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Top 5 Travel Friendly Backpacks for Modern Professionals

by Tayebah Malik
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Nowadays, many people who work also like to travel, and it can be hard to separate the two. Business trips, working from different places, and weekend trips are happening more often. People need a backpack that can be used for both work and outdoor activities.

With so many backpacks to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one for traveling. This article looks at the best 5 travel backpacks made for modern working people. It looks at things like; travel backpack dimensions, how well they work, how organized they are, how long they last, and their looks.

1.    Nomatic Travel Bag:

This cool and fashionable backpack focuses on being organized and easy to use. The Nomatic bag has a special place for your laptop, protects against digital theft, and helps you keep your clothes and other items organized. The bag has a special magnetic closure that makes it easy to open and close. It also has pockets for water bottles and a sleeve to attach it to luggage, making it very convenient.

Key features:

  •       Dimensions: 22 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches tall (55. 9 cm x 35. 6 cm x 22. 9 cm) – fits most airline rules for carry-on backpacks.
  •       Laptop compartment: Holds a laptop up to 16 inches in size
  •       Capacity: 40 liters
  •       Weight: 35 pounds, which is equal to 1. 6 kilograms
  •       Material: Strong and water-resistant nylon fabric 

2.  The Business Laptop Backpack:

Everki made this backpack for people who travel for work. The laptop bag is designed to easily go through airport security without taking out your laptop. Inside, there is plenty of space and organizers to keep your things neat and easy to get to. The shoulder straps are cushioned for comfort and the back panel lets air flow through to keep you cool during long trips. The outside of the bag is water-resistant to protect your things from bad weather.

Key features:

  •       Dimensions: 21.3 inches long, 15.7 inches wide, and 8.1 inches deep.
  •       Laptop compartment: The spacious interior features a padded compartment that fits up to an 18.4-inch laptop, while additional compartments and pockets keep your documents, chargers, and other essentials organized.
  •       Material: High-Quality Material, Limited Lifetime Warranty

3.    Tortuga Outlier Laptop Backpack:

This backpack has a simple and functional design. The Outlier is made from strong materials that can withstand the weather. It looks neat and has a lot of space inside. You can change the setup of the bag by adding extra cubes, and your laptop will be safe in the hidden compartment. The compression straps and padded shoulder straps are put in the best spots to make long trips more comfortable.

Key Features:

  •       Dimensions: 21 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. It fits the rules for most airline carry-on bags.
  •       Laptop compartment: Holds a laptop that is up to 17 inches in size.
  •       Capacity: 44 liters
  •       Weight: 2. 8 pounds (13 kilograms)
  •       Material: Strong and durable nylon that can withstand different types of weather

4.    Peak Design Travel Backpack:

This award-winning backpack is very versatile and can expand to give you more space. The tough outer shell keeps your stuff safe from the weather, and the strong build makes sure it doesn’t get damaged. You can also change the size of the backpack to fit what you need to carry. The access points on the backpack make it easy to get to your things. It has a special compartment for a laptop and a side panel you can open. The backpack has a simple and modern design that is great for work or everyday use.

Key features:

  •       Dimensions: 21. 7 inches long, 13. 4 inches wide, and 9. 1 inches tall, but can be expanded to 23. 6 inches tall It might be too big to carry on some airlines.
  •       Laptop compartment: Holds a laptop that is 16 inches or smaller.
  •       Capacity: Can hold up to 45 liters of space, but can be expanded to hold 46 liters.
  •       Weight: 37 pounds or 1. 7 kilograms
  •       Material: Strong, can resist weather 400D nylon canvas and zippers that can resist weather

5.    Aer Fit Pack 3:

This simple backpack is made for people who are always busy and need to be organized and comfortable while they’re working. The shoulder straps and back panel help you stay cool and comfy while you walk or commute. The inside of the bag has separate spaces for your laptop, tablet, and other important things. There are also pockets on the top and sides where you can quickly get things you use a lot.

Key features:

  •       Dimensions: 19 inches long, 13 inches wide, 7. 5 inches tall (48. 3 cm x 33 cm x 19 cm) – fits most airline rules for carry-on backpacks.
  •       Laptop compartment: Holds a laptop that is up to 16 inches.
  •       Capacity: can hold up to 23 liters.
  •       Weight: 24 pounds (11 kilograms)
  •       Material: Strong, water-resistant fabric called 1680D ballistic nylon.

Choosing the Right Travel Backpack:

Choosing the right backpack for travel depends on what you need and how you like to travel. Think about things like:

  •       Travel duration: Big backpacks are good for long trips, while small backpacks are best for short trips.
  •       Travel style: People who like to do adventurous activities will focus on finding gear that can handle any kind of weather and last a long time. Meanwhile, people who travel for work might want luggage that helps them stay organized and looks really nice.
  •       Laptop size: Make sure the backpack has a special section for your laptop that fits it well.
  •       Carry-on requirements: If you fly a lot, get a backpack that fits airline carry-on travel backpack dimensions restrictions.

Considering these things and the information given about these top 5 backpacks for traveling, you’re on track to finding the best backpack for your next trip, whether it’s for work, a remote work trip, or a weekend escape. Don’t forget, the best backpack for traveling should fit all your stuff and also work well for your job and personal life, so you can look good while you travel and work.

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