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8 Best Luggage For International Travel 2024- Reviewed By Experts!

by Tayebah Malik
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As the holiday begins, it’s wise to get yourself durable travel luggage if you plan to go on a vacation ahead. But with all these companies trying to sell you their suitcase, it is easy to end up with a travel bag that would not fit all your necessities or the materials are not of good quality. But that is where we come in! I have compiled the top 8 best luggage for international travel 2024. I have hand-tested all of these and did extensive research to make sure we give you the best in terms of durability, space, features, and lightweight.

What Is The Best Luggage For International Travel 2024?

My best carry-on bag picks will ensure a stress-free international trip, whether you’re heading to Bangkok, Paris, or somewhere else. 

I searched the internet for the best baggage for your travel, taking into account features like lightweight bags and all-in-one sets, as well as limitations on size, functionality, and weight. I also looked for warranties that would last you for many years.

Monos Carry-On

The Monos Carry-On boasts a telescoping handle for ease of use, numerous zippered pockets and compartments, and an array of amazing colors. The wheels are placed perfectly to keep balance, and there is no annoying tipping over when packed. 


It also features a simple lock. The cherry on top is that Monos offers a lifetime warranty in addition to a 100-day trial period. Unlike some other cases, it feels strong even when fully extended. Despite the possibility of checking this bag, depending on the airline you are flying with, we think it has a lot of great qualities that make it a good choice for international travel.

Delsey Parie Expandable Luggage

Due to its low price and abundance of respectable features, Delsey Parie Expandable Luggage has grown in popularity. Because of its strong and elegant style, you may walk through a crowded airport or street while drawing attention. Because of its sturdy design, your possessions are shielded from the knocks and scrapes of travel. 

Its amazing extendable design easily provides you with additional space for all your essentials. Additionally, the TSA-approved combination lock adds an additional degree of security to make sure all of your belongings fit. This should be your first choice if you’re searching for something that fits inside your budget.

Béis ‘the Carry-On Roller’

Since Béis bags has become a household name for reliable and best travel luggage, it makes sense to take advantage of their bundle offer if you’re looking for an all-in-one set for a trip abroad. These bags are built to last since they are composed of sturdy, expanding polycarbonate that is stain-resistant. 


For foreign travel, their 21.5-inch carry-on roller is ideal, and you can combine it with a medium 26-inch or big 29-inch checked roller luggage. The cleverly named “dirt bag” doubles as an integrated wash bag. Additional features include an extensible padded handle, 360-degree wheels, and a lock approved by the TSA. 

Carry-On From Away

A lifetime warranty is included with the Carry-On from Away. The water-resistant garment bags, 360-degree spinner wheels, and two internal compartments—one for shoes and toiletries and the other for clothes—are other features of the lightweight polycarbonate bags. 

You can always find an outlet when you need to recharge your phone on the road with the detachable charger that comes with it. Easy-to-grip top handle, extra underside grab handle, and smoothly sliding wheels make moving and lifting your baggage a breeze. Aside from that, the compression panel makes it easier to stuff this best carry-on suitcase with additional clothes.

American Tourister Carry-On Luggage

When I evaluated other suitcases from American Tourister luggage, testers highlighted its smooth and stable wheels. Even though they can only go forward and backward, they roll smoothly. Despite their simplicity, the bags are packed with useful features that make traveling easier. 

Moreover, it has compression straps to secure your items and plenty of exterior pockets for easy access to your travel essentials. For around $100, you can have three pieces of luggage—a soft-sided best carry-on, a checked bag, and a personal item—which makes it the ideal choice if you’re on a budget. 

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside

The interior of the Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside bag features an expanding storage system that allows you to keep clean garments separate from used ones as the journey progresses. This system consists of one side with a zippered mesh barrier and one side with compression straps. Additionally, the luggage may be easily moved over a range of surfaces, such as gravel and carpet. 


This best carry on suitcase is a fairly inexpensive investment because its pricing is closer to the lower end of the mid-market spectrum. Overall, the product hit all the marks for an exceptional checked suitcase for all kinds of travelers. What more could you want in a checked bag? It’s strong, roomy, lightweight, and fashionable.

Coolife 3 Piece Set Suitcase 

Coolife 3 Piece Set Suitcase is ideal for families looking for a set of luggage in different sizes before their trip. It is the most durable luggage I have tested. Moreover, its sturdy hard shell construction guarantees that your belongings remain safe throughout the trip. 

The lightweight design also makes traveling much easier, as it lessens the strain of handling heavy luggage and adds an extra layer of security for peace of mind. 

Briggs And Riley Sympatico Hardside International Spinner

In terms of endurance, features, and consideration for each traveler, Briggs And Riley Sympatico Hardside International Spinner, the best carry-on luggage was without a doubt my most durable luggage. It provides a degree of longevity that is enduring and it has robust hard side construction that protects your belongings. 


Additionally, it features smooth spinner wheels that glide over any kind of surface, including dynamic landscapes. It has an expandable design that makes it easy to fit everything you need if your needs go beyond what you anticipated. Additionally, it has a clever inside layout with several pocket sections and separators to prevent messiness.

Bottom Line 

So, this was the list of best luggage for international travel 2024 from my experience. When you fly internationally, your carry-on luggage needs to be a little smaller, which means you have less room to pack. 

To maximize your carry-on space, search for bags with smart features. Look for ones with compression straps to squeeze your clothes into a compact space or outside pockets for your laptop and things you grab at the last minute. If your bag lacks pockets or a way to compress your stuff, consider using the best packing cubes for travel. They’re great for saving space and keeping your things organized.


What’s the top luggage brand for traveling abroad?

Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek, TravelPro, and Open Story are some of the brands that can provide you with the best suitcase for international travel.

What size suitcase should I pick for overseas trips?

International carry-on luggage typically has height restrictions of 22 to 15.7 inches and varied width and depth restrictions.

Which suitcase should I choose to fit 23kg?

Most suitcases that can hold up to 23 kg are big or very big, and they’re usually checked in at airports. A suitcase for 23 kg usually measures about 71-81 cm (28-32 inches) long and 43-51 cm (17-20 inches) wide.

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