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7 Hardest Trails In Sedona- The Ultimate Guide For Hikers

by Tayebah Malik
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Since 2022, I’ve been going to Sedona, and I always have a great time there. With more than 200 hiking routes to explore, the area is a hiking haven. Because of its network of hiking trails, red rock vistas, arches, and secret caves, it’s a terrific place to explore on foot. 

Sedona’s trails guarantee a unique and fascinating experience, whether you’re a casual explorer fascinated with mysterious pools or a passionate hiker seeking the thrill of undiscovered tunnels. Using my personal experience as a guide, I’ll give you the lowdown on the hardest trails in Sedona today so you can relax and satisfy your adventurous soul in the next year.

Hardest Trails In Sedona- For Your Upcoming Adventure 

These hikes provide heart-pounding climbs and stunning peak vistas that will make the effort entirely worthwhile if you’re looking for a real challenge. You may even come into the well-known energy swirls while exploring the paths, which provide an air of mystery to the whole experience. Below is the list of top Sadona hikes. 

Cathedral Rock Trail


Cathedral Rock Trail, which ranks highest on our list, is regarded as one of the best treks in Sedona because of its breathtaking views. Hiking 1.2 miles round-trip, this challenging trail rewards you with spectacular views of Sedona’s famous red rocks

Hikes around sunset uncover Cathedral Rock in the warm glow of dusk, perfect for those looking for a peaceful setting. But getting a parking place is essential because there are just 20 spots available and the Red Rock Pass costs $5. Cathedral Rock, which is situated in Sedona West, offers hikers not only a great place to go trekking but also a handy base near restaurants and stores. 


Devil’s Bridge Trail

The iconic Devil’s Bridge Trail is considered one of Sedona’s premier hikes.  The track is quite challenging and covers a distance of 2 to 4 kilometers with an elevation gain of 450 feet. The trip is an exciting out-and-back walk that begins at the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead, which is reachable via a 4×4 road. 

Parking at the trailhead, which is along a 4×4 road, needs a high-clearance car. Hikers may also choose to hike the Mescal Trail, which begins at the Mescal Trailhead, or drive over Dry Creek Road if a 4×4 is not available. Nature lovers of all ages should not miss this trek, which rewards breathtaking views despite its hard hike.

Bell Rock Trail


Bell Rock, a famous landmark, encourages travelers with its attractiveness. The mile-long track has a moderate difficulty rating and offers a 400-foot climb that may be completed in one to two hours. 

When hiking, the first 0.25 miles are designated with path markings and wire baskets packed with rocks to guide walkers. The baskets disappear as you go higher, testing your navigational abilities and providing extra excitement. As you climb further up, the walk takes an exciting turn as you have to scramble over rocks.

Birthing Cave Trail

Sedona’s red rock landscapes conceal a hidden jewel, the fascinating Birthing Cave. At the Long Canyon Trailhead, this easy-rated path offers an exciting journey with an elevation rise of around 400 feet. To start the search, go to Long Canyon Trailhead No. 122, where vehicles queue along the road, demonstrating the trail’s impromptu charm. 

Find a place away from the main road, and remember that a Red Rock State Park Pass is required for entry. It’s easy to head back, and the entire trip takes around 1.5 hours. Due to its size, the Birthing Cave may not be well captured by your standard camera. 

Wilson Mountain Trails


Sedona’s majestic peak, Wilson Mountain stands as the highest point in the region. This challenging 10-mile out-and-back journey unfolds its breathtaking views right from the moment you step out of your car, elevating the awe as you ascend. Wilson Mountain presents two trails, North and South, converging around the midway point of the ascent. 

Opt for the North trail if you fancy more shade during your hike. Upon reaching the summit, be prepared to be captivated by panoramic views embracing Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona’s enchanting landscape, Coffee Pot Rock, Capitol Butte, and the expansive Verde Valley. 

Munds Waggon Trail

Explore the charms of Sedona, Arizona, with this fascinating 13.2-kilometer round hike. Munds Waggon Trail, which offers a 360-meter elevation gain, is a popular option for hikers and mountain bikers who want to fully experience the stunning scenery. 

The trail is open all year round and encourages exploration in each season, revealing distinct natural beauty. Dogs are allowed to accompany their owners as long as they are kept on a leash for a fun and safe walk. It’s not uncommon to come across other outdoor enthusiasts along the route, which enhances the sense of community that you might experience. 

Humphreys Peak

Go from Sedona to Flagstaff’s breathtaking Humphreys Peak for an adventure. With a height of 12,643 feet, it is the tallest mountain in Arizona and is a breathtaking journey that is just waiting to be experienced. You should be ready for a strenuous walk of about 5 to 5.5 miles, which will take the entire day to complete. 

The chance of running into a monsoon storm in the summertime amplifies the excitement of the trip. Check the weather forecast before setting out, and don’t forget to pack a jacket for the peak. Above all, enjoy every second of this iconic hike in Arizona while taking in the breathtaking views that make Humphreys Peak unique.

Wrap Up

In Sedona, where nature’s wonders and a soothing atmosphere collide, hiking steals the show. Whether you pick an easy amble, a moderate ramble, or the ultimate challenge, hitting the trails is a must. Each path unveils awe-inspiring views, layers of history, and a special energy that sets the city apart. 

This place is a unique gem, urging you to try at least one of its amazing hikes on your next visit. Make sure not to skip the chance to explore one of the hardest trails in Sedona, a journey promising both a test and a touch of magic.


What is considered the most challenging hike in Sedona?

Munds Waggon Trail, Birthing Cave Trail, and Devil Bridge Trails are considered some of the most challenging hikes in Sedona.

Which trail boasts the steepest ascent in Sedona?

The steepest trail in Sedona is indeed the Bear Mountain Trail, promising a strenuous ascent for hiking enthusiasts.

What are the toughest hiking trails in Arizona?

Arizona’s hardest hikes include the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail, Humphreys Peak, and the South Kaibab Trail, each offering a unique and demanding adventure.

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