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Best Things To Do In Walla Walla Today in Washington

by Tayebah Malik
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If you want to visit a unique and all-natiral attraction in Washington, do not worry; I can introduce to you Walla Walla, the nature-filled heart of Washington. There are many things to do in Walla Walla like hiking, biking, and bird watching. This beautiful piece of land is all covered with many streams, mountains, and vineyards. It is famous in Washington as the “fertile land” because it produces most crops of the nation like asparagus, wheat, and strawberries – it’s adored for its sweet onion. 

You will find many indoor and outdoor things to do in Wella Wella. For example, here in Walla Walla, 120 wineries is producing outclass wine of all varieties. If you want to explore wine from different origins and of different tastes, Walla Walla will be the best option for you. You can easily spend your trip and vacations exploring the vineyards but there are many unique things to do in Walla Walla.  

Here is the list of fun things  in Walla Walla so you do not need to find the tour guide because we explore all the details below.

Morning Trip to Fort Walla Walla Museum

When you are in Walla Walla, you can start your morning with a visit to fort Walla Walla museum. It will be amazing as you can try many family-friendly things to do in the Walla Walla, too. This eye-catching museum is formed on the grounds of 19-century military farms and provides an educational experience along with fun. 

This land has a pioneer village where the locals perform live history on almost daily basis which is highly attractive for the tourists. There, you’ll find many kinds of displays and artifacts that present incredible stories from the beginning of this area. Along with families, there are plenty of things to do in Walla Walla for college students, too, as they can explore the heritage of the area with the community through its unique exhibits and eye-opening events.

Take a Hike in the Blues

One of the best things to do in Walla Walla is to take hikes and it will enhance the hiking and the nature’s experience for you. That is because the land is all filled with many bursting parks and landscape areas to leave you in an aww. There, you can also see wildflowers and pine trees on the edge of the trails to make your trip worth remembering. Some trails that you can visit there are;  

  • Sacagawea Heritage Trail 

Sacagawea Heritage Trail is featured for both walking and biking. The Richland riverfront trail, Yakima River Delta, and Columbia river park in Kennewick are connected by this trail. Along the track, you’ll be able to see and explore many interesting areas where you can take fun pictures of Washington’s panoramic views. 

  • McNary Wildlife Refuge

McNary Wildlife Refuge is the longest trail because it is spread across approximately 15,000 acres. It is located on the east bank of the Columbia river that is combined with many streams and ponds. It makes the ideal environment for waterfowl of different varieties. You will get a better experience of your vacations or tour when you will see different kinds of mammals like mule deer, beavers, squirrels, and many more other animals. 

  • China Wildlife Refuge

China’s wildlife refuge is on 276 acres that have forests as well as grasslands. It is located near the rushing waters of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers that is known as the gamma natural grasslands. It is the cleanest and most well-kept land of Washington. If you are looking for a peaceful trail for you, it is one of the best. 

Morning Golf Like a PGA Pro

Some travelers and visitors loved to golf and they wanted to start their day with golf. Then you should not worry because there is the wine valley golf club. You can book a tea time and get your blood pumping, breathe in that fresh country air at this stunning venue designed by Dan Hixson. It offers good food as well as the perfect way to get physically fit without feeling like you are working. If you are looking for things to do in Walla Walla, then take part in the golf courses and stay active during your vocations and tour. Here are a few golf courses mentioned below and you should not miss them because they will enhance your vocation experience.

  • Canyon Lakes Golf Course
  • Veterans Memorial Golf Course
  • Wine Valley Golf Course
  • Milton-Freewater Golf Course

Biking Can Be SO Fun In Walla Walla


Walla Walla provides comfortable rides through the beautiful countryside along with adventurous journeys and mountain parts by the variety of bicycle trails you can enjoy biking and explore Walla Walla through these trails. Blows are a few trails and it’s an essential feature that you should know before choosing bicycle trials.

  • Kooskooskie Ride ~ 29 Miles

It started at the pioneer park rose garden that is headed east on the Whitman which curves and becomes Roosevelt. Many turns reach out on the Kooskooshie and you can use the same trail to return to Pioneer Park rose garden.

  • Mill Creek – 5 Mile 

It starts at the pioneer park rose golden head east on Whitman and you should follow the curves. It includes many turns and ways to reach Reser road. You should follow the fern Whitman and turn left to the starting point. This is 16.5 miles loop for the bicycle trail.

Experience Walla Walla’s Distilleries and Breweries

Walla Walla is the Hub for the breweries and distilleries and it is famous for the amazing wineries and vineyards. When you are looking to do fun things in Walla Walla, then you should stop at the Burwood brewing company.  The company has samples of local craft ales and you can enjoy the beer-making process. Sometimes company brings the food from the truck and hosts a fun gathering. You can check the samples of some locally made brandy in the DW distilling tasting room which is another fantastic place to visit.

Walla Walla is famous for the best wine regions in the country. There are many wineries within a 35-mile radius of the cameo heights mansion. When you are ready to enjoy the wine taste then you should book a wine tour or shuttle services. The shuttle services of the company are safe and secure transportation. You can enjoy the wonderful wine packages at the Walla Walla and enhance your stay with the NorthStar blending experience and wine tours.

