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Mykonos Vs. Santorini: The Supreme Guide For Choosing The Best One!

by Tayebah Malik
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Without a question, Greece might be on our travel wish list. It definitely has a “wow” factor. Beautiful scenery, delectable cuisine, hospitable folks, and sapphire blue waters. Greece welcomes a variety of tourists. There are numerous activities available for those wishing to occupy their days. Travelers and honeymooners wishing to enjoy relaxing and dining in the most romantic locations won’t be let down.

Greece has a plethora of islands, but two are unquestionably the most well-known, and it’s simple to understand why. Santorini and Mykonos are two well-known holiday destinations that provide beautiful scenery of the Aegean Sea, distinctive architecture, as well as plenty of sunshine. Each island in the Cyclades has unique characteristics, so you can select one over the others based on your time, preferences, and economic state.

Mykonos And Santorini – How They Differ From Each Other

Mykonos and Santorini are two small islands in the Aegean Sea that are parts of the Cyclades, a collection of islands with a common architectural style. You may travel through the Cyclades, stopping at a dozen various islands. As these are places with various breathtaking views, therefore, thousands of tourists and honeymooners choose these destinations to make their trip more enchanting and memorable.

If you want to visit Greece and especially the island here to explore, then you must wonder about exploring the beauty of these islands. If you do not have enough time to see both islands, then be ready! you are going to pick one of the more difficult travel options. But hold on! You need not worry about it. Here you will get all the key differences between Mykonos vs. Santorini.

Highlights Of Mykonos

  • Mykonos is also known as the Cyclades’ most well-known island for its exciting nightlife and close ties to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Additionally, it contains some of the Cyclades’ best beaches, several of which are Instagram-worthy.
  • Containing some of the top resorts in the country, from 5-star facilities of hotels with poolside villas to lodging with easy access to the island’s beaches.
  • Mykonos is more of a beach, shopping, and jet-setter island in the summer, so even while there isn’t much to do off-season, it’s much more peaceful in the fall and spring.
  • With its golden beaches and Little Venice in Mykonos Town, which is a lovely area to walk at any time of day or night, Mykonos is more serene to the sight.
  • Being one of the most well-known islands across all of Greece, Mykonos island allows you to party all day and all night or even explore the island of Delos, one of the significant ancient sites left behind by Ancient Greek civilization.
  • One of the most well-known beach clubs in all of Greece, Super Paradise Beach, is located on the beaches of Mykonos. 
  • You may eat in amazing restaurants with breathtaking sunset views and enjoy your nights days and walking around the worth seeing old town while drinking cocktails.
  • Little Venice, is among the most well-known locations on the island for breathtaking vistas where you can enjoy some of the island’s greatest cocktails while listening to the waves smash at your feet. Get ready to be soaked!

Highlights Of Santorini

  • The kind of breathtaking beauty that strangely outperforms expectations can be found in Santorini. 
  • It’s one of those locations that are difficult to lookout discover a brand-new, stunningly beautiful angle whenever you round a cornered corner, you discover a brand-new, stunningly beautiful angle.
  • Visitors find it difficult to decide between Santorini and Mykonos, two of the most well-known Greek islands. Santorini is ideal for visitors seeking to explore nearby wineries and vineyards
  • With accommodations that provide some of the most spectacular and romantic vistas and experiences in the entire globe, it also ranks among the most romantic islands
  • Although Santorini boasts both black and red sand beaches and nightlife. These beaches are designed to be kid- and baby-friendly, with amenities.
  • The Santorini beach clubs are much more subdued than those in Mykonos. And a little less expensive as well.
  • There is never truly an off-season to explore Santorini because it is more well-known for its scenery and sunsets. 
  • The settlements of Santorini are positioned on the cliff’s edge and provide breathtaSantorini’s famously curved and arched architectures with the famously curved and arched architecture of Santorini.

Mykonos Vs Santorini Maps

Mykonos Map

Santorini Map

Mykonos Vs Santorini-Which One To Choose

What are the main distinctions between Mykonos and Santorini? Which Greek Island should tourists visit? It is one of the most often asked questions regarding the islands, especially by first-timers. Holidaymakers typically travel either to Mykonos or Santorini while they are in this region of the world because of their similarities and abundance of attractions. Both of these islands’ whitewashed structures and blue dome roofs make for a gorgeous environment to soak up some sun. Making a decision might be challenging given the abundance of information available, so we’ve attempted to address the significant distinctions between Mykonos and Santorini here.

Cost Of Visiting Mykonos Or Santorini

Both Mykonos and Santorini are pricey travel destinations. Greeks often steer clear of these islands due to the expense and congestion, so you should prepare to compete with foreign visitors on all fronts. You should anticipate paying half more amount on these alluring islands during the high season, which runs from June to August, than on adjacent islands like Naxos or Sifnos. The prices for bars and restaurants can be fairly high in major cities like Mykonos Chora or Santorini’s Oia. Cocktails can easily cost €10 or more, while dinners at a respectable restaurant can cost €20 or more. Due to how popular these locations are, you should prepare to invest more in any planned activities, such as a twilight cruise or the rental of scooters or quadbikes.

Mykonos And Santorini For Newlywed Couples

It’s understandable why Santorini is a particularly popular honeymoon destination. Numerous opulent hotels have breathtaking ocean views that are ideal for the romantic of occasions. Mykonos, especially the Chora, can be charming, but it doesn’t exude the same air of wealth and romanticism as Santorini does.

Bars And Nightlife Of Mykonos And Santorini

Choosing from this category is probably the simplest. There is vibrant nightlife on Mykonos. International visitors flock here to have a good time. From beach bars throughout the day to clubs at night, celebrations are going on all day. Around Mykonos, prominent beach bars like the Super Paradise Bar Beach and the Alemagou Bar Beach will satisfy all of your afternoon drinking fancies. On the other side, Santorini is more laid back in that way. It is more than a place for a romantic trip than a party location. There aren’t even any clubs or bars or clubs in Oia. You’ll need to go to Fira’s main town for that.

Food And Wine Of Mykonos And Santorini

On Mykonos, it is possible to find some excellent meals, but it is also frequently rather pricey. Prices in the swankiest eateries and beach clubs can range up to 500% higher than those on less well-known islands, such as Sifnos and Milos, for example. Additionally, Santorini is home to several renowned wineries that produce a few of the world’s finest in Greece. Additionally, Santorini does feature several very upscale restaurants that can also be pricey but provide unmatched views and superb service, making them a great value.


After reading this blog post we hope you can now find the difference between Mykonos vs. Santorini based on your personal preferences. It’s all up to you, no matter which stunning island you decide to visit, you will find breathtaking architecture, clean beaches, amazing restaurants, and natural beauty wherever you turn. These locations are complete heaven for all kinds of vacationers since they are brimming with romance, culture, and history. You’ll probably need a travel agency if you’re organizing a trip to Mykonos or Santorini.

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