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10 Best Restaurants In George Lake, NY To Try In 2024

by Tayebah Malik
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Last year, my husband and I decided to visit New York Village, Lake George. It turned out to be this super pretty village surrounded by mountains. I still remember that the food there was amazing! From cute spots by the water to lively pubs in the village, Lake George has an unforgettable food scene. Today, I am going to tell you all about the tasty adventures we had at these best restaurants in Lake George. 

Best Restaurants In George Lake To Try In The Upcoming Year

The Lake George region is home to many fantastic restaurant establishments. So, no need to wade through online reviews because I’ve done the legwork and sampled the menus. Below is the list of the best restaurants in Lake George that you absolutely have to try.

  • Algonquin Restaurant


You will discover the Algonquin Restaurant in Huddle Bay in Bolton Landing, NY, a gem open from April to October. According to my taste, it was our top pick for lake-front dining. The place boasts a breathtaking setting and a menu that sparks delight. 

Whether you’re drawn to fresh seafood or tempted by choice cuts of beef, this eatery promises an unforgettable dining experience, blending inspired flavors with beauty.


  • Rooftop Cabana Bar

Ascend to the Rooftop Cabana Bar, where lakeside dining meets stunning views of Lake George, creating an unrivaled experience for your senses. Perched atop Surfside on the Lake’s rooftop terrace, this haven offers more than just breathtaking scenery—it’s a culinary delight. 

Indulge in juicy house burgers, delectable paninis, fresh salads, and an assortment of your favorite appetizers from our full kitchen. Whether you’re sipping on our “Frozen Island OASIS” Cocktails or enjoying non-alcoholic kids’ drinks and fruit smoothies, this is the perfect spot to unwind.

  • Adirondack Pub & Brewery


Adirondack Pub & Brewery is your go-to spot for a cozy beer pub experience, blending craft beers with American home-style food. With ample space and a diverse menu, this pub is a haven for beer enthusiasts and foodies alike. Conveniently accepting credit cards and offering table service, ensures a hassle-free visit. 

It is a great place for an early dinner on a beautiful outdoor patio, where the friendly staff not only welcomes you but also provides delightful recommendations. The experience is elevated with delectable appetizers like eggplant fries and fried pickle chips, creating the perfect setting to unwind. 

  • Sticky Buns Cafe

Nestled at 12 Beach Road, Lake George, NY, the Sticky Buns Cafe is the quintessential lakeside breakfast and lunch spot, adding a delightful touch to your Lake George experience. This charming cafe is your go-to for hot and cold drinks, delectable breakfast choices, baked goods, light fare, and even pizza. 

Operating seasonally, this cafe has garnered acclaim for its egg sandwiches, pastries, and a tempting array of assorted muffins. The menu extends beyond traditional breakfast fare, offering savory options like the Turkey Club Wrap, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Naan Pizza, and more. 

  • Sagamore in Bolton Landing, NY

For a century, The Sagamore in Bolton Landing, NY, has captivated visitors with its timeless charm on the shores of Lake George. Steeped in history, this iconic resort on Green Island has been synonymous with exquisite fine dining experiences for over a century. 

The allure of special occasions is met with unparalleled elegance at La Bella Vita, where an impressive Italian menu graces the tables. For those seeking an al fresco ambiance, The Pavilion beckons, and steak enthusiasts are drawn to the Club Grill Steakhouse, offering not just succulent cuts but also scenic views of the award-winning golf course. 

  • Garrison Restaurant and Bar

Whether you’re seeking a delightful lunch or a satisfying dinner, The Garrison Restaurant and Bar stands out as the ultimate choice in Lake George. Nestled on Beach Road in the heart of the village, this American restaurant exudes a friendly atmosphere and boasts an enticing menu of pub favorites. 

The restaurant also offers a charming patio for those who prefer outdoor dining. Be prepared for a treat with daily food specials, exciting happy hour deals, and special events like Tap Takeovers featuring craft breweries from around the country. 

  • Bistro LeRoux


Bistro LeRoux is a charming, family-owned bistro in the heart of Lake George. This hidden gem boasts a captivating open kitchen, offering a delightful fusion of French-accented cuisine. Gourmands will revel in the diverse and exquisite flavors, making it an ideal choice to impress foodie friends. 

The exquisite decor, adorned with a rustic French flair, creates a warm and inviting ambiance. Moreover, the vibrant colors on the walls and distinguished craftsmanship in the furniture contribute to the restaurant’s charm. With a romantic outdoor seating area overlooking Lake George, this is among the best fun places to eat in Lake George.

  • Log Jam Restaurant 

Situated in the heart of the Lake George Saratoga region, The Log Jam Restaurant is a haven of traditional American cuisine housed in a charming log cabin. Offering a diverse menu spanning from crisp salads to hearty steaks, this eatery boasts an authentic Adirondack ambiance. 

Here you can indulge yourself in the rustic atmosphere, accentuated by timeless features like pot-belly stoves and wood plank floors. Surrounded by pine logs sourced from the nearby mountains, every visit promises an immersive and genuine dining experience. Let the allure of three large stone fireplaces add a touch of romance to your culinary journey.

  • Boathouse Restaurant


The Boathouse Restaurant is an enchanting spot in Lake George, NY, offering waterfront dining, private boat docking, and live seasonal entertainment during its open season. Beyond the picturesque setting, it’s the delectable offerings that steal the spotlight—indulge in mouth-watering Angus steaks and burgers, and savor succulent seafood delights. 

Moreover, you can anticipate the culinary adventure of nightly specials that showcase creativity and flavor. The place has become a cherished favorite among both locals and visitors, promising not just a meal but a memorable dining experience by the tranquil waters of Lake George.

  • Caldwell House Restaurant 

Caldwell House Restaurant not only made the list for its gastronomic delights but also for its panoramic views of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains. As you enter, you will be embraced by a warm and inviting atmosphere, adorned with rustic decor, a cozy fireplace, and comfortable seating that effortlessly blends homeliness with sophistication. 

Prospering on locally sourced ingredients, the farm-to-table concept adds a distinctive touch to every dish, allowing you to taste the difference in each flavorful bite. While limited hours may require strategic planning, the trade-off is a carefully curated menu showcasing the best of fresh, local produce.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, our exploration of the best restaurants in George Lake was a delicious journey filled with diverse flavors and unforgettable moments. From charming lakeside spots to cozy eateries in the heart of the village, each dining experience offered a unique blend of culinary delight. These establishments not only satisfied our taste buds but also created lasting memories against the backdrop of Lake George’s scenic beauty. 


Why is George Lake famous?

Lake George is famous for its stunning natural beauty, surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains, and it’s a popular recreational destination known for its clear waters and diverse outdoor activities. 

What are the best restaurants in Lake George on the water?

Lake George Beach Club and the Boathouse restaurant are considered as the best waterfront restaurants in Lake George.

What are the best downtown Lake George restaurants?

Mezzaluna and The Lagoon are known as the best downtown Lake George restaurants.

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