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All-Inclusive Best Myanmar Beaches To Swim, Dive and Splash

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by Tayebah Malik
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Find More than 11 beaches in Myanmar! This place once known as Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia with over 100 different groups of people living there. It shares borders with India, Bangladesh, China, Laos, and Thailand. Talking about the Seaview, Coastal spots and Beaches the place has a treasure that is waiting for you to explore. 

Myanmar’s beaches call with their soft, pearly sands and clear blue waters that are perfect for a relaxing vacation with families, friends and lovers. No matter if you have thought of going on a romantic trip, a photoshoot plan, or just a peaceful visit, It is all for you. But which one is the best option for you? That can be the question to get stuck with your trip plan. Here I have carefully listed all the best beaches in Myanmar with all-inclusive options so that you go for the sight beach-front. So let’s learn which Myanmar beach is best for you!


The List of All-inclusive Myanmar Beaches To Visit

With this hand-picked list of the best beaches in Myanmar, you can go on a virtual trip to find these secret seaside gems. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet, exciting water sports, or beautiful scenery, these beaches have something special to offer every traveller. Check out the charm of Myanmar’s secret and well-known beach fronts, where you can find clean sandy land, clear water, and heavenly views that are painted by nature! 

  • Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach is one of the best beaches in Myanmar. It is on the western coast of the country. This beautiful beach has a wide stretch of white sand and calm splashing waves that are clear as glass, making it a great place to snorkel. Not only does Ngapali have beautiful water, but it also has charming fishing towns and many resorts. Here, you can eat delicious seafood and enjoy the beautiful views along the coast. Ngapali Beach, which is on the Western Coast, is a great place for people who like water sports like diving and snorkelling scuba diving, paddling, and cycling.


  • Kanthaya Beach 

Kanthaya Beach is a haven for people who want to get away from the busy city life. This beach is in the Ayeyarwady area. It is a quiet place where you won’t find any beach sports, shops, or restaurants to keep you from relaxing. It’s a place where you can forget about the rest of the world and just enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s the perfect place to get away from the worries of modern life.

  • Nabule Beach 

Nabule Beach in Myanmar is a hidden paradise for photographers and is considered to be one of the country’s best-kept secrets. This deserted beach can be found tucked away in Dawei, and it offers a tranquil setting that is perfect for basking in the sun on its golden beaches and taking breathtaking images that are worthy of being posted on Instagram. At Nabule Beach, the possibilities for taking photographs of the surrounding area are simply unparalleled. This hidden treasure is sure to be a feast for the eyes, regardless of whether you work as a professional photographer or simply love capturing images for fun.

  • Maungmagan Beach

Not only does Maungmagan Beach provide stunning views of hills rising from the shoreline, but it also gives visitors the chance to indulge in reasonably priced beer. Maungmagan Beach has historical value dating back to the colonial era. This beach, which can be found in Dawei, is far less crowded during the weekdays than it is on the weekends. During the time of day when the sun is setting behind the mountains, visitors may take in some of the most spectacular views. In addition, there are a lot of restaurants that serve wonderful seafood, so there are lots of options for where to eat.


  • Pa Nyit Beach 

Pa Nyit Beach, also known as Shaw Maw Beach, is a remote and picture-perfect refuge that is ideal for people who want to get away from it all. This long beach can be found tucked away near Dawei, and it features a gorgeous monastery at one end, which adds an additional touch of tranquillity to the setting. It should come as no surprise that professional swimmers are drawn to this shoreline for its deep waters. Because of this, it is the ideal location to detach from the frenetic activity of the outside world and take pleasure in some much-needed calm.

  • Po Po Kyauk Beach 

Po Po Kyauk Beach, also known as “Grandfather Beach”, is still somewhat of a well-kept secret and is distinguished by views of the sunrise and sunset that are simply stunning. This beach can be found near Dawei, and it is extremely popular among photographers who are looking to capture the natural beauty of the lagoons there. Visitors can choose from a variety of handy and reasonably priced lodging alternatives located in close proximity to the beach area on Dawei, ensuring that they will have a nice and comfortable stay as they explore this amazing location.

  • Mergui Archipelago 

The Mergui Archipelago, nestled in Southern Myanmar, boasts a collection of kilometre-long white beaches. During the annual Salone Festival, which takes place on the 16th of February, visitors get the chance to see unusual marine life and participate in a one-of-a-kind cultural event. This hidden jewel gives this opportunity. This archipelago, which can be found in the Tanintharyi region of Southern Myanmar, is an excellent destination for people who are looking to experience both the natural beauty of the area as well as the culture of the local people.

  • Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung Beach is a peaceful hideaway that is ideal for couples who are eager to enjoy romance. The beach is located within a short five-hour journey from Yangon. This lovely beach can be found in Ngwe Saung Village, and it is well-known for the tranquil atmosphere that it exudes as well as the stunning coastal scenery that it offers. It provides an atmosphere that is perfect for honeymooners, with a calm stroll along the shore and scenic views. This beach, which can be found in Ngwe Saung Village, is ideal for taking a leisurely stroll to Lover’s Island and spending quality time with the person you care about.


