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Top 10 Topsail Beach Things To Do- The Ultimate Activity Guide

by Tayebah Malik
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There aren’t many better places to go for a peaceful and enjoyable vacation than Topsail Beach. I have walked these sandy beaches and experienced the relaxed atmosphere, therefore I have put together the best guide on Topsail Beach things to do. There’s much of nature to explore, fantastic restaurants and bars, and enjoyable activities. 

For beach enthusiasts of all ages, the entire island is among the top year-round vacation spots in North Carolina. Topsail Island should be on your list of places to visit in North Carolina because it has both important environmental organizations and fantastic beach towns.

Where Is Topsail Island Located?

Since many people are curious about Topsail Beach’s location, I have included information about it earlier in the summary of the best activities in the Topsail Beach, North Carolina area. A 26-mile barrier island off the coast of Southern North Carolina is called Topsail Island. It takes around two hours to get there from Raleigh, and most of the route is on I-40. 

Topsail Beach Things To Do From My Personal Experience

Other charming communities like Surf City, which is tucked between Wilmington and Jacksonville, are also easily accessible from Topsail Beach. The Beach has everything to offer, whether your goals are to enjoy fresh seafood at a waterfront restaurant, unwind on the sand, or take advantage of the many water sports available. 


Unwind On The Beach

It makes sense that lounging on the beach is the most popular activity on Topsail Island given the stunning coastline. There is plenty of room for you to stretch out and stake your claim on the stunning 26-mile coastline. 

So remember to include an umbrella, towels, and beach chairs! Topsail Beach packing list will help you make sure you have everything you need. In addition, there are plenty of rolling dunes, native plants, and a vibrant teal ocean on this large natural beach.

ORV Beach


The ORV Beach also called the 4×4 Driving Area, is located at the summit of Topsail Island. When you get here, there’s a sandbar with water that’s ideal for fishing that is reasonably calm. You’ll see signs indicating that the water is a bit choppy for swimming here, and I suggest following their advice and not swimming here. To park here, all you need is a permit and a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Topsail Beach Skating Rink


Typically, the Topsail Beach Skating Rink can be visited from the beginning of March until Labour Day. Remember to pack enough socks so you can enjoy the beach. They are currently operating every night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

To find out about their current hours, you can also call them or visit their pages. Each person pays $8, which covers the rental of skates. Enjoy a fun-filled evening of skating at this family-friendly and reasonably-priced Topsail Island landmark! 

The Jolly Roger Pier 

The Jolly Roger Pier in Topsail Beach is a great spot to cast a line or take in the stunning views of the emerald water. Tickets for fishing are $16 per day, while tickets for spectators who want to stroll along the pier cost $2. From the end of the pier, which protrudes 850 feet into the ocean, you can occasionally spot dolphins and sea turtles. Thus, there’s a good probability of giving hi-fi to the lovely aquatic friends. 

Soundside Park


Visit Surf City quickly to take advantage of Soundside Park‘s beautiful weather on the island. First of all, remember to check the park’s schedule, as it frequently has free concerts and other stage shows. There’s a large playground for the little ones, lots of swings, slides, and a wall for climbing if you wish to work up a sweat. 

There are numerous observation decks and fishing piers in the park where you may enjoy the sound of the breaking waves as the sun sets. Apart from that, there are places set aside for picnics that are ideal for gatherings with family. 

Things To Do Around Topsail Beach NC

There are plenty of exciting things for adventure seekers to do while on Topsail Island. Its surroundings are renowned for having picturesque locations. In addition to the lovely, uncrowded beaches, Topsail Beach, North Carolina offers a plethora of family-friendly activities, delightful restaurants, and charming, laid-back communities.

Missiles And More Museum


The Topsail Island’s Historical Society operates the Missiles and More Museum, which offers an engaging and informative look into many eras and how they relate to this lovely island. 

When the building was built in 1946, it was intended to be utilized for the assembly of missiles for a secret missile project that the island was carrying out. Numerous displays at the museum span a variety of subjects, such as American Indian culture, airplanes, and pirates. 

Patio Playground

The Patio Playground offers the ideal location for a fun-filled family outing with the kids. Make sure you review the schedule because Patio Playground regularly conducts dance evenings with DJs that are suitable for families. 

After you’re through playing, there’s a bike rental shop if you wish to go on a biking excursion. On occasion, youngsters can even pose for pictures with characters dressed in costumes. This well-liked facility has an air-conditioned game room, an ice cream shop, and a great miniature golf course. 

Turtle Rescue And Rehabilitation Center


The Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre is devoted to the protection and care of sea turtles, who are intriguing and intelligent animals. Their goal is to protect and conserve every kind of sea turtle, both on land and in the ocean. 

From June to December, the hospital is open for visitation, during which time guests can view the turtles under its care and ask questions. Take a look around the facility with knowledgeable staff who will share with you everything there is to know about sea turtles.

Taco At Shaka Taco

Shaka Taco in Surf City has some of the greatest seafood on Topsail Island. To be honest, a tour of the island isn’t complete without stopping there and indulging in tacos and seafood. Fantastic fresh food, artisan beer, and outdoor seats are in store for guests. 

Speaking from personal experience, I urge you to try their pickled relish and blackened cobia tacos. They also provide some delicious bowls and tacos made with fresh local catch, prawns, and fish.

Kenneth D. Batts Family Park


Kenneth D. Batts Family Park is a breathtaking location, perfect for picnics or taking pictures. In addition to the bathrooms, picnic shelter, and tiny playground, the longest soundside boardwalk is the real attraction. 

The Surf City Bridge as well as the Intracoastal Waterway are magnificently visible from the boardwalk, which leads directly out over the marshes. When I was last at this lovely location, this was also one of my particular favorites. 

Bottom Line

Embrace the magic with our curated guide to the top 10 Topsail beach things to do. From chilling on the sandy beaches to soaking in the local vibes, Topsail has something for everyone. Whether you’re into beach bumming or exploring the local scene, Topsail Island is the place to be. Let our guide be your go-to for a fantastic trip, full of sunny days and the unique charm of Topsail’s coastal magic.


What makes Topsail special?

Topsail is renowned for its serene beaches, vibrant local culture, and a 26-mile coastline that beckons beach enthusiasts year-round.

Is Topsail Beach budget-friendly?

Topsail Beach, North Carolina, has a cost of living that’s 17% higher than the national average, making it relatively more expensive compared to some other areas. 

What is a fun fact about the Island of Topsail?

Did you know Topsail was a missile testing site in the 1940s? Now, it’s a peaceful haven with a rich history and stunning landscapes.

Does Topsail Beach have a broadwalk?

While Topsail doesn’t have a traditional boardwalk, it offers charming coastal walks and piers, providing scenic strolls along the beach.

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