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A Trip To Mono Lake, California- Things To Do And Places To Stay

by Tayebah Malik
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Beautiful Mono Lake is located in California to the east of the Sierra Nevada mountains and is well-known for its amazing tufa towers. Photographers from all over the world are drawn to these unique spires that rise from the lake’s bottom. In addition to making you float like a cork, the lake’s salinity attracts millions of migratory birds that come to feed on the trillions of brine shrimp that it supports.  I’m here to lead you through the tales of Mono Lake, from its map to the amazing things to do in this piece of paradise.

Where Is Mono Lake Located?

Situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Mono Lake is a glittering beauty that is a hidden gem in the eastern section of California. Its coordinates situate it at the geographic center of the state, precisely east of these magnificent peaks. 

Following the famous Highway 395 through scenic landscapes, you will come to see this breathtaking 48m deep lake, which presents itself as a work of natural art. Here is the map of Mono Lake, California:

What Is The Best Time To Visit The Lake?

Which season is best for you to visit Mono Lake will mostly depend on your tastes. Speaking from my personal experience, I would suggest that you travel during their excellent late spring to early autumn season, which runs from May to October. 

The weather is usually nice during this time of year, so you can take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings and outdoor activities.  Because millions of migratory birds gather at Mono Lake throughout the summer, this is a very popular time of year to go birdwatching. 

There are fewer people and a more tranquil mood in late autumn and early winter if you prefer a more sedate experience and don’t mind the lower temperatures. Remember that the lake’s beauty changes with the seasons, offering distinct charms at each turn of the year.


My Favorite Things To Do In Moon Lake, California

Views of Mono Lake which is considered as among the top lakes to visit in California, are breathtaking from all angles. There is plenty to do for guests who are willing to have a peaceful time. 

Nature lovers will find Mono Lake to be peacefully beautiful from all aspects, providing a great outdoor experience. Everyone who takes the time to explore the place’s offers will find something exceptional, whether their passion is taking images of beautiful vistas or just taking in the peace of nature.

Walk At Tufa Lined Trail 


Start at the entryway and wander the mile-long loop trail. The trail starts as a dirt path and eventually becomes a charming wooden boardwalk. You’ll pass the remarkable Tufas, the enthralling limestone formations that add uniqueness to Mono Lake, to your left. Markers to the right show historical water levels, offering some insight into the lake’s past. 

This walk gives you a unique perspective on Lake’s intriguing journey through time by practically taking you through what was once the lake’s bottom.

Enjoy Kayaking 

Enjoy several types of watercraft, such as kayaks and canoes. Yet, it has also been my most beloved activity there. Choosing Mono Lake Boat Tours is a great way to find some of the lake’s best-kept secrets. 

I recommend you consider Navy Beach as it is a great place to launch a kayak or canoe conveniently. It is easily accessible and connected to the South Tufa Area by a short trail. It is situated off U.S. 395, south of Lee Vining, and offers additional parking for your convenience.

Capture The Tufa Towers


The Tufa Towers, curiously sculpted limestone rocks rising elegantly, represent the essence of Mono Lake’s distinct charm and are the most Instagram-worthy feature of the lake. These natural marvels, resulting from the combination of freshwater found underground and the salty embrace of the lake, offer a unique visual experience. 

Discovering these towers is more than an activity. It invites you to immerse yourself in the remarkable charm that identifies this remarkable Californian lake.

Admire The Panum Crater

Don’t miss the amazing geological formations surrounding Mono Lake, especially Panum Crater and the Mono Craters, which are a geology enthusiast’s must-see. These vibrant volcanoes offer a sight that appears to be locked in time, ready to burst at any second. 

With ages ranging from 600 to 40,000 years, every crater reveals a different aspect of the planet’s turbulent past. The geological wonders of Panum Crater are accessible via a tiny dirt road that leads off Highway 120, about 3 miles east of Highway 395. 

See The Mono Lake Wildlife

It is the fascinating region of the Mono Lake basin, where a herd of wild horses is left to graze free. If you’re in luck, you may be able to see these amazing animals in their native environment. Based on my own experience, I advise you to carry your reliable telephoto lens so you can capture these moments and enjoy their beauty from a safe distance. 

Remind yourself to observe these wild horses from a distance, giving them the freedom to wander their lovely habitat without interference.

Relax At Mono Lake Park, CA

When visiting Mono Lake, don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the charms of County Park. It is easily accessible off US Highway 395 and has picnic tables as well as easy access to the fascinating lake and its unusual Tufa towers. 

You reach the lakefront via a pleasant stroll and a beautiful boardwalk, which makes for a great experience. In addition, County Park offers summertime bird walks where you may take in the natural beauty of the area and the companionship of feathered friends.

Hotels Near Mono Lake CA

Following your decision to take in Lake’s splendor, the next step is to locate a comfortable place to relax. Fortunately, several hotels near Mono Lake provide a calm and comfortable environment for your visit.

Lake View Lodge


The Lee Vining Lake View Lodge is conveniently close to Yosemite Park’s eastern gate. At the intersection of Highway 395 and 120, you’ll find this quaint haven of wood and brick architecture. 

The lodge, which has 60 cozy rooms, provides an idyllic retreat following a day of sightseeing. With prices between $91 and $191 (USD), Lake View Lodge offers a reasonably priced place to stay. 

Boulder Lodge

Boulder Lodge, located at 2282 Hwy 158, invites you to its lovely surroundings near June Lake. It is only 15.5 miles away from Mono Lake. This lodge offers nature enthusiasts a peaceful haven with a rustic appeal that embodies the spirit of the Sierra Nevada region. 

The beautiful place, with its 60 cozy rooms, guarantees a pleasant stay at reasonable prices between $70 and $80.

Virginia Creek Settlement

Stretching along the boundary between Nevada and Yosemite National Park, Virginia Creek Settlement is a laid-back resort community with a quaint Old West feel. This charming gold-mining ghost town, Bodie State Historic Park, is only 13.5 miles away from this rustic refuge. Immerse yourself in the natural grandeur of the eastern slopes of the High Sierra. 

The hours of check-in and check-out are 15:00 and 11:00, respectively. To ensure a comfortable stay, the resort offers free services like parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfast.

Yosemite Gateway Motel 


The Yosemite Gateway Motel is a quaint 18-room retreat hidden away in Lee Vining along Highway 395. Situated just 6.9 miles away from Mono Lake, this charming residence offers a comfortable haven for those experiencing the lake’s beauties. It was refurbished recently, in 2005. 

The beautiful resort offers affordable rates starting at $119, with a 10% commission. Whether you’re a nature lover or an explorer, this friendly motel offers contemporary amenities and a handy location for a pleasurable stay in California’s stunning scenery.

Wrap Up

So, whether you’re a photographer chasing the ideal shot or a nature lover seeking serenity, Mono Lake welcomes you to discover its distinctive allure. If you’re looking to commune with nature or just escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the place is for you. Remember that the adventure isn’t just through the camera lens but also in the soul, where the stories of Moon Lake CA endure, resonating with the grace of this captivating spot.


What makes Mono Lake unique?

Mono Lake stands out due to its extraordinary tufa towers and high salinity, attracting photographers and birdwatchers worldwide.

Is Mono Lake considered the world’s most ancient lake?

Mono Lake, spanning 65 square miles, boasts an impressive history, dating back over 1 million years, making it one of North America’s oldest lakes.

What led to the formation of Mono Lake?

Mono Lake’s distinct features, including tufa towers, were shaped by a combination of underground freshwater springs and the lake’s high salinity.

Where can I find Mono Lake?

Located in California, east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Mono Lake is a captivating destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

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