  • Chaung Tha Beach 

For those who have a passion for seafood, the hidden waterfront that is Chaung Tha Beach may be reached from Yangon by car in about six hours. It is possible that it does not enjoy the same level of fame as other beaches in Myanmar, Yet, it is notable for enjoying golden sands and clean waters. On the weekends and throughout the holidays, locals and visitors alike flock to this tranquil location in search of a quiet retreat. Chaung Tha Beach is renowned for its peace and quiet, which contributes to its alluring environment. As a result, it is an excellent spot for couples to go on dates.

  • Teyzit Beach 

Teyzit Beach, located further south from Maungmagan, stands as one of Myanmar’s finest beaches, offering approximately 25 kilometres of unspoiled beauty. Nestled in the Myaukywar Quarter of Dawei, this pristine and isolated beach provides a charming setting where local fishermen can be spotted in their boats, and children play in the sea. The presence of striking boulders and lush greenery adds to the beautiful surroundings, making Teyzit Beach an ideal destination for those seeking quiet moments with their loved ones against a stunning natural backdrop.

  •  Kabyar Wa Beach 

Kabyar Wa Beach is among the most famous beaches in Myanmar, celebrated for its untouched golden sands that promise a refreshing and soul-soothing experience. A visit to this beach entails enjoying a revitalizing day by the waves. While the beachfront itself is pristine, there are a few beachside restaurants that operate between the months of November and April. Therefore, planning your visit during this period ensures you get the best experience at one of Burma’s finest beaches.

  • Kanthaya Beach

Kanthaya Beach is the best option for you to go to if you want to have a beach experience that is both private and exclusive while you are in Myanmar. This beach is a paradise for individuals in search of a peaceful and blissful environment, making it an ideal destination for those looking for a vacation that will refresh them. Because this is a distant location, it is highly recommended that you bring all of your requirements with you. This will ensure that you have all you require for a genuinely relaxing and secluded getaway.


  • Nabule Beach 

An undiscovered one among Myanmar’s beaches, Nabule Beach is a picture-perfect spot for spreading out and soaking up some rays of the sun. It is the ideal place to relax and get lost on a beach that is free from disturbances thanks to its secluded location in a peaceful area. This beach is a must-visit for anyone who is looking for an unconventional yet wonderfully relaxing beach experience while in Myanmar. It offers golden beaches that are both stunning and worthy of being posted on your Instagram story.

About the Myanmar Beach Trip – Safety, Costs, and More

If you’re planning a trip to Myanmar, you might be wondering about the number of beautiful beaches you can visit. Myanmar boasts around 10 stunning beaches along its coastline. Some of the Most Famous Myanmar Beaches include Ngapali Beach, Mergui Archipelago, Chaung Tha Beach, and Nabule Beach. These coastal gems offer pristine sands and crystal-clear waters, making them perfect for relaxation and water activities. Here are the frequent concerns that you should know before going on a vacation there!

  • It’s A Safe Destination For Tourists! 

Now, you might be concerned about safety when travelling in Myanmar. The good news is that Myanmar is generally considered a safe destination for tourists. While there are some off-limit areas that are better to avoid, most of the popular tourist spots are safe for exploration. As with any trip, it’s advisable to stay informed about the local conditions and follow any travel advisories.

Note: One important tip for travellers is to avoid drinking tap water in Myanmar. It’s recommended to use bottled water not only for drinking but also for brushing your teeth and washing vegetables. Staying hydrated with safe water is essential during your visit.

  • It’s A Budget-Friendly Destination! 

When it comes to expenses, Myanmar offers great value for travellers. On average, you can expect to spend around $35 per day, which covers your meals and drinks. This affordability makes Myanmar a budget-friendly destination compared to many other countries.

Talking about the shop options there Myanmar offers a variety of unique items to take home as mementos for your trip. Likewise purchasing sand paintings, bells and gongs, textiles, and lacquerware, among other treasures. These handcrafted items make for wonderful keepsakes or gifts for loved ones.

Food enthusiasts will be delighted to enjoy the local cuisine in Myanmar. Fish rice, commonly known as the Shan dish, is a staple. Don’t miss out on authentic curries that come with a choice of pork, shrimp, fish, mutton, or beef. Exploring the local flavours is an essential part of your Myanmar experience.

  • The Perfect Time & Currency Option for Myanmar Trip

Myanmar is often referred to as the “Golden Land” for its magnificent pagodas and temples. The country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty make it a must-visit destination for travellers seeking a unique experience. It can be a click of mind that “When to visit Myanmar?” let me tell you that the best time to explore this stunning country is from November to February. 

Remember that during these months, the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. The cool breeze adds to the charm, making your local explorations even more enjoyable. But to enjoy water I will recommend you go on spring days or when the weather is normal not too cold. 

As for currency, Myanmar uses the Burmese kyat. It’s recommended to exchange your currency at the airport or local banks to ensure you have the local currency on hand during your trip.

As a whole, Myanmar’s beaches are the perfect place to let your stresses dissolve in the waves and recharge your spirit! 

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