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Exploring The Vashon Island; The Attraction Of The Green State, Washington

by Tayebah Malik
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Worth visiting Vashon Island is among the several islands that can be reached easily from Seattle. Despite being a short distance from west Seattle, the island seems far away. It truly seems as though you have left urban life behind as you set foot on the island. Either you explore Vashon Island while there is dense fog drifting across the lake or if you reach the island on a sunny day, you will undoubtedly love to be out in peace on this lovely island.

Best Time To Visit Vashon Island

Vashon Island

Just like all northwest islands, Vashon island has its own name. Just placed yourself here in summer if you want to take a peaceful sunbath in the summer. Although there is a lack of accommodations, still its calmful sunny days make it perfectly delightful and different from other islands. As this island is never an off-season to visit therefore you may visit here in the rainy season if you don’t mind a little rain. In general, it is a great destination to come to all year long. In my experience, the best times to visit Vashon are in the fall and spring when it’s less crowded yet still sunny.

Things To Do On Vashon Island

We believe that for the majority of people, a day visit to Vashon Island is the ideal time to spend there, but it doesn’t preclude the possibility of making a weekend trip out of it. We’ll go through the activities to enjoy on Vashon Island to make you understand why you’ll love this place whether you plan to stay there for a day, a week, or longer. You can complete most of the top activities on Vashon Island in a single day, it’s simple to get there, and it’s a wonderful chance to get rid of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Hike Through Shinglemill Creek Preserve

Shingle mill Creek Preserve gives you a grassy meadow covering more than 160 acres in Vashon Island’s northern region. I suggest visiting here if you’re searching for enjoyable outdoor activities on Vashon Island. A three-mile walk through the verdant woodland will bring you to a beach access point. You can have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure during the salmon season when you see lots of salmon jumping all around the river. When traveling, be careful of the slick mud, especially if it has just rained.

Have Coffee In Burton

The island’s people’s basic needs, such as a post office as well as other general stores, are met in Burton, a small village located just at the isthmus (a thin strip of land). Burton Coffee Stand, known for its coffee and friendly atmosphere, is located in this residential area. Here, you’ll always be greeted by warm grins from islanders who are eager to engage in conversation, especially with visitors or recent arrivals to the island.

Point Robinson Park

When visiting Vashon Island, make sure to visit the ten-acre Point Robinson Park, which is situated on Maury Island. Although the 1914 Point Robinson Lighthouse is its most prominent feature, the park offers much more. The point’s seashore is ideal for seaside strolls and gathering driftwood because it curves around it. The greatest times to watch the local orcas, who eat salmon, are in the autumn and winter. It is also a stop on the Whale Trail.

Vashon Island Restaurants

Asking the locals will help you know more about Vashon’s food scene and introduce you to hidden gems like the Sugar Shack of Vashon. There is something for everyone on the island’s wide variety of eateries and cuisine. Croissants from the worth visiting Vashon Island Baking Company are well-known. 

They use homemade croissant dough to create a range of savory and sweet pastries. Patty’s Place, where Patty’s tamales are made, is a treasure. All day long, order breakfast, and try the tamale with eggs ranchero. In my opinion, this restaurant is great because it serves breakfast and a fusion of Asian and Hispanic dishes.

Point Robinson Park And Lighthouse

Vashon Island is known for Point Robinson Park as well as its stunning, well-preserved lighthouse. One of the nicest options is to visit this park, which has a beautiful shoreline to explore, lots of nice grassy spots to chill and play, and paths to browse. Families with young children, lovers planning a romantic picnic, and lone travelers longing for some peace and quiet by the water will all enjoy spending time at the Point Robinson Lighthouse. From here, you can see local orcas during the summer and enjoy a magnificent dawn every day.

Discover The Art In The Gather Gallery

A terrific approach to getting a feel for Vashon’s spirit is to visit the Gather gallery with indulging your creative side. Gather is a gallery that displays the original works of local artists. It is accessible to the public even when it is not hosting an event. Vashon is home to numerous stunning landmarks with noteworthy historical value. These locations are among the top things to do on this fascinating island and have been designated as being significant for the environment.

Vashon Island Wineries And Breweries

Would you want to try some wine? Just be yourself here! Vashon Island is home to some superb vineyards and breweries that provide fantastic tours. Discover the flavor of rich grapes, take in the beauty of the surroundings, and get to know the proprietors of these exceptional properties. Camp Colvos, ideally placed across from Snapdragon, accommodates a large group of people in vibrant outdoor seats. 

While drinking beer and eating savory pies, guests can converse with one another. The 600 cases of grape wine that Vashon Winery produces a year are sold during its weekend hours in the springs. Nashi Orchards is another company well-known for using apples from its orchards on Vashon Island. They are also known for producing “perry,” an Asian pear-based cider.


Shop Like Royals

There are some unique stores in Vashon. One of my preferences is Giraffe, a present store that uses fair trade products from all over the world to source its goods ethically. There is such a diverse selection, including garments, food, home goods, and indigenous art. Native American traditional and contemporary art are available at The Ravens Nest, a gallery and gift shop on the Northwest Coast. When I travel, I always make it a point to visit tiny local bookshops, and the Bookshop of Vashon meets the description. 

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