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North Rim Vs South Rim-Which Offers The Best Grand Canyon Experience?

by Tayebah Malik
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The Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You should be aware that the Grand Canyon is enormous, covering three different states and 277 miles, if you’ve done your research.  The traveler’s paradise is divided into four separate regions and rims, each having its own special beauty, hikes, and surroundings, of which a lot of visitors are unaware. Following the marking of your vacation days on your calendar, you must choose which rim is best for you.  After all, they are both a part of Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, are just 10 miles away “as the condor flies,” and both have a view of the canyon’s enormous chasm. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon’s two rims a lot, and I’ve taken the taxing climb from one to the other as well as the drawn-out drive. To help you choose your next trip, I have included all you need to know about the relative merits of the north rim vs south rim of the Grand Canyon in this thorough guide. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Where To See The Grand Canyon-Distance To Reach The Beautiful Spot

Both the Rim and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon receive more than 5 million visitors annually. Most visitors approach this magnificent sight from the South Rim. Although the distance between the Rims is only about 20 miles, getting there requires a five-hour drive or a two to three-day walk.  Visitors can enjoy entirely distinct atmospheres, heights, and activities on the two rims. The two rims differ in the following ways. The two parts of the park could not be more dissimilar from one another, despite the fact that both the North and South Rims offer breathtaking views of the canyon. While the south rim is packed with conveniences and family-friendly activities, the north rim is all about quiet and peace in nature.

Facts And Figures

So, how much do you actually know about the renowned rocky gorge that is situated in the desert of Arizona? Read on to learn intriguing facts about one of the largest and most fascinating examples of erosion in the world, the Grand Canyon, and to find the answer to the riddle “How long is the narrowest point across the grand canyon!

  • The Grand Canyon is thought to contain approximately 5.45 trillion cubic yards of space.
  • Just over a mile beyond the rim of the Grand Canyon are its greatest depths.
  • Annual visitor numbers to the Grand Canyon exceed 5 million.
  • More than 4,800 archaeological sites have been identified in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Hasavu Falls-The Best Place To See The Grand Canyon


Visitors can reserve an allowed camping excursion to the well-known Havasu Falls through the Havasupai Reservation, known to be the best part of the Grand Canyon to visit. After the epidemic and severe flooding impacted the tribe, the Havasupai Tribe plans to welcome visitors again to Havasupai in 2023. In 2023, no new permissions will be given; only those who currently hold reservations will be permitted. The waters of the falls are famously vivid blue due to the presence of calcium carbonate and magnesium. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, so make sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Grand Canyon North Rim Vs South Rim-The Qualities Of Both Rims

It can become a little perplexing when there are four rims to consider. The Grand Canyon’s full splendor can be seen from the south, north, and west rims, but it is not seen from the informally designated “east” rim. The popular  Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend are among the many attractions that make up what is commonly referred to as the East Rim. The Navajo Nation and the federal government each hold a portion of these. Visit our travel guide to discover more about the “East Rim.” The west rim is privately held by the Hualapai people, while the north rim and south rim are managed by the federal government. This reference will compare the north and south rims of the well-known Grand Canyon National Park.

About The North Rim

The Grand Canyon’s North Rim is the perfect place for you if you try to stay away from crowds at all costs. The North Rim, unlike the South, is only accessible from May through October and is situated within the magnificent national park of the Grand Canyon. Although it has much of the same vistas as the South Rim, it only receives 10% as many tourists annually. Although there are excellent hiking paths and breathtaking views, there aren’t many activities. Similar to the ones at the South Rim, the views are impressive. However, there are many gentle treks and a rim-side resort that offers breathtaking views and refreshments if perilous plummet and continuous el gain aren’t your things. It’s important to see the North Rim because it’s a true treasure of the nation’s parks system.



With travel times of over 3 hours from Flagstaff, and more than four hours from Las Vegas, the North Rim is far from any settlement. Furthermore, traveling among the two rims takes four to five hours via a variety of difficult roads.


Visitors might expect chilly weather at the North Rim throughout the summer because of its higher elevation. In the months of June, July, and August, high temperatures often range from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, although they are in the 60s in May, the 60s in September, and the 50s in October. Visitors should keep in mind to pack outerwear and sturdy footwear for the chilly days and evenings because nights can get chilly all year long.

