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Experience The Beauty Of Enchanted Swansboro

The Fantabulous City Of Beaches

by Tayebah Malik
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Swansboro also referred to as the “Friendly City by the Sea,” is among the eccentric yet historically significant cities of North Carolina. Being on the coastline and close to water, it is obvious that enjoying the outdoors and participating in various water sports is the major activity to do here. Swansboro is indeed filled with numerous fantastic attractions, each of which has its own set of features and attractions that appeal to a variety of visitors. Nature lovers can stroll leisurely through the area’s historic downtown or explore the many parkland and walking trails that are nearby.

The Worth Readable History Of Swansboro

The Crystal Coast of the Outer Banks and the Atlantic Ocean is only a few minutes away from the little village, which is bordered by the White Oak Valley and Intracoastal Waterway. From North Carolina’s Wilmington, it takes less than 1.5 hours to travel north; from Fayetteville and Raleigh, the state capital, it takes less than 2.5 hours. Theo British soldier held the plantation where this community in Onslow County now stands. Swansboro had about 3,000 residents when it was formally founded in 1783.

Things To Enjoy In Swansboro, North Carolina

Visitors can engage in a range of water activities, fishing, and beachcombing in the town because it is only a short drive from internationally recognized beaches. Swansboro is a great location with a ton of fantastic things to do, so it was difficult to choose what to do first. Here are just a few of the fantastic activities you can do in Swansboro, North Carolina’s quaint and historic town.


Area Heritage Center Museum

A local history museum, the Heritage Center Museum seeks to increase public awareness of, enthusiasm for, and appreciation for Swansboro’s rich culture and history. As the exhibitions highlight the town’s strong past, you may explore more regarding this small community in North Carolina. These displays show the history of boatbuilding in Swansboro by displaying real ship timbers and equipment. Learning about the destination you are visiting is one way to get the most out of your trip, and this worth seeing museum does exactly that.

Enjoy At The Water

Swansboro attracts a wide variety of water sports enthusiasts because it is surrounded by water. There isn’t a more enjoyable location to paddle, kayak, or use a stand-up paddleboard. Bring your own otherwise, you may rent from a number of businesses, including, to mention a few, Barrier Island Paddleboards, Swansboro Sea Kayaking, or Paddle NC. Many provide guided tours, but you may also go on your own for a couple of hours or the entire day and explore.

Soak Into The History At Historic Downtown Swansboro

The worthwhile Swansboro’s historic downtown is home to a variety of stores, eateries, galleries, and companies. Swing by the tree-lined lanes and savor Swansboro’s quaint atmosphere. Swansboro Museum, Bicentennial Park, and the worth seeing White Oak River Café are a few of the well-liked attractions in Historic Downtown Swansboro. Save some time to peruse the interesting stores, like TCandy Edventure and Poor Man’s Hole.

Shop Till You Drop At Shopping Adventures

The downtown waterfront is a buyers’ paradise. Wander and explore a variety of charming stores, galleries, and unique boutiques located in old structures. Shops like Salt Marsh Cottage and Coastal Farmhouse provide beachy home furnishings. Gray Dolphin Gifts sell gifts and trinkets, while Poor Man’s Hole sells maritime artifacts and antiquities. In general, Swansboro’s stores and boutiques will make you happy and fresh with their stunning material.

View The Sun Rise At Riverview Park

Go to Riverview Park if you enjoy watching the sunrise. The White Oak River runs through this lovely park, which provides a spectacular view of the waterway and the marshes nearby. For those who wish to take in the beauty, it has covered viewing shelters and eating shelters along wide raised boardwalks. Don’t forget to bring a camera so you may record the breathtaking river sunrises.


Find The History During History Tour

Swansboro, a historic town, has undergone significant alteration throughout the years. Thankfully, there exist thorough records of how life was in this town in the past. Join Ann, a lifetime Swansboro resident whose family has called Swansboro home for many years, on a historic tour of the city. She will regale you with images and tales that will make your heart sing and give you a deeper understanding of this seaside community.

