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Best Beaches To Visit Florida Panhandle- 2023

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by Tayebah Malik
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There are numerous beaches on the Florida Panhandle, all of which are eagerly awaiting your arrival. You can enjoy yourself while taking in the breathtaking splendor of the area’s natural settings at each one. From the best small beach towns in Florida to the most attractive beaches in most of the states, the city of love has a lot of wonderful places and beaches that meet your needs. Use my guide to determine where to go next since once you have seen one, you have to see them all. 

Best Beaches In The Panhandle Florida, The City Of Love

Florida’s appealing Panhandle, sometimes known as the “Forgotten Coast,” is dotted with unspoiled, untouched beaches, peaceful barrier islands, little fishing villages, and charming beachside communities. Some well-known hotspots and a few undiscovered beach gems are included on this list of top beaches in the Florida Panhandle!

Best Beaches In Flordia Panhandle For Families 

When planning family vacations, the Florida panhandle is sometimes forgotten. All of the typical Florida attractions are far away. However, when on vacation in the panhandle of Florida, these lovely, small-town beaches might be a great spot to go.

Best Beaches In Flordia Panhandle For Families 

Pensacola Beach

There is something for all ages in Pensacola, a wonderful seaside town with a nice balance of tranquil regions and livelier sections. There are both sound and surf ends to view due to its location on a sandbar just outside of Pensacola. There are options for dolphin tours, historical sights to see, and several beautiful sceneries.

Johnson Beach

This Perdido Key beach is a great area to meet with dolphins and go bird watching. Over 300 different bird species can be seen all year long by avid bird watchers. Numerous of these birds can only be found here. The beaches are also a great spot to unwind or enjoy a picnic. To enhance your holiday, you can also explore nearby tours.

Seagrove Beach

This beach is hidden away and encircled by magnolia and pine trees, like a time capsule. There are many stores, cafes, and historical sites nearby that you may visit and enjoy on this wide beautiful beach. The seas are crystal clear and the sands are snow-white. You can enter the water and potentially observe a sea turtle by snorkeling or using a paddle board.

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach (not to be mistaken with Miramar), California, is located close to South Beach and Destin in Florida. The beach has a beach town atmosphere. Additionally, there are fantastic dining and shopping options nearby, as well as opportunities for participating in water activities including jet skiing and parasailing. A beautiful place to spend time with family or loved ones, as we might say.

Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park can be the spot for you if you’re seeking a destination with a good mix of nature paths and beaches. 2000 acres make up the park, which has a wide range of activities. You may remain at the beach throughout the day and night by renting a cottage in the park, and you can also hike the four miles of paths before coming to the beach for some relaxation.

Best Beaches In Florida Panhandle For Shells 

Without a doubt, the problem develops when most of your friends are on holiday and some of you decide to rest while others want to go for adventures on beaches. This is why the adventuring activity of shelling is so popular. The whole group may enjoy a classic Florida beach day. The loungers can lie back as you go shell collecting for the day. The best Florida Panhandle beaches for shell collection are listed below.

Best Beaches In Florida Panhandle For Shells 

Sanibel Island Beach

Sanibel Island might have the best-known record for shelling all the beaches of Florida. The reputation is well-deserved, and Sanibel Island is a great place to find shells. That design works as a natural trap to gather innumerable shells for your enjoyment when paired with the Gulf of Mexico currents.

The Ten Thousand Islands Beach

As you might have guessed, The Ten Thousand Islands, which is a collection of small islands located off the coast of Florida. Nearly all of these islands, which are close to Marco Island, are used for shelling. This suggests that people sprinting on the beach or couples taking a stroll by the shore rarely disturb shells. It yields beautiful, whole shells. One of the best areas to find rare and uncommon Junonia shells is the Ten Thousand Islands.

Fernandina Beach

For the vast majority of you who live along Florida’s northern Atlantic coast, we must end our list with a recommendation. If that applies to your circumstance, Fernandina Beach won’t disappoint. Fernandina Beach, near the charming city of Jacksonville, is located on Amelia Island. As you may be aware, although Fernandina Beach has a nice collection, there aren’t many sites to discover shells in northern Florida. What you’ll usually find are whelks and other tiny shells.

Alligator Point Florida

Trying to find the best shelling beach in the Florida Panhandle? It might be the beach we first suggest. The Gulf Coast beach of North Florida, with the most shells, is by far Alligator Point. Although it’s simple to reach the public beach, I prefer to park farther off on a side street. Explore Bald Point State Park, one of the Panhandle of Florida’s least frequented beaches, for additional tranquility.

Cheapest Florida Panhandle Beaches 

Before experiencing the salty Gulf breeze of the Panhandle, you can’t claim to truly understand the Sunshine State. It has an unnoticed coastline that is equally as stunning as the busier, more popular sands of Southern Florida, and can even be more affordable.

Cheapest Florida Panhandle Beaches 


Alys Beach

The Emerald Coast is a piece of sand that may be recognized by the South Walton’s beach that has an eye-catching spectrum of ultramarine blue and pure white sand that is more picturesque than pictures. The planned community boasts palm trees, well-kept lawns, and homes made of white stucco. Take a walk on the nearby nature paths or enjoy coffee at the cafe named Fonville Press.

Grayton Beach

The waters in this relaxed South Walton community are the same jewel-toned hues as those in the neighboring town of Alys, but it’s arguably more renowned for its unique vibes and unofficial motto of “good dogs, friendly folks.” You won’t find them at Red Bar which is the most well-liked bar in the area that features live music of bluegrass and offers regional specialties like crab cakes and Grayton Beer Co. brews. 

St. Andrews State Park

There are five distinctive natural landscapes in this state park. A few minute distance from the wide beach, the park has a playground and other amenities. Because there are so many affordable and interesting things to do there, it is fantastic for families, nature enthusiasts, and those who love adventures. There are activities like snorkeling, fishing, hiking, surfing, picnics, and bird watching, and it usually isn’t too busy.

Okaloosa Island

Its 875 acres of white sand dunes, some of which are preserved as the National Gulf Islands Seashore of the Okaloosa Area, make this beach the best of both worlds. The area of the park charges a $25 per vehicle admission fee, making it accessible to one of the cleanest beaches set against one scene of the blue sky rather than tall buildings.

Navarre Beach

Similar to the case with Navarre, which is so sleepy that certain individuals still see it as a secret location, you can tell a beach is quieter when the majority of individuals beyond the Panhandle haven’t ever heard of it. Navarre is a fantastic and affordable area to observe leatherback, turtles—loggerhead, green, and Kemp’s Ridley—both in the ocean and, from May to October, nesting on land—because it has less light pollution than its more urbanized surroundings.

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