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Things To Do On Balboa Island; The Worth Seeing Attraction Of California

by Tayebah Malik
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Balboa Island is a unique man-made beauty and easy to explore if you drive, stroll, bike, or ride the Balboa Island Ferry. The activities on Balboa Island are numerous. No doubt, it is a beautiful location in California that you must add to your travel list. With its charming beach homes, there are much more things to explore here. The simplest way to spend an entire day on this man-made island is to meander through the nearby shops and eateries while taking in the beach.

Is It Worth Visit On Balboa Island?

It’s no surprise that Balboa Island has been one of Orange County’s cutest tiny islands. But you would not believe that Balboa Island although being only.2 square miles and has a ton of entertaining activities. There are a ton of cool locations to visit, meals to taste, and things to do when you combine Balboa Peninsula, Balboa Island, and the nearby areas. 

Things To Do In Balboa Island-The Fairytale Attraction

We have all you need if you’re seeking more adventurous things To Do On Balboa Island. Include these in your itinerary for a fun trip to this Island, Newport Beach, just including these in your itinerary.

Sip A Fine Wine At Orange Coast Winery

Just move to the Winery of Newport Beach on Orange coast if you want to sip the genuine wines of California. Wine enthusiasts and regular tourists who desire to sample top-notch wines frequent this renowned winery. You can pick up a famous wine bottle or just sip on a glass of wine. The staff at Orange Coast Winery informs visitors in-depth about their wines, making it a unique wine-tasting experience. You can select from a variety of California wines while there. These wines include Lodi petite syrah, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, merlot, blend white, and Zinfandel.

Go Paddling At Newport 

Kayak or stand-up paddleboarders will admire the harbor’s quiet waters. Newport Harbor makes it simple to take to the water, independent of your level of skill with these paddle sports. There are countless vistas and shorelines to visit on several additional man-made islands with Balboa Island. Hourly rentals are provided at Newport Aquatic Center.

Raise Your Inner Kid At Balboa Fun Zone

Balboa Fun Zone is located away from the island across the water. This amusement park along the shore offers a variety of games, rides, and fast food. It has always been a beloved location for regular family vacations and enchanting dating nights. Take the opportunity to ride the Ferris wheel; it has been offering lovely scenery of the port and the worth seeing the Pacific Ocean since 1936. You may play a few games of classic skeeball at the arcade. When it’s time to dine, you can choose from a wide variety of traditional dishes, like pizza, ice cream, corndogs, and hamburgers. Visit the end of the Fun Zone to see the recognizable Balboa Pavilion before you go.

Enjoy The Mouthwatering Food

There are many top-notch restaurants on the island, all of which have a friendly atmosphere. If you’re in the area for breakfast, stop into Wilma’s Patio, a renowned restaurant known for its pink tablecloths. Simply ask your kind server for advice if the lengthy menu seems confusing. Visit Ciao Balboa, a restaurant on the island that has been there for more than 25 years, for a special dinner. Keep room for a bar of Balboa or a Sugar ‘n Spice frozen banana wherever you eat. The delicious ice cream with a vanilla flavor with chocolate dipping covered in your choice of sprinkles has been served at this location for 75 years.

Events And Festivals Of Balboa Island 

Annual celebrations and festivals are wonderful opportunities to mingle with locals, enjoy the outdoors, and try new things. Throughout the year, Balboa Island holds a number of events with a focus on the arts, a seaside lifestyle, cuisine, and activities for people of all ages. Visitors are invited to view the Newport Beach fireworks on the 4th of July at Dunes. Don’t forget to enjoy the Boat Parade of old Glory. The boat festival, vehicle displays, art walks, and the popular Balboa Island Parade are a few other activities to explore. This yearly celebration, which involves marching bands, vintage vehicles, floats, drill teams, island dogs, and more, is always held on the first Sunday in June.

Shop ‘Til You Drop From Well Known Malls

Balboa Island’s selection of beautiful stores along Marine Ave is one of its highlights. In contrast to the neighboring Luxury Island shopping mall, which is home to a number of prestigious department and brand stores, this area has a number of independently owned boutiques that sell children’s clothing, home goods, and surfboards. Baby and child clothes are Magnolia Charlie’s specialty. Even if you don’t have any young children in your life, you should still visit this wonderfully furnished store. Men’s and women’s swimsuits, sunglasses, sandals, and various other beach-related essentials are available at Balboa Surf and Style.

Enjoy The Newport Beach Municipal Beach

The central beach destination in the region is Newport Municipal Beach, where you may enjoy beach activities. A five-mile expanse of white sand at Newport Municipal Beach is available for frisbee, beach volleyball, surfing, beach soccer, and fishing. With your near and dear ones, traveling companions, or the residents who will amiably ask you to join them, you can take part in any of these activities. Go to the famous Newport Municipal Beach restaurants to end your day with a tasty meal after a strenuous yet enjoyable day at the beach.

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