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The Worth Visiting North Fork Wineries

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by Tayebah Malik
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Depending upon the type of pop culture you want to consume, you likely recognize Long Island for its posh Hamptons neighborhood. While South Fork of Long Island is home to the well-known Hamptons, its northern sister, too, offers a charming, less crowded alternative with charming tiny beach towns and adorable local stores. Numerous craft wineries that produce and manufacture your favorite classics, as well as varietals that are much more unique and specialized to the particular temperature and surroundings of Long Island, can be found on Long Island’s North Fork.

As the culture of wine has grown in the North Fork, so have the opportunity to enjoy whites, reds, and roses while taking in the breathtaking surroundings. While some wineries reopen in the springtime and close following the fall harvest, others are open all year. Some offer outdoor dining and live music, while others demand reservations. If that sounds enticing to you, read on because we’ve identified the best north fork wineries to explore!

How Many Wineries Are In North Fork?

Although you wouldn’t know it from the state of North Fork’s wine industry today, the first vineyards were established here in the 1970s. Long Island is home to three American Viticultural Areas, which serve to provide a more comprehensive view of the region (AVAs). These are Long Island, Long Island’s Hamptons, and Long Island’s North Fork; the North Fork of Long Island, which spans 158 square miles and encompasses from Riverhead to Robins, Oriental Point, and Shelter Islands, has about 60 wineries.

The Worth Seeing North Folk Wineries-You Must Visit

Long Island is endowed with the perfect soil and climate for generating some superb wines, and in recent years, a number of top-notch wineries have popped up in the lovely North Fork region. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to attend at least a few of the sampling rooms to taste the local produce if you are considering a visit there and enjoying a glass or two of wine. Here is our listing of the best North Fork wineries for those who might be interested.

Bedell Cellars

Bedell Cellars produces some delicious white and red wines, but their bubbling varieties are a delightful surprise, but t their bottle of sparkling wine has a little higher price tag. When you taste it, you won’t mind that it is a little touch of extravagance in a bottle with a bright, sparkling, and crisp flavor. Another lovely champagne that goes nicely with a summertime sunset or a fall bonfire is their sparking rosé wine if you want something a little more special.

Bedell Cellars

Paumanok Vineyards

A standout among North Fork Vineyards is Paumanok Vineyards. Due to how popular they are, the White House has served its wines. The Massoud family owns and runs the Paumanok estate winery, which has been welcoming guests to sample its vintage wines since 1983. Paumanok is very concerned about quality, as their guiding idea is, “There’s no alternative for producing exceptional wine if you don’t utilize the freshest, ripest grapes.” Only one Chenin blanc farmed in New York is produced by Paumanok, and it is a crisp and delightful vintage.

Paumanok Vineyards

RGNY Riverhead

Although the Rivero González household and winery Lilia Perez were born in Mexico, they started their winemaking on Long Island when they took over the old Martha Clara vineyard. RGNY focuses its efforts on enhancing your wine expertise, so if you enjoy trying various types of wine, it is the place to go on the North Fork. You may believe you are familiar with uncommon wines, including white cabernet franc and white merlot, which are all made in this country, but at RGNY, you’ll explore fascinating variations in flavors and textures.

RGNY Riverhead

Roanoke Vineyards

Visitors from all over the world and locals alike visit Roanoke Vineyards to sample their wines. They explore their vines while enjoying the Roanoke wines. The Roanoke Vineyards were described as “simply lovely” by the New York Times. Its vastness is the main reason why it is well-known among the north fork wineries. More than 4000 wines can be generated yearly by their little wine cells. Due to the winery’s elegance, small size compared to other wineries, and lack of an outdoor seating area, they can provide flawless client service. Their tasting rooms had just completed renovations to accommodate group private tastings.

Lenz Winery

North Fork’s Lenz Winery is the second-oldest Long Island winery. Despite the fact that their vineyards are limited, they are dedicated to producing the finest wines available. They created some of the most exceptional and distinctive vines that are unique to them. When proprietors Peter and Patricia Lenz made the decision to shut down their prestigious restaurant and embark on a new venture, Lenz Winery was founded in 1978. They didn’t make any beverage from their vineyard until 1983 since they were making it in accordance with German and French winemaking traditions.

Rose Hill Vineyards

Previously known as Shinn, Rose Hill makes a few of the most remarkable wines on Long Island. Visit their pleasant tasting room, which is located in a beautiful farmhouse, and sample a variety of products. You can stop over for a sip or stay longer in one of their magnificent guest suites at the Farmhouse Inn.

The Old Field

The Old Fields is a tasting room that provides an overview of North Fork wineries’ history. Owner Ros, who runs the still-family-owned company, will serve drinks from their menu while conversing with customers about how the North Fork, winemaking, and life, in general, are growing. The tiny wood-burning fireplace warms the atmosphere and transports you into the past on chilly days.

Croteaux Vineyards 

Croteaux Vineyards, a delightful little gem hidden among verdant farmland in Southold, is the only winery in the country focused solely on producing rosé. Since the charming but small tasting area is situated in a lush garden, people gather there in the rain or shine to sample and sip. Expect to encounter dry, crisp, sippable roses made from cabernet franc, merlot, and sauvignon blanc in both still and bubbling varieties. Additionally, the winery offers a variety of small meals that go well with rose.

How To Taste Wine In The North Fork?

There are two ways to go to the North Fork wineries, where tastings are offered. The two main thoroughfares in the North Fork are Route 25 and Sound Avenue, and many of the wineries along the route enable you to simply stop in for sampling if visitors happen to be traveling by. There are vineyards situated all along the route. Nevertheless, a few vineyards make demand reservations. Additionally, because not all vineyards are available all year round, you must put a plan in place.


Final Thoughts 

What about stopping by the North Fork wineries? On the North Fork of Long Island, there is a wide variety of wineries and vineyards. Numerous wineries with outstanding vintages and breathtaking vistas of unending vines, as well as the sea, may be found in this wine district. It’s the perfect place to experience Long Island’s cuisine, wine, art, and culture. Every winery will offer you one-of-a-kind experiences, whether you visit on your own or with friends on a particular day or occasion.

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