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Things To Explore In Paris Texas, The City Of Love

by Tayebah Malik
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Paris, a mid-sized city, features all the conveniences and services you require when traveling, from chain restaurants to national businesses. However, you should look for unique locations if you want to gain a true sense of the town. There are many special things to do and see in Paris, from the galleries with their rare relics to mom-and-pop shops with homemade goods. This is among the most adored cities in the world, and Light City has something interesting to offer around every corner.

What About The History Of Paris

After he established the city, Thomas Poteet, one of George W. Wright’s subordinates, gave it its name. It has strong ties to the road and rail business and serves as the county courthouse of Lamar County. Spend the time to visit this lovely place; you’ll discover that it is full of historic sites and hosts a ton of entertaining events all year long. 

Things To Do In Paris

There are numerous historical attractions in the town, and it regularly hosts fun events. The Junior College of Paris, Sam Bell Maxey House, and the replica of the Eiffel Tower are a few significant locations in Paris, Texas. Take a look at the top activities to explore in Paris, Texas if you want to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Tour De Paris

Join the Tour de Paris if you enjoy cycling or simply want a fun atmosphere. On this yearly event, cyclists go through Lamar County’s sceneries. Watch the gravel grind contest that is happening at the same time as the event. If you appreciate cycling and want to push yourself, the European Texas tour, which comprises four local bike rides and includes the Tour de Paris, is a fantastic choice. If you enroll, you will also receive a jersey of limited-edition.

Downtown’s Culbertson Fountain

Discover excellent antique stores, boutiques, art museums, eateries, and a playhouse with live entertainment downtown, all surrounded by the well-known Culbertson Marble Fountain and built between 1916 and 1918. The fountain served as a memorial to the restoration following the catastrophic fire in 1916. Nearby, there is a historic site that details Mr. Culbertson’s legacy and contributions to Paris.


Sam Bell Maxey

The historic Sam Bell Maxey household furniture, clothes, and historical documents are on display in this High Victorian Italianate mansion. Maxey was a well-known US Senator, Confederate General, and veteran of the Mexican War with connections in high places. Stonewall Jackson was his companion at West Point, and fellow student Ulysses S. Grant assisted him in getting a presidential pardon during the Civil War so that he could run for president. The carved Longhorn skull was a gift from Captain Richard of the renowned King Ranch. The first flushing toilet in the neighborhood was in the house.

Eiffel Tower

You don’t need to leave the United States to take a photo next to the Eiffel Tower because this town has one of its own, although one with a unique personality. You can tell you’re in Texas because of the 3 Stetson cowboy hat perched atop the almost 70-foot-tall building. You can visit whenever you like because it is open each day of the year. Additionally, when illuminated by LED lights at night, it becomes a brilliant sight. Only when Las Vegas constructed its Eiffel Tower was the cap added. Additionally, your pet is welcome here.


Lamar County Historical Museum

Visit the Historical Museum of Lamar County to travel back in time and see the city both prior to and following the 1916 fire. Check out the old pictures of the city. There are many artifacts here, from galleries to everyday objects. To see historical designs, look through the shoe collection, which includes both male and female footwear. Visit the military barracks or the blacksmith shop.

Evergreen Cemetery

An old cemetery with vintage markers is my favorite. 40,000 people from Paris, Texas are laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery, including gunshot victim D. Moore and John J., who has a monument there. There is also Willet Babcock’s imposing memorial, which depicts Jesus sporting a pair of western boots. The third-generation custodian, who can point you in the direction of the cemetery’s earliest grave and share some ghost stories with you, is probably someone you’ll run across.

April Main Street Winefest

Keep an eye out on April dates for the Main Street Winefest. The event is ticketed and includes wine samples from at least ten various Texas wineries, as well as the chance to buy wine by bottle or glass. Bite-sized meal samples are provided by ten different restaurants, food trucks, and diners from northeastern Texas, and select menu options are also available for purchase. The money raised goes toward building upgrades for downtown revitalization.

Balloon And Music Festival

One of the most entertaining things to see in Paris, Texas is to attend this festival. The Music and Balloon Festival boasts gigantic hot air balloons and offers days of fun and excitement. Many distinctive and colorful balloons are present at the event, which together creates impressive sights. Enjoy the scenery, look around the street markets, and have some fun while enjoying music and cuisine from the street food vendors. Throughout the event, a live art competition is held to showcase the tremendous artistic skill of the locals.

Scholl Bros. Bar-B-Que

People are queuing up for this award-winning rib establishment in Paris, excellent roast pork sandwiches, and even gluten-free sauce now that the recipe has been revealed. Scholl offers “unique smoking and grilling” for any event or catering, as well as a drive-through. This beloved neighborhood restaurant was selected as one of Texas Monthly’s “50 Best Restaurants to Eat Bar-B-Que” in a previous issue.

Paris Community Theater

The plays and musicals produced by the Paris Local Theatre Association are original works. But many more plays and musicals have also been produced here. Additionally, if you like the arts, this is your moment to shine because they accept and analyze your submissions through an open invite. You can also enroll in the Theater’s workshops and classes if you wish to hone your craft. By just browsing the website for upcoming shows and purchasing tickets, you can attend a performance at this theater.

Paris Vineyards Winery 

Grapes were first planted in 2004 at the magnificent Paris Vineyard on the Square, and a winery permit was obtained in 2006. Up until 2008, it was used as a hayloft before getting a second permit to open a sampling room in the community. The winery’s vineyards are tucked away in a fifty-acre plot of Texas sandy loam, flanked by a wide open meadow and natural oak trees. The Winery is committed to handcrafting top-notch wines of the highest caliber from vines that accurately reflect the distinctive qualities of Texas soil.

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