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Soothe Your Soul At Newark, Ohio-California’s Fairytale Destination

by Tayebah Malik
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Charming Newark can is found in east-central Ohio, roughly a few miles from Columbus. The city, which is recognized as a little town in America, is well-known for its heritage places, former factories, lovely recreational paths, and a variety of other things. Play golf at any of its award-winning courses, browse one of its eccentric and one-of-a-kind boutiques or dine at one of the many restaurants dotted around the downtown area. You should visit this medieval city if only for these incredible tourist attractions—and many more. Families may enjoy a number of sights in Newark, Ohio. Many of these might be completed in a single day.

History Of Newark, Ohio

The famous ancient complex known as Newark Earthworks was constructed by the indigenous people who initially inhabited the region, known as the Hopewell Culture. Following the settlement of the native people, the European-American colony was established in the year 1802, under the direction of pioneer explorer Gen. WC. Schenck. It gave the region the title Newark in honor of his birthplace in New Jersey with the same title. You can also read about Fun To Explore At Narragansett-The Land Of Beaches.

Things To Explore In Newark Ohio

Seasonal festivities and gatherings have undergone certain alterations as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, it appears that most travelers today are not visible. Because there is a chance that the illness can spread through social interaction, they are not seeking activities to do in Newark. To combat the epidemic, it is crucial to keep your mental health in good shape. Here are a few incredible activities in Newark that travelers just want to add to their itinerary when they go there next.


Barrel And Boar Newark

Newark’s Barrel and Boar is a top pick if you’re looking for a spot to sate your umami needs. In a cozy, welcoming, and rustic setting, the restaurant delivers exquisite smoked pork for your BBQ meal directly to your plate. The wings of restaurants, chops, brisket, grits, and shrimp with their distinctive low-country flavor are must-tries for meat aficionados. Drink the restaurant’s tasty drinks as well as local craft brews while enjoying your BBQ.

Walk Around Dawes Arboretum

On nearly 2,000 acres, the Dawes Arboretum, a museum for trees, offers a year-round multi-sensory adventure. The wide paths will be appreciated by hikers. Those who opt not to venture outside and the trek will still appreciate the arboretum because the Automobile Tour is a fantastic place to start for gaining a glimpse of the grounds. On their web page, they provide audio guides for the south and north Auto Tours.

Investigate The Works

The Works provides the works, anything from art to industry and technology, and is named for the structure’s original occupants, Scheidler Machine Works, Technology science, art, and history are frequently regarded as separate academic fields. The Works illustrate how these subjects are related by being located at their crossroads.

Canal Market District

A wonderful market area can be found in the center of Newark, and it features a continuous pavilion for shelter in any weather. A twice-weekly agricultural market, arts, and craft fairs, and special events including a street food festival, a kid-friendly festival in October, as well as a home, garden, and decor shows are all located in the district!

The Cherry Valley Hotel

You may stay the whole weekend at the Hotel Cherry Valley without leaving the premises after you check-in. There are many warm fireplaces indoors, one of which has been converted to burn wood so you may take in the smell of burning wood. S’mores can be enjoyed in outdoor firepits. The property’s outdoor area, which spans 16 acres, is distinctive and features luxuriant gardens that are affiliated with the Association of National Gardens.

Rocky Fork Whitetails

It doesn’t matter if this is your first-time shot; Rocky Fork Whitetails has got you covered! The hunting lodge has a wide hunting place for all skill levels and is situated on Fallsburg Road Northeast. Bowhunters can also spend time at the public tree nursery that is housed on the outfitter’s property. The 5-star hotel on the property provides comfort and good food after a tiring day of hunting.

Stadden’s Landing

Both locals and visitors can enjoy the excellent fishing in Newark. Stadden’s Landing, which is on the Licking River’s bank, is a fantastic fishing site that allows you to catch striped bass, bluegills, and catfish. You can also go kayak, paddling, or boating on the river because it is close to the Licking River, which links to Heath. On a beautiful day with your friends and family, it’s the ideal vacation!

National Heisey Glass Museum

These glasses may recall the majority of US historical occurrences in a single location. These are ideal for explorers and deep learners since they show the links between various makes, materials, and styles. However, it will also make your journey a little more enjoyable. So, if you’re planning a trip to Newark, don’t forget to stop by this location to view more than 4,000 wonderful pieces of glassware.

The Trout Club

Your golf experience at The well-known Trout Club will be worthwhile because of the picturesque surroundings and gentle hills. The golf course homes are great places to have a great time and take in the breathtaking views. For your tee time, you can choose from any of its variety of financial like a pro! All year long, it features live entertainment, ranging from acoustic jam sessions to full-band events. A Pro Shop, a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and both outdoor and indoor bars are also included.

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