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Best Area To Stay In Los Angeles For Tourists; Explore La Land’s Beauty

by Tayebah Malik
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It’s not always simple to determine just where travelers should stay in Los Angeles. For a person who has never been, the size of the city can be daunting. I’m here just to provide you with a local’s viewpoint on living in the city as a Californian who has spent more than four years living in Los Angeles. You’re in luck since we have everything you need to discover the ideal accommodation in L.a. for both your needs and your budget. Everything you want to learn about the best regions, including their advantages and disadvantages, will be covered below.

Why Choose Los Angeles?

Artists, dreamers, and idealistic romantics are drawn to Los Angeles, a large city of glitter and beach trees, in search of the California dream. Additionally, it’s simple to get sucked into La La Land thanks to stunning locations like Venice Beach, Griffith Observatory, and the TCL Chinese Theatre. Which may leave people wondering about the best area to stay in Los Angeles for tourists.

Best Area To Stay In Los Angeles For Tourists

Here is a quick summary of the top tourist neighborhoods in Los Angeles, broken down by traveler type. In essence, if you desire to be near the ocean or not should be your first consideration when choosing a place to stay in Los Angeles. But you should certainly read the whole section for your preferred neighborhood!

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Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is really the city’s economic and historic center. It is home to many prominent theaters, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, as well as the food court of Grand Central Market among other artistic and cultural landmarks. Additionally, it serves as the primary hub for the city’s public transportation, such as the Metro, allowing day trips comparatively simple. The best restaurants in downtown Los Angeles with views are reasonably priced and provide more room for parties. Bars typically close at a time that works for morning meetings.



The hub for public transport. It is not a walkable place. 
The area blossom with cultural arts.  An unpleasant mixture of sounds from the street.
Provides excellent venues for different concerts.  It is not a welcoming place for families. 

Santa Monica

Beautiful Santa Monica is delightful, with miles of stores, bars, and eateries. Although it’s one of the most costly lodging options in Los Angeles, there are many hotels from which to select. Budget-friendly travelers might consider coming to the Georgian Hotel or the neighboring Venice neighborhood, which is also the best place to stay in Los Angeles for tourists.



Provides availability to different beaches.  The journey there requires a while.
Availability of different cuisines as well as amusement options. The cost of hotels must be high. 
It’s a walkable place.  The crime rate in these areas is high. 

Beverly Hills 

The magnificent Beverly Hills provides it all for people who value exclusivity and wealth. Luxurious lodgings, top-notch dining options, and more. The upscale stores along Rodeo Drive are some of the greatest in the world. Designer shops take pride in carrying products that are unavailable anywhere else. Although many require reservations, the restaurants in this area are superb. You should make reservations as long in advance as you can because some of these are quite hard to get.



Gorgeous and deserted parks.  These areas are neither friendly nor welcoming. 
It’s the best place for celebrities.  Provides limited activities for kids. 
Options for fantastic dining and shopping. A little bit expensive. 

Beverly Grove/Fairfax

The ideal neighborhood to stay in Los Angeles for tourists is no doubt Beverly Grove/Fairfax. Since it’s so conveniently positioned for anyone wanting to see places all over the city. We always recommend it to our own family and friends. The majority of attractions will be within 20 to 30 minutes of you in normal traffic. It is close to Beverly Hills and is home to a wide variety of restaurants and some of the top boutique hotels.



There are amazing restaurants and shopping areas.  Requires a vehicle for traveling purposes 
It can be said to be a central location.  The crime rate is a little high. 
Various landmarks can be visited at a walking distance  It is a little bit expensive place to visit. 


California University, LA is the most well-known institution to call Westwood home. Greater residences and office towers surround the site. Hotels in this area welcome both business travelers and families traveling with youngsters. The Getty Center is among my favorite locations across all of Los Angeles. This breathtaking work of building and art is perched on top of the hills just to the Westwood northeast. Free entry is offered if you decide to drive, parking costs only $20.



Attractive museums. Need vehicles for getting to other places. 
Thriving and affordable bars.  A lot of traffic congestion. 
An extensive variety of meals.  The hotels might be pricey. 

Culver City

The well-known Culver City is an excellent alternative for everyone expecting to spend a significant amount of time at the beach region. It’s a particularly wise pick for people looking for the greatest tourist-friendly neighborhood in LA. Although there are several hotels in the area that don’t charge exorbitant seaside charges, the neighborhood has convenient access to the seaside.



Beach can access easily.  Less expensive than others. 
Not for tourism.  Much expensive. 
Situated near two highways.  High crime rates exist. 

Universal City

There is no better spot to stay if you are going to Universal Studios Hollywood than just across the street. CityWalk, which is adjacent to the park, has more than 50 stores and eateries. This space is open to visitors without charge. Santa Monica Beach is conveniently close to the Freeway, making it simple to travel there for the day. The trip takes between 40 and 50 minutes.



It is a fantastic location for families.  Hotels are close to the freeway. 
Variety of options available for food and shopping.  Lack of famous attraction 
Universal Studio is available on the doorstep.  A little bit expensive place to visit. 


The Land of Hollywood, Los Angeles has a lot of worth seeing beauty to explore. From top hikes to the top class cuisine, from well-known art galleries to the spot of celebrities, this dream destination has everything to give its tourists. In my guide, I have explained some of the best areas to stay in Los Angeles for tourists to get rid of the confusion after being there. Hope my guide will help you a lot. While you are here, please bookmark my guide best restaurants in Los Angeles with a view to find some of the worthwhile cuisines there.

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