Seasonal Calendar

The North Rim’s restricted accessibility is also a result of its visitor schedule. The North Rim’s main road, which is roughly 8,300 feet above sea level, is blocked every year from the end of October to mid-May owing to severe snowfall, while the park facilities are accessible from May 15 to October 15.


There is a good reason why the peaceful side of this canyon is the North Rim. According to the Grand Canyon’s website, the majority of visitors enjoy the view of the Canyon without getting out of their cars. The national park typically receives roughly 6 million visitors per year (the amount was significantly lower in 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic).

About The South Rim

Grand Canyon’s South Rim can also be a great choice during your visit. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon lies inside the magnificent national park of the Grand Canyon and provides the best views, hiking, activities, and lodging.


Eating Options

The South Rim offers the best hotel and dining options in addition to the best vistas, hiking, and activities. Do you now understand why we believe the South Rim represents the best side? There are four lodges in the park, numerous hotels and motels in Tusayan close to the park, and numerous more reasonably priced options in Flagstaff and Williams, both of which are an hour away if you’re staying at the South Rim. Each of these locations offers a variety of food alternatives.


The South Rim also happens to be the destination for you if you’re seeking for excitement and enjoyment. The Grand Canyon’s South Rim is the ideal side to see because it offers everything. A few of our favorite things to do in the South Rim are helicopter flights, biking, hiking, trains, skydiving, watching the sun set or rise, and more! The South Rim is unbeatable if you want an exciting Grand Canyon vacation.


At the South Rim, the vistas are simply stunning. At the South Rim, you can see for miles in every direction and can really appreciate and feel the grandeur and depth of the canyon. The canyon’s vibrant colors naturally result in images that stand out. There is a very good possibility that any image you have ever encountered of the Grand Canyon was captured at the South Rim.

About My Opinion-Which Rim Of The Grand Canyon Is Best   

Which Grand Canyon rim is best for you will largely depend on the type of tourist you are. The North Rim is the ideal location to view the canyon’s full size. The South Rim will feature more dramatic drops if that’s what you’re looking for. A little more than 85% of visitors to the park enter through the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. It is open all year round and offers more amenities. Additionally, it’s simpler to get to from the West. Additionally, there will be additional chances for you to see the riverbed. As a result, expect crowds but also more attractions. Elevation-wise, the North Rim is rather high. Although it is much more remote, the climate is cooler and the crowds are much smaller. There are not many services close by. 

There’s not much lodging. However, there will be much less traffic, a better chance to see the sunrise, and an up-close view of the canyon. Just keep in mind that from mid-October through the end of May, this area of the park is closed. Last but not least, the South Rim is much busier as compared to the North Rim. Being crushed in a swarm of people at a South Rim overlook is not unusual. On a few occasions when I’ve traveled to the North, I have frequently been the only one in “on the rise” locations.

The Best Rim Of Grand Canyon-North Rim Vs South Rim

It’s important to take into account the various experiences that the North Rim & South Rim have to offer while organizing a trip to the magnificent Grand Canyon. I can offer helpful insights to assist you in making a selection because I have extensively researched both rims. Allow me to share my personal perspective while highlighting the distinctive features of each rim.  

North Rim

Pros  Cons
Serene and less crowded Spectacular panoramic views
Cooler temperatures and lush vegetation More amenities and visitor facilities
Stunning vistas and unique viewpoints Accessibility (year-round)
Abundant wildlife and hiking trails More lodging and dining options


South Rim

Pros  Cons 
The remote location and limited services Higher tourist traffic
Shorter visiting season (May to October) Potential overcrowding at popular viewpoints
Fewer accommodations and dining options Higher elevation (may cause altitude sickness)
Limited accessibility for some activities Less solitude in popular areas



Bottom Line 

It’s important to think about your preferences when you contemplate the magnificent Grand Canyon and your options for visiting the North or South Rim. Offering panoramic vistas, lower temperatures, and rich vegetation, the calm and less busy North Rim. On the other hand, the South Rim offers comfort, facilities, and a lively scene, but with more tourists. The option between the North Rim vs South Rim is your own, depending on whether you like tranquility in the middle of spectacular vistas or a bustling schedule of events and breathtaking scenery. So weigh the advantages and disadvantages before choosing the rim that best suits your sense of adventure. Experience the enchanting experience that promises at both the rims of this breathtaking natural wonder. 

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