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Best Restaurants In Los Angeles With A View; The Comprehensive Guide!

by Tayebah Malik
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Even if eating involves a bit less exercise than trekking or traveling, Angelenos are prepared to put in the effort for a spectacular view. It comes as no surprise that there are plenty of restaurants with breathtaking views, either from the rooftop or beach, in a city split between the beautiful ocean and the mountain. Are you enjoying? Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles So, definatily; You will love the view from these restaurants, the natural setting, and the food. Having the title of “city of Angeles,” there are also many best restaurants in Los Angeles with a view. Yes, the perfect spot for the one who wants to enjoy cuisine with magnificent sites. 

restaurants-in-laBest Restaurants In Los Angeles With A View

The age-old query, “Where shall I dine tonight?” is never easy to resolve. This can be particularly difficult in a place like Los Angeles, where the food scene is always evolving due to the city’s vibrant culture and the monthly opening of new restaurants serving wildly diverse international cuisine. Although there are other possibilities, here are a few of the top eateries in LA with stunning views.


Elephant LAWithout the smoky club atmosphere that permeates some of the locations closer to the water, this Santa Monica balcony offers a picture-perfect perspective of the beachfront. The airy rooftop has the ambiance of a stylish living room, which also happens to serve crab Gemelli and chocolate e Pepe pizza. In my experience, delicious food insists you taste it daily and we can say it is among the best restaurants in Los Angeles with a view as well as for cuisine.

Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter LAThe major restaurant of this Hollywood luxury resort is located on the first floor, but if you’re visiting Mama Shelter, it’s presumably on the rooftop, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. No hotel-top lounge in Hollywood is currently as vibrant and carefree as Mama, and those feelings are reflected in its menu of comfort food, which includes adobo wings, zucchini blossom arancini, and the Le Royale Burger.

The spring rolls here are a little bit expensive compared to their size. So, lick your fingers on your own responsibility.

The Strand House

The Strand House LAThe Strand House is a South Bay institution for exquisite dining, not only in Manhattan Beach. This restaurant, which is located directly down the namesake shore, offers romantic sunset and ocean views in addition to some of the best local cuisine prepared by a chef named Craig Hopson.

Just placed yourself if you get your mouth filled with the delicious smell of seafood.

Malibu Farm Restaurant + Cafe

Malibu Farm Restaurant + Cafe in laIf you’re not quite able to afford a feast at Nobu, head over to Malibu Pier rather than beachside bites at Malibu Farm. There are two options available: California cuisine at the stay patio restaurant next to the entrance provides you with a variety of mouth-watering cuisine including seafood sandwiches, scrambles, and many more.

The jalapeno drink, possibly the cauliflower “pizza,” and unquestionably the nachos are the tastiest here. You can even obtain a table outside.

Perch LA

Perch LA resturantFor a very long time, Perch was DTLA’s sole rooftop eatery and bar. Even if there are many more currently, this one remains the most attractive due to its greenery and cozy furnishings. Split over two levels, the lower one has a charming interior and a small patio where you can chow down on bread pudding and steak fries and while the open-air place offers the same fare as well as a happy hour during the week.

Everyone who is attending a special meal after 8:00 p.m. must be above 21 of age and present a valid ID. After 4 o’clock, baseball caps. tank tops, flip flops, and beachwear are not allowed.


Santolina in laThe Beverly Hilton’s most recent patio pop-up has moved to the rooftop, in contrast to those that have overflowed into the roadway. With a panoramic view of the beautiful Mountains and the collection of Century City corporate towers on the other, Sant’olina has views that are out of this world. Order some hummus and made-to-order “laffa,” or go for tasty French toast at brunch.

The bar’s happy hours started from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. 

Le Sanglier

Le Sanglier resturantAlthough having exquisite French cuisine is always a joy, Le Sanglier offers so much more. This venerable neighborhood institution provides a classy ambiance, and superb cuisine, and enhances the customer at a cost that won’t make you throw up on your supper. I have too, enjoyed traditional and modern French cuisine in this laid-back eatery crowded with locals on holidays and other special occasions.

This restaurant provides a variety of classic desserts that are worth eatable.

Inn Of The Seventh Ray

Inn Of The Seventh Ray resturant in laAmong the most lovely restaurants in the world is no doubt, Inn of the Seventh Ray. This enchanting location, which is surrounded by meandering paths, trees, waterfalls, trees, and illuminated tables, has long been a favorite among the locals for special events. The creative menu offers several vegan options along with locally sourced food which makes it among the best restaurants in Los Angeles with a view. There is a wide variety of granola, salad, waddles, desserts seafood, and many more finger-licking cuisines on their voluminous Saturday brunch buffet.

It has also a romantic ambiance. So, the best place to eat with your loved ones.


E.P.&.L.P restaurant in loss anglesTo clarify the name of this Melrose establishment, E.P. stands for the indoor restaurant, which recently transitioned from an Asian menu to American, and L.P. Its rooftop is worth seeing as it is complete with grasses, hanging lights, and an ideal view of the Hills of the Hollywood. Moreover, provide a cