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Staying In RV Parks Can Be A Very Amusing Experience

Let Us Share How And Why

by Tayebah Malik
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“Staying in an RV can make you taste another side of the story that narrates living beyond the edges yet comfortably – you can entail this experience in an RV park.”

Other than traveling for a purpose, we all travel to explore and when exploring a local area abroad, the best way is to experience its raw street life. I personally believe and I know you’ll also second that staying in fancy hotels makes you miss a lot of explorations that you could have had otherwise.  

Although you might have heard about local BnB accommodations full of charms and local colors, another way to go a little rough yet low on budget and high on experience is by trying RV parks. Yes, an RV park is a park where tens and hundreds of RVs, the home on four wheels, park. This may seem a different idea to someone who is not used to seeing frequent RVs around him but in countries like America and the UK, it has now become a common practice. 

Under the pressure of taxes and mortgages, many citizens are now moving to their RV homes and the best thing is, you can try staying in a fancy RV on your next trip abroad. Well, if you want to explore more about RV parks, let me take you on a virtual tour in this blog. I am excited to share! 

What Actually Is an RV – A Simple Van or A Home? 

Humans have always been too curious to explore, invent, and try new things and an RV van is just a little example. A type of four-wheel vehicle that is transformed to be used for living is called a Recreational Vehicle or an RV. As the name indicates, the vehicle was designed to serve recreational or amusement purposes but in the current times, people are also using it as a low-demanding permanent home. 

Going back in history, it was first introduced with the name Conklin Gypsy or simply ‘gypsy’  and got impressive appreciation. Later, these were transformed into Recreational Vehicles or simply RVs. And today, we even have RV parks in many states around Europe. Sometimes I wonder what’s going to be the next take!  

Well, coming back to RVs and RV parks, these moveable homes usually come in service when travelers long to find camping trailers to relax. Also, these are a go-to option for people who always need to be on-road for work or travelers. Mostly, people park or anchor their RVs in dedicated RV parks, on the roadsides, on the plateaus, or even in residential backyards. 

You may wonder how a little vehicle can be called home – that is because RVs usually have almost every basic appliance a person might need in his home. For example, TV, Wifi, bed, sitting, cupboard or any other cloth storage, blankets, kitchen and its accessories, water tank, stove, fridge, AC, and whatnot. 

What Purposes Do RV Parks Serve?

On a trip to explore perilous regions, hiking in the spectacular mountains, or discovering wilder landscapes, an RV can be the best companion for enduring long routes with comfort. Being a traveler, I am also quite curious to know about RVs and especially RV parks around the globe as I have always been fond of seeing them in old vintage movies. 

The good thing is, you won’t have to worry about getting one. That is because many people in the U.S.A. are staying in RV parks in an attempt to escape high-rate accommodation taxes. Some people use R.V. for road trips and during voyages, while they were used to sleeping in. 

Now, in the current times, some people believe RV parks are convenient for them on their road trips as they won’t have to waste time finding hotels for just sleeping. In the past, in the USA or around the USA, this was a cheaper way of living. 

With complete facilities like a home, it is certainly quite low on the pockets compared to the prices of a home. Generally, anyone can camp their motorhomes for free in America under the protection of the Bureau of Land Management on any national forest or grasslands.

Analyses show that there are around about 13,000 privately-owned RV parks in the world and over 600 state parks in the USA. This means, there is a high chance you can easily find an RV space for temporary residency on your next trip to the USA (add a link to the USA/America tour package)

What Kinds Of People Are Staying In The RV Parks?

RV parks are usually designed to accommodate all types of people and are used by families, retirees, working travelers, and vacationers. RV parks are best for those who want to spend their nights in a different way.

People staying in the RV parks can be from any background and race; they may be solo travelers, families, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, or, in general, anyone. 

  • Families – Families can utilize amenities of parks such as swimming pools, game rooms, and playgrounds during the summer holidays.
  • Vacationers – The couples on their honeymoon would probably love to live in RV parks. Also, solo travelers and families that try to escape from hotel searches can find a sweet spot in here. Vacationers can book commercial RV parks and national campgrounds when they are on their road trip.
  • Working Travelers – The working class works remotely on the road and subsequently moves to the next city or town due to their work. They are mostly long-term travelers as they need ready-to-access amenities nearby campgrounds. This type of RV park is mostly found on commercial campgrounds, which may have WiFi facilities. 
  • Retired Travelers – Some retirees love to live in RV parks to explore the USA and Canada. For this purpose, many grounds established that are increasingly famous with 55+ parks that are designed to cater to Retieers all over the USA or nearby.

