington, I also get keen to explore different hotels and their unique balconies to make my stay memorable.  So what about you? Don’t you want to spice up your hotel stay? If yes, choose a DC hotel with a blend of spectacular balconies. 

This article has narrowed down a list of Hotels With Balconies In DC, so let’s explore them!  

Five Significant Types Of Balconies

Whenever I go on a trip as a tourist, my top priority is to find comfortable accommodation with a balcony. In my opinion, the best place to relax and interact socially is on a balcony. Maybe, it’s also the best place to read a book. Ideal for dining, drinking, or simply relaxing in a chair and admiring the sunset to relieve your mundane life. After deciding on a place to live, you can find hotel balconies that suit your preferences and comfort. Don’t be duped; first, learn about the different types of terraces.

1: Juliet Balconies

These balconies are usually large and inward-opening windows, sets of doors, or, you can say, sliding terrace doors that comprise a barrier fixed directly to the outside wall. They are sometimes incorporated between the window or door to prevent people from falling out. Typically, the windows and doors open inward, but if they open outward, the barrier or railing is fixed inside the room (this can make operating the window or door difficult, and it may slam shut repeatedly during windy weather).  If you do not want a balcony but want to add something to your home and protect your large windows. This hotel suites in DC with balcony allows the upper level of the window to open safely.

juliet Balconies

2: Cantilever Balconies

Hung, bolt-on balconies, or cantilever – you have multiple names to call these balconies. The name implies these balconies extend from the building, appearing to float in the air and continue to the building’s floor, where the joists or frames extend beyond the building line.

Cantilever balconies require a support beam within the wall, typically made of wood, steel, or concrete. Hung or bolt-on balconies are usually made of steel or aluminum and have railings or balustrading. If cantilevered balconies are installed on the second floor, they also work as a carport, allowing visitors to park beneath it and providing a dry area to unload groceries.

Cantilever Balconies

3: Stacks Balconies

These balconies are supported by connections to the building and posts or pillars fixed beneath them, which provide support from the ground or another structure. Since these balconies are not directly attached to the surface, they place a minimal load on the building infrastructure.

On the contrary, in a completely separate structure, the balcony is supported by vertical posts or pillars, and the weight is evenly distributed among the concrete pads planted on the ground. The pillar size is determined by the weight, size, and number of stacked balconies on top. These are not expensive like others but are primarily occupied in urban areas. Most of the time, balconies are used for planting, sitting, or enjoying leisure moments with your loved ones, and so are Stacks of Balconies. 

Stacks Balconies

4: Rooflight Balconies (Cabrio Balconies)

Rooflight balconies are dramatically famous in loft conversion projects. When closed, the roof lights function as windows, but when opened, they form a glazed canopy and barrier. They can be installed as a single roof light or as part of a bank to create a larger window and balcony. The windows open at the top hinges, adding extra space to the room and providing panoramic views. An innovative combination of high-quality materials that provide exceptional energy and efficiency, insulation, and impermeable seals, along with a top control bar that can be easily pulled to allow fresh air without opening the entire balcony.

Rooflight Balconies

5: Rooftop Terrace

An adjoining structure creates an outdoor space that can be accessed from a bedroom or upper floor. A flat roof on a ground floor extension, porch, or garage, for example. This area can be used for both relaxing and entertaining, giving you a wide range of options. If you have a natural setting, your space should be relaxing—think romantic candlelit dinners and string lights. Just choose this type of Balcony. While searching the hotels according to your comfort and needs, the results confirm that there is a chain of unique hotels in the magnificent town. They have unlimited services and facilities to bestow comfort and luxury. While searching for a hotel, you may conclude that hotels with balconies in DC have awe-inspiring locations and are primarily located in the center of the Downtown. Additionally, hotels with private balconies in DC are large in numbers and designed to cater to tourists globally. 

Rooftop Terrace

Nine Top Hotels With Balconies In DC

Washington, DC, is famous for its striking sights, which include many monuments, a wide river, political buildings, lush gardens, and spectacular hotels. As a result, it’s no surprise that hotels with private balconies in DC and a private terrace in a prime location are highly sought-after.  Fortunately, our Hotel Experts know all the best spots and have compiled a list of the best hotels in Washington DC with balconies. Whether you want to go all out and book a suite in one of the luxury hotels in DC with a Jacuzzi in the room and a terrace, or you prefer something a little more boutique, there are plenty of options to choose from.

So if hotels in DC with jacuzzi in room and balcony are your weaknesses – do nothing; just scroll down and read this information!

1: The Hotel Of Hay-Adams

Hospitality is known globally with extraordinary views of the White House. A paramount location in D.C. that has luxurious, large size rooms with the inclusion of Italian linens and contemporary bathrooms. The Lafayette is a Delux restaurant in the town or moves forward to the Cocktail. The supreme location for the local tours. 

The Hotel Of Hay-Adams

This elegant family-owned hotel offers the ultimate DC experience. It has many claims to fame, including serving as the Obama family’s home before their move to the White House and appearing in political TV shows such as House of Cards and Homeland. Book the White House View Suite for views of the presidential residence, or choose a room with a view of St. John’s Episcopal Church or Lafayette Square. Without any exaggeration, I have found the Hotel Of Hay-Adams one of the best Hotels With Balconies In DC.

2: The Hotel Of Omni Shoreham

The Omni Shoreham Hotel has rooms with patterned carpets, large windows, and desks. With a stay at the Omni, you can enjoy large-scale residential luxury away from the main city hub. It has hosted notable guests such as The Beatles, after whom a suite is named.  It is traditional in style and offers four dining options, a veranda, perfectly manicured grounds, a spa, a fitness center, and a pool. Several suites have balconies, but for the ultimate in luxury, book a Presidential Suite, which includes a library room, kitchen, bar, and jacuzzi.

2: The Hotel Of Omni Shoreham

3: The Hotel Of Watergate 

Here we have another incredible hotel suites in DC with balcony, none other than Watergate Hotel! The Watergate Hotel’s living room, with colorful velvet sofas and rugs and windows all around. The Watergate is integrally linked to political skulduggery, but it is absolute luxury at its finest. The 336 guest rooms and suites are decorated in a respectful grey, and white palette softened with wood furniture. – request a room with a balcony overlooking the Potomac River. 

The Kingbird restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine with a French Riviera twist; moreover, after-work drinks are best enjoyed on the terrace bar. This restaurant features a wall made of 2,500 gently illuminated whisky bottles that are joyous to try while sitting on its terrace.

3: The Hotel Of Watergate 

4: The Hotel Of Fairmont Washington

The lobby of the Fairmont Washington, DC lobby features seating beneath a unique design feature of floating shapes. This grand hotel, known for its attentive service and welcoming hospitality, is another with extensive facilities. It’s ideal for families: kids will enjoy the swimming pool, parents will appreciate the holiday specials, and pets will enjoy the chef-made doggy treats. The gym includes free classes, and the Juniper restaurant serves New American cuisine. It is located on the outskirts of Georgetown, in the West End. Book a deluxe room for a small balcony with views of the courtyard.

The Hotel Of Fairmont Washington

5: The Hotel Of Melrose

The Melrose Lounge is located at The Melrose, which features a fireplace, vintage-style sofas, and a patterned floor. The Melrose has firmly established itself on the culinary map of Georgetown thanks to its in-house destination restaurant Jardenea, which specializes in farm-to-fork dining.

The Hotel Of Melrose

Serta pillow-top beds, large flatscreens, down comforters, coffee makers, and bathrooms with black granite counters are available in the 240 rooms and suites. The Presidential Suite has a grand outside terrace with seating for up to 20 people rather than a balcony.

6: The Hotel Of Dupont Circle

The Dupont Circle Hotel room features a floral print, headboard, and chaise longue known as this preppy DC hotel, named after its location; it was built in 1947 but underwent a complete renovation in 2019. It has nine floors and a large selection of rooms and suites, the latter of which can have balconies or terraces. 

The Hotel Of Dupont Circle

Vintage gravitas is provided by fireplaces, marble bathrooms, and a grand exterior fountain. Evenings are stylish thanks to the hotel’s mid-century cocktail bar and farm-to-table restaurant with Mediterranean and North African flavors; that’s known as the most famous hotel in DC with a Jacuzzi in the room and a balcony outside the room.

7: The Historic Hotel Of Morrison-Clark Inn

Morrison-Clark Historic Inn room with patterned carpet, chandelier, and flatscreen television The Morrison-Clark, a contemporary boutique hotel in a National Register of Historic Places Victorian property, has a landscaped courtyard for al fresco dining, free overnight shoe-shine service, Frette linens, and complimentary copies of The Washington Post. The mansion’s character is reflected in antiques, neoclassical accents, crystal chandeliers, and Italian Carrera marble fireplaces. A few of the Victorian hotels with private balconies in DC.

The Historic Hotel Of Morrison-Clark Inn

8: The Hotel Of Madison

Large size suite with private terrace, flat-screen cable T.V, and famously known as hotels in DC with balcony and jacuzzi. The duality of our namesake, the fourth President of the United States, James Madison, lightened with a dash of First Lady Dolley’s wit, energy, and lightheartedness. Boutique in feel, generously brightened by a warm and welcoming lobby brimming with the fabled never-ending energy of Washington. 

 The Hotel Of Madison

Visitors, families, and locals like both flock to Madison for meals and meetings, overnights and nightcaps, sightseeing, and governing the country. In the sophisticated guestrooms and suites with extra space. You can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Wall-to-wall terraces with sweeping views of the Capitol Skyline are available in select luxurious penthouse suites rooms. The distinguished and personalized amenities of Madison are designed.

9: The Hotel Of Madera 

The Hotel usually offers large versatile Rooms that provide fresh air, thoughtful details, and an endearing, quirky sense of surprise and delight. Rest, unwind, a lounge for work, and sleep.  To be honest, the place is entirely yours. On the other hand, Our urban retreats are like a breath of fresh air (literally, you can open the windows for a cool breeze), as many rooms have their own private outdoor oasis.

The Hotel Of Madera


Our Bottom Line

The Hotels With Balconies In DC offer versatile features, multipurpose facilities, comfort, and luxury. Washington D.C has numerous hotels with diverse history and culture with modified balconies that present panoramic views of the great city.

If you are searching for a hotel with ample facilities and great locations, visit our above-reviewed DC hotels or Hilton Hotels, as these hotels hold iconic amenities. When you pick hotels in DC with jacuzzi in room and balcony outside, you will have endless fun and adorable sightseeing views.

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