You Can See the Sculptures Here

The walking tour paths of the Walla Walla are covered with multiple public sculptures and you can see them on the streets. the delights of the 2002 Deborah Butterfield sculpture ‘Stux’, made of driftwood and cast bronze can be viewed through the Whitman Sculpture Walk. 

The PE-WA-OO-YIT (Treaty Rock, was a gift in 1955 from the Cayuse, Yakima, Nez Perce, Umatilla, and Walla Walla tribes that commemorated the signing of the treaties with the American government in 1855) can be viewed by this street walk. These sculptures present the story of Walla Walla’s incredible history and show the work of the art designers of Walla Walla. 

Discover French-Canadian History

The Frenchtown historic site is the best way to see french and Canadian history and it is present in Walla Walla. It is the original homeland of the Cayuse and Walla Walla tribes and in this place, the french Canadian voyageurs settled for the first time with metis families in 1823. 

In 1855, this land changed into a historical battle of Walla Walla. If you want to know the history of french Canadain, then you should book a travel plan to Walla Walla. On this site, you can learn and explore the history also know the french Canadian construction in the entire state, and also explore the St. Rose Cemetery.

Find Fresh Produce at the Farmers Market

On the head down to the Walla Walla, you will find a farmers market on the orchard street where you can experience the fresh produce of local food. In this market, you will see the farm fresh veggies, meat, egg, and even flowers. 

You can find many artisan food stalls and independent stores that offer major locally made products. When you are visiting this street then do not forget to get the sweet onions because Walla Walla is also famous for them. 

Enjoy Other Unique Attractions In Walla Walla

There are many unique attractions in Walla Walla that provide relaxation and a peaceful environment. Here is the following unique attractions site to enjoy in Walla Walla.

  • Visit Its Pioneer Park

There are approximately 15 parks in Walla Walla city and the oldest is pioneer park which is established in 1902. The design of the park makes it unique from others and the design is formed by Frederick Law Olmstead that is known as “the father of landscape architecture.”

Frederick Law Olmstead also creates the design of “New York City’s Central Park”. The 46 acres of the pioneer park provide a peaceful escape for growing the village. If you want to a tour of the pioneer park then you should ensure to check the free outdoor aviary because it provides an entertaining and educational exhibit of the waterfowl and family things to do in the Walla Walla.

  • Kirkman House Museum

If you want to explore more local history of Walla Walla then you should go to the Kirkman House Museum. You can get the real-life experience of the people that lived in the 1800s. It is built during a period of huge economic growth and was a stunning or luxurious 1880s mansion. It is the most beautiful remaining victorian structure in Walla Walla that is opened publicly to view inside and outside of the museum.

  • Take a Walking Tour of Boyer Avenue

If you have a short time and you want to enjoy the local culture and history at the same time, then you should do a walking tour of boyer avenue. This will go to Whiteman college, Pioneer Park,  some of the State Record Trees of Walla Walla, and even the site of the treaty council. From this, you can see the historical local homes of Walla Walla. It is spread approximately 3 miles but the walk will be beneficial for you if you want to see the lifestyle of the local area.  

  • Shop Until You Drop in the Historic Downtown

Downtown is the heart of Walla Walla and the main historical street is present in this area where the galleries are buzzing with art. There are many wine tasting rooms, coffee shops, restaurants, and super cute boutiques that present the look of Walla Walla.

the National Trust for Historic Preservation presented the city with its Great American Main Street Award back in 2001 which attracts the most locals and visitors. There are many shopping things to do in Walla Walla because of its warm ambiance and hipster vibe. If you want to taste the wine, then this market will also have many rooms for tasting wine.

  • Enjoy Live Theater Performances

Now many theaters provide amazing and historically live music concerts, theater productions, comedy, and fundraising events. The most popular theater is Gesa Power House and it contains the renovated former utility station that provides regular performances and community events on the daily basis. Another was a little theater that also placed amazing productions and it is constructed in 1944. If you should visit these places for the enjoyment.

  • Blue Mountain Lavender Farm

If you wish for a truly unique attraction, then you should need to visit the blue mountain lavender farm in Lowden, Washington. This is a beautiful farm that is surrounded by the rolling, purple hills of fresh lavender which gather every year and sell to the delighted community. 

  • Red Mountain of Washington 

If you are arguing to set the particular corner of the Washington state then you should visit the red mountain of Washington because it is present in the corner of the state. this will provide you with a reddish hue including all the attractions and activities to highlight the experience of your vocations and trip.


There are many things to do in Walla Walla Washington because it contains all kinds of activities that a traveler need during the visits. You can enjoy nature as well as historical activities in the town of Walla Walla. Many beer-making factories produce a large amount of wine in the country. In general, there are many fun things to do in Walla Walla that can be enjoyed in their parks. You will find localized fresh food from their nearby farms and also get shopping from the downtown market. You can explore many things in Walla Walla and can enjoy your vacations and trips. 

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your holidays and vacations, book your tickets to Walla Walla because there are many things to do in Walla Walla this weekend

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