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11 Cool Things To Enjoy At Porcupine Mountains

by Tayebah Malik
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If you enjoy the outdoors and being in nature, Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains are really the ideal place to visit. This state park is full of beauty and adventure, with lots of hiking trails, streams and rivers, and a wide old-growth forest. The Porcupine Mountains State Park is the Midwest’s biggest state park, covering 60,000 acres. It’s in addition one of the few remaining sizable wilderness regions in the nation. The Porcupine Mountains, often known as the “Porkies,” are the location of the well-known Porcupine Mountains National State Park.

Things To Do In Porcupine Mountains- Upper Peninsula

The Porcupine Mountains provide something for each outdoor enthusiast if you want to experience the beautiful scenery or unwind in a picturesque location. The goal of those hikes is to view the magnificent waterfalls. You can also take in panoramic vistas of the park’s outlook. Summit Peak and Cloud Lake are two of people’s favorites. Here are some of the best things to explore in the porcupine mountains.

Feel Free To Visit The Visitors Center

When you arrive in the Porcupine Mountains, you should make a visit to the Visitors Center. Here, you may get information on the nation’s culture and ecology as well as a park map. The facility, which is situated at the state park’s entrance, is open every day from dawn till sunset. Visitors to the center learn about the Porkies’ extensive historical background. Additionally, it functions as a tiny museum with displays and events that explore the legacy of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Participate In Porcupine Mountain Music Festival

The Music Festival of the magnificent Porcupine Mountain is the first concert event to take place in a nature preserve in Michigan. Following the pandemic, the festival will take place in September, when you can listen to live performances of rock, country, folk, bluegrass, Americana, and blues. Additionally, they provide jam sessions, seminars, and family activities.

Visit The Stunning Waterfalls

There are 70 waterfalls in the Porcupine Mountains that you should visit while you’re there. Rainbow Falls, Manabezho Falls, as well as worth seeing Manitou Falls are a few well-known waterfalls. The greatest waterfall in the beautiful destination Porcupine Mountains is Manabezho Falls. The waterfalls cascade over a glacier-carved ledge of sandstone. As two beautiful waterfalls in one, Rainbow Falls is among the region’s unusual waterfalls. The smaller waterfalls flow over a cliff of gray sandstone, while the higher falls fall over a rock of red conglomerate rock. Enjoy at least one of the multiple waterfalls if you’re visiting the Porcupine Mountains. They are very amazing to see.

Learn More About The Presque Isle River Corridor

The major river in Wilderness State Park of Porcupine Mountain is the Presque Isle River, which is situated on the park’s western border. The wide East River Track and the 1.1-mile West River Trail are the two pathways that run alongside the river. The Western River Trail, regarded as the more relaxing hike, contains boardwalk sections and viewing platforms. The North Side Trail is where the trails meet and are accessible from a number of locations. Most people choose to start their hikes at the daytime picnic area. Dogs are welcome on the Presque Isle River Trail, but you must have them on a leash.

Take In The Scenery At Summit Peak

The maximum height in the stunning Porcupine Mountains is without a doubt Summit Peak. Its elevation of almost thousands of feet above sea level makes it the ideal place to enjoy expansive vistas of the surroundings. If you ascend Summit Peak, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the nearby lakes, forests, and rivers. There is also a heightened observation tower there. You could see Lake Superior and Isle Royale from there on a clear daytime. It’s a memorable experience thanks to the grand scenery and clean air.

Dining Options Near the Porcupine Mountains 

The Outpost of Porcupine Mountain offers refreshments and snacks, but you may choose more filling dishes for dinner or lunch. The unique mouth-watering Broasted Chicken and Fish dish was created by Curbside Kitchen Restaurant, which is located about a short distance to the east. Burgers, chicken tenders, hot dogs, sub sandwiches, and other foods are available at the eatery. Yooper Diner in White Pine offers regional fare such as thin and pan-crust fresh burgers, pizzas, and a large selection of sandwiches.

Watch The Lake Of The Clouds In Depth

An ADA-accessible wood staircase and path lead from the parking lot to the viewfinder at the peak of the Cloud Lakes overlook. Rover needs to be on a lead if you plan on bringing him. You’ll probably desire to get nearer to the lake after seeing the breathtaking view of it from the viewpoint. Although they don’t hire boats, you can bring light boats in by hiking for three and a half miles. Wading boots and adventurous shore fishing are permitted, but artificial lures are only allowed.

Explore Nonesuch Mine

There are numerous old mines in the Porcupine Mountains. Nonesuch Mine is among the most well-known mines to explore. This defunct copper mine is located on the heritage landmark along South Boundary Road. It is among the region’s nicely mines. The mine’s tunnels are open to visitors, who may also view the outdated mining machinery. You can see the magnificent Nonesuch Falls while hiking the mile-long distance to the spot.

Kayak And Canoe At Presque Isle River

Paddling and canoeing are the Presque Isle River one of Michigan’s most well-liked places to go. The river is ideal for both expert paddlers and beginners due to its calm current and beautiful surroundings. Along the river, there are numerous alternative beginning sites. The Presque Isle Campsite, nevertheless, is where most people start out. Upstream, you can paddle for about 3.5 miles before coming to rest at Isle Campground of Little Presque. It takes a couple of hours to go the entire length of the Presque Isle River, making it the ideal way to enjoy the day in nature.

Take It Easy At Union Springs

The Porkies too have Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s second-largest land spring. It’s a wonderful location to unwind and enjoy the splendor of nature as a result. The spring is located on the north side of the park, close to the Interpretive Trail of Union Mine. Additionally, there are numerous picnic areas close by, which makes it the perfect location for a picnic lunch. When you get there, you can unwind and unwind while listening to the season’s water babbling.


Unwind At Ontonagon Township Park

The beach is the best place to unwind and enjoy the sunshine. Porcupine Mountains National State Park boasts some of the nicest beaches in Michigan. Several beautiful beaches can be found in the park, such as Union Bay, Ontonagon Park, and the Harbor Recreation Area of Black River. Every beach has its own distinct charm and offers breathtaking panoramas of the surroundings. The Wilderness State Park is without a doubt the ideal location if you want to swim or just laze on the beach. Choose from the several beaches to discover the best location for sunbathing.

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