Enjoy Festivals And Release Your Stress 

There are numerous significant events held in the worth seeing Swansbroro every year. Early June’s Arts by the Sea Celebration and the Crystal Coast’s oldest festival, Mullet Festival in October, both enjoy enormous popularity. The Christmas Flotilla and Swansboro by Candlelight both take place in December. The Fourth of July Fireworks, the famous Pig Cook-Off, Oyster Roast, and Military Appreciation Day are other events.

Satisfy Your Cravings At Different Eateries

Swansboro has more than 40 stores and eateries, so there are many wonderful places to dine there. Go to Yana’s for a fantastic fruit fritter for breakfast! You won’t be let down. Enjoy your lunchtime at The Boro after you’ve picked up a hunger out on the water. Saltwater Grill requires bookings for a table with a view of the water during dinner. Angels on Horseback, their favorite dish, consists of scallops and shrimp wrapped in bacon and served atop food with a shell cream risotto. You won’t regret eating here because the platter has so much delicious seafood on it!

Sit And Enjoy At Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park is really a lovely location to unwind and enjoy nature. It’s also a well-liked wedding location in Swansboro. The park is close to the main road and is cuddled with the White Oak River, making it simple for visitors to get there. Because it includes a pier that stretches into the river, Bicentennial Park is too, a great place to go fishing. Boardwalks and brick paths in the park are other well-liked locations for wedding photographs. The park, despite its tiny size, has chairs that overlook the river and is illuminated for midnight fishing expeditions.

Sweet Your Tooth At Sweet Shops

Swansboro’s “Sweetest Spot” is Candy Adventure. It’s not just a sweets shop, either. A variety of your absolute favorite treats are available inside, along with a retro soda fountain counter, fresh fudge, ice cream, popcorn, and more. Try the brand-new ice cream nachos, please! Try the environment at the nearby Delicious Martini Bar and Edventure Dessert for something totally unique but still sweet. Specialty desserts are offered in addition to shakes and sundaes.

Sip Multiple Tastes At Bake, Bottle & Brew

Bake, Bottle, and Brew is a picturesque waterfront facility that takes pleasure in being a meeting point for beer aficionados, wine lovers, sweets admirers, and coffee fanatics. As its name suggests, it highlights the best of three distinct flavors. It takes pride in producing scrumptious glasses of ice cream, excellent craft beer, and superb wine for its customers to enjoy. The structure contains a porch where visitors can unwind and enjoy a panoramic lake view. Step there and sip multiple tastes at this fantabulous 3 in 1 bar.

View The Hammocks Beach State Park

Hammocks Beach State Park, which has one of the most picturesque seashores on the East Coast, is a serene haven ideal for refreshing yourself. You’ll discover that the coastlines are not as busy here because you can only get there by ferry or boat, making it the ideal location to explore the natural land, varied animals, and coastal woods. If you prefer being active, there are numerous activities available here, including camping, hiking, picnicking, swimming, and boating.

Entertain Yourself At Swansboro Paddle Boarding

It can be difficult to decide which of the various water activities in Swansboro, North Carolina, to try next, but kayaking and paddling should be at the top of any list. With regard to equipment, safety, and even introductory training, Swansboro Kayaking has all you require for an exciting journey, whether paddling, kayaking, or doing both. Check out this location since adventurers are welcome there—alone, with families, and also with dogs.

Grab Fish At Sandbar Safari

The fishing Club of Sandbar Safari is unquestionably unique from other types of fishing. They provide eco-tours in addition to top-notch charter fishing expeditions where you can grab any aquatic animal. You get the chance to go fishing with a true pro at your side thanks to Captain Rob Koraly, who has been certified since 2005 and has been fishing in the area for his whole life. They supply every piece of the necessary gear, so all that is left to worry about is hooking the biggest fish possible.

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