Generally speaking, the people who don’t find staying in RV parks quite satisfying can live in Campground tents. For this purpose, you can search for some commercial campgrounds in your preferred area. 

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What Is The Difference Between Campgrounds, RV Parks, and RV Resorts?

You may get confused about RV Parks, campgrounds, and RV Resorts; all three are interconnected but different things. Where RV parks are the dedicated lands to park a vehicle, and campground is the land where people generally pitch a tent on the ground. This was something that I also got confused about and came to know the conclusion once I began to travel to different locations in a rented camping van or caravan. 

Full-time camping or living in RV parking or RV resorts has more fun and advantages but this enjoyment comes as a package with some disadvantages as well. Don’t Knock it Before Trying It!

Should You Really Go To Campgrounds?


Campgrounds are often used in State parks by privately owned resources in the Country. In Big cities, they are in common practice and you will have a chance to explore them. The campground comes at an affordable expense that can easily be managed, no matter what kind of camping you are searching for.



Affordable: These are available at reasonable prices. Not Properly Maintained: You will have to have these as rough accommodations as you are literally on the ground. 
Easily To Find: You can easily find a campground while on a road trip in most countries. Noise Problems: If your campground is in a residential area, noisy neighborhoods and barking dogs can ruin your roadside trip.
Partially Facilitated: Most campgrounds have proper amenities like electricity and bathrooms.  Health care Issues: If you are on a road 

trip, Regular Doctors are not easily accessible.  

Should you Really Go To RV Parks?


RV parks are considered better than campgrounds and they are mostly set up for the biggest motor homes with larger facilities rather than Campgrounds. They are well-maintained to experience a peaceful rest. They have a rough look at level grounds but parking pads are level and spacious rather than RV camping sides. 

A road camper erects a tent, and takes the hassle to prepare a bed or establishes a kitchen that needs hours. Whereas an RV enthusiast believes ‘Let down those back steps and the thing is done.’ Departure is too easy to imagine!  



Include All Facilities: Most R.V parks have full facilities like electricity, water sewerage, WiFi, showers, and community centers Costly: RV parks are more expensive and have high prices. With all facilities and hookups, it might be more highly- cost depending on the familiarity of the place.
Well-Managed Amenities: RV parks are mostly well-arranged to provide maximum facilities and thus, look nice comparatively. Cooking Problems: Though you get a stove cooking inside an RV is quite irritating and complex mostly – you’ll have to rely on fast food.  
Freedom: The most fascinating about traveling alone is experiencing freedom. You can get a taste of this in an RV.  Limited Social Circle: You may find yourself quite lonely often as you’ll most probably be living miles away. 

Should You Really Go To RV Resorts?


The assortment is where you can park your RV; better to find a proper place in the park. Most of the time, RV resorts are expensive like your Recreational Vehicles. Many Resorts offer multiple facilities for RV owners but some have restrictions and limitations. You can find level sides and space for accommodation there. 

The amenities are usually included such as Cable TV hook-up, Wifi internet, bathhouse, coin laundry machines, and many more. You would stay there and feel free more than in the hotel as compared to camping. In the government-owned campgrounds, anyone can stay up to 14-21 days. The amazing perk of Private campgrounds as they offer weekly, monthly, yearly, or extended days according to the need and convince.



Spacious: RV resorts are versatile and have a large number of RV spaces. Not Accessible: You would find these in the largest park areas and large in size RVs are arranged there.
Extra Curricular Activities: You can play Golf, Tennis, volleyball, and do many other activities there. In Rushy Areas: These are mostly in the center of the city with more facilities. 
Shuttle Services: Some of the RV resorts provide Shuttle services to take visitors to nearby attractions.  Located on Man-Made Sights: As RV Resorts are man-made, it’s rare to find natural beauties around. 

Bottom Line

In the nutshell, although, they are considerably different from the perspective of facilities, campgrounds and RV parks are used for the same purposes. However, I have tried to explain the difference between RV Parks, Campgrounds, and RV Resorts above. When you want to choose a unique accommodation, an RV in some RV park can probably be the best idea. In fact, these caravan parks boost joy and comfort during long-term expeditions.

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