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Cannot Be Missed Things In Thomasville Georgia, The City Of Roses

by Tayebah Malik
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Thomasville, formerly referred to as South’s winter resort is still a top tourist spot in southwest Georgia because of all of its attractions, lodging options, fantastic dining options, and special events.

There is no way to overstate how charming small towns are. Georgia’s Rose City, however, has a unique moniker. It’s guaranteed that you will be in love with Thomasville very quickly, whether you are traveling there for a weekend getaway or considering remaining a little longer. You might not want to leave because there are so many amazing activities and sights to see here! Thomasville, also known as The City of Rose, T-Ville, and Beacon Hills, stands out for its Southern warmth and charm.

What About The History Of Thomasville, Georgia

The clean, fresh air of Thomasville used to draw wealthy people since it was believed to have health benefits, promote long life, as well as treat pulmonary ailments. Thomasville, which served as the railroad’s terminal, earned the moniker “the Winter Resort of the South,” and wealthy visitors who flocked there constructed plantations and Victorian houses. Friends who enjoyed sports and the opulent country lifestyle paid them a visit.

Things To Do In Thomasville, Georgia

The city’s historic downtown area, which is home to a number of attractions, landmarks, eateries, and retail establishments, is like its soul and heart. Want to make your day with your beloved? Just placed yourself here because, in my experience, there is absolutely no better place than Thomasville to celebrate the evening with your loved ones. The main activities in Thomasville, Georgia, are listed below.

Things To Do In Thomasville

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Enjoy Food At Sweet Grass Dairy

In the heart of Thomasville, you can pick up the most delicious cheese in the nation at Sweet Grass Dairy. I’ve been a major fan for almost 5 years after reading about it in Southern magazines. The little store at Sweet Grass Dairy sells meats, cheeses, upmarket packaged goods, and specialty items. In my opinion, the Taste of Thomasville, which includes roasted pecans, Asher Blue, Green Hill, Thomasville Tomme, pimento, artisan crackers, and homemade bread-and-butter pickles is a must-try. It is amazing.

Jack Hadley Black History Museum

If you enjoy history, put a trip to Jack Hadley Black History Museum of Thomasville, on your itinerary. The museum was constructed in 1995 and has wonderful artifacts that cover a variety of topics, including the Buffalo troops, the history of slavery, and others. This museum contains a wealth of history that will open your eyes to ideas you never considered before.

Fun thing: Jack Hadley made the decision to open up his own collection to both locals and visitors.

Country Oaks Municipal Course

One of the nicest options to enjoy in Thomasville is golf, and many of us wish to take full advantage of this. Good news for you, indeed! Now open for play is the Country Oaks Golf Course in Thomasville. They run the course for the enjoyment of locals and tourists. The town of Thomasville owns and runs this golf course, which is accessible to both residents and visitors. The golf course is a favorite destination for many golfers because it is both challenging and pleasant.

Fun thing: The enchanting thing is that the entrance fee is free.

Historic Big Oak Of Thomasville

One of Thomasville’s biggest southern living trees is the Historic Big Oak. Standing proudly in this location in Thomasville for more than three centuries, this historic oak tree has a trunk diameter of 26.5 feet and is around 68 feet tall. Thousands of people have enjoyed Thomasville’s Historic Big Oak, even President Eisenhower, who took a personal snapshot of the tree. This historical site is a popular tourist attraction in the city and a stunning location that perfectly captures the charm of nature.

Pro tip: From Downtown Thomasville, take a short stroll to the great oak tree. On the neighboring streets, parking is free.

See The Flowers At Rose Garden

Explore this lovely garden and take in the number of aromatic and distinctive roses there. Each spring, more than 1,500 rose plants at the Rose Garden of Thomasville are in full bloom. The vibrant setting of the garden makes it an ideal location for courting couples, as well as a gazebo there for leisure and photo ops. Visit the Thomasville Garden with the family_it has a picnic space and a shelter.

Enchanting Thing: The garden welcomes pets and offers free parking, access, and public bathrooms.

Relax At The Spa

In Thomasville, there are a few notable spas that are excellent for relaxing. The Metta Day Spa downtown offers a variety of spa services, including Thai massage, a notable and distinctive offering. Regardless of the level of stress, you are currently under, that day of leisure might use. Another reputable option is Blush Salon & Day Spa, which offers body treatments, waxing, and cupping, as well as a variety of massages.

Enjoyable: Additionally, there are body treatments with chocolate and rose massage facials and organic coconut body washes here.

Enjoy At Pebble Hill

Georgia’s Thomasville is home to the plantation and museum known as Pebble Hill Plantation. To visit Pebble Hill, take a few-minute ride from the city center. Explore the stunning house at your leisure, or go on a guided tour of this winter retreat with 19th – century. One of the biggest private Audubon collections may be seen there, together with authentic fixtures and furniture that provide a taste of the sports lifestyle of the past.

Pro tip: The plantation can be toured alone and is accessible to adults and kids.

Sip Wine At Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards

In a lounge-like setting, Farmer’s Daughter Tasting Room provides outstanding small-batch wines. The staff is educated about the wines, and the atmosphere in the tasting area is warm and pleasant. Wine options at the Farmer’s Daughter include Hellraiser, Saltwater Gypsy, Knockout, and Bombshell. I would know because I have personally tried them all before. You can serve your wines with a charcuterie buffet or organic chocolates there.

Pro Tip: Want to enjoy “Sangria?” Put yourself here on Fridays and Saturdays.

Explore The Unique House 

The Lapham-Patterson House of Thomasville is a worth seeing state heritage site that is cared for by the Georgia Natural Resources Department. The house boasts cantilevered balconies and inlaid wood floors, that were installed circa 1885 by owner C. Lapham. However, these are only the strange items you’ll find in this enigmatic home. It also has some gorgeous windows with stained glass and 50 different exits.

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