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8 Best Zoos In Arizona To Discover In 2024

by Tayebah Malik
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In the whole United States, Arizona boasts one of the most varied natural systems. A visit to the nearby wildlife parks and zoos is a must-do while in the Grand Canyon State, as they provide an opportunity to see native creatures that are rarely seen elsewhere. Here is the list of the top zoos in Arizona, selected by the general people by voting in the state’s highest-profile business opinion survey. Take a trip through Arizona’s colorful wildlife and learn where to go to see the state’s many ecosystems at their most beautiful.

8 Best Zoos In Arizona To See In 2024

Arizona stands out as a country with a cluster of zoos nearby, a testament to its dedicated efforts in preserving habitats. Without delay, let’s explore the Arizona zoos you can visit on your upcoming tour.

  • Phoenix Zoo


Phoenix Zoo considered the best zoo in Arizona, is the place where you may interact closely with a wide variety of animals for a memorable and engaging experience. With more than 3000 animals of different sorts, it’s a veritable natural paradise. This zoo, which was founded without government funding by the visionary Robert E. Maytag, is a story of community support and hard work. 

It now serves as a popular playground for youngsters and tourists and is home to some 200 endangered species, 37 of which are actively involved in breeding programs. For a small admission cost of $20–$10, plus free admission for children, Phoenix Zoo welcomes you to take an enthralling trip through the animal kingdom.


  • Reid Park Zoo

The mission of Reid Park Zoo also referred to as the Tucson Zoo, is to inspire human dedication to protecting biodiversity. They aim to provide visitors of all ages with an engaging learning experience. This sanctuary, which was founded in 1965, is currently a flourishing habitat for a wide variety of birds, animals, and cattle, with a focus on different types of monkeys. 

Covering 24 acres, the large naturalist environment draws about 580,000 visitors a year, which is evidence of its special offerings. This is among the best animal parks in Arizona which is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and upholds strict standards to provide excellent care for its animals.

  • Navajo Nation Zoo & Botanical Park

Nestled in Window Rock, Arizona, the capital of the Navajo Nation, Navajo Nation Zoo & Botanical Park has a lot for you if you are an animal and plant lover. It has been professionally run by the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation Department since 1960. 

In September 2006, it proudly joined the Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is distinguished as a zoological park operated by a tribe in the United States because of its unique labeling that uses the native American Indian language. 

  • Grand Canyon Deer Farm & Petting Zoo


Go to Grand Canyon Deer Farm & Petting Zoo in Williams, a quaint deer farm close to the Grand Canyon, for a lovely getaway in Arizona. This charming hideaway has been welcoming animal lovers to enjoy the thrill of feeding and petting gorgeous creatures for over fifty years. 

The place is a charming getaway close to the Grand Canyon, perfect for families looking for an enjoyable day out or tourists looking for something different. Lose yourself in the warmth of nature and make lifelong memories in this perfect natural environment. This sanctuary is more than just a zoo; its unique purpose is to protect and maintain the society’s wildlife and plants. 

  • Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary


Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, located in Prescott, Arizona, is a paradise for up-close animal experiences. It is situated on 10 acres and offers a lovely view of serene Willow Lake. The natural design of enclosures provides guests with an engaging encounter with a variety of creatures. 

Critically endangered animals are protected as part of its “conservation through education” mission. The sanctuary experience is improved by several events held throughout the year. Sip and Paint events are for those 21 years of age and above. They offer a nice combination of wine, canapés, and painting lessons, letting attendees paint shelter animals while taking in the calm environment.

  • Bearizona 

Bearizona is roughly thirty minutes west of Flagstaff, situated in Williams’ Pines. The park is divided into two sections: a drive-through area and a walk-through area. You can do just that at Bearizona’s drive-through section! The animals are allowed to graze freely within these huge fenced-in areas while you drive your automobile gently through each of the distinct enclosures. 

The walk-through section of Bearizona, which is constantly expanding and introducing additional rescued wildlife, offers a more traditional zoo experience. Children can enter for $20 and adults for $30, which provides a cost-effective and interesting opportunity to see wildlife.

  • OdySea Aquarium


OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale is a place where an immersive experience awaits. This interactive aquarium, spanning more than 30,000 square feet and including two levels, welcomes you to explore the sea’s mysteries from different angles. Every tourist will find something appealing, whether it’s the graceful presence of sharks or the colorful coral reefs. Take in the captivating variety of marine life, which includes seahorses, jellyfish, and stingrays, among other species from all around the world. 

One benefit of traveling outside of the busiest travel months (May to September) is that you’ll be able to enjoy the beauties of the aquatic world in a less congested setting. Adult admission prices are $44.95; children’s admission prices are $64.95.

  • Out of Africa Wildlife Park


The beautiful Out of Africa Wildlife Park is home to a variety of African species. See uncommon creatures like the white Bengal Tiger and the Barbary Lion, which are both extinct in the wild and make this park a unique destination. Here, you can also join the African Bush Safari tour to make lifelong memories by petting giraffes and getting up close and personal with other hoofed species of Africa. 

Don’t miss the amazing daily creature feature for up-close animal encounters, the exhilarating Tiger Splash show, and the fearless gigantic snake performance. The close relationship that exists between the animals and their carers, who make sure these rescued creatures have a comfortable life, is what makes this park unique. It’s an amazing zoo, especially for families looking for a closer-knit encounter with wildlife.

Wrap Up

As we come to the end of our exploration of Arizona’s many wildlife offers, it is evident that the state is a naturalist’s paradise. All these animal living provide incredible experiences, whether you’re admiring the displays at the Phoenix Zoo or interacting with rescued animals at Bearizona. Grab the chance to learn about these various ecosystems and support each sanctuary’s conservation efforts. Make plans to visit zoos in Arizona, where each interaction promises a closer bond with the amazing world of wildlife.


Which zoo in Arizona is known for being the largest?

Arizona’s largest zoo the Phoenix Zoo, offers a vast array of wildlife.

Is there a well-regarded zoo in Arizona?

Yes, Arizona boasts several excellent zoos, that provide engaging experiences for visitors.

In terms of size, is Phoenix Zoo or Wildlife World Zoo larger?

The Phoenix Zoo is larger compared to the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona.

Is there an aquarium in Arizona, and if so, where is it located?

Yes, Arizona is home to the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, offering an immersive marine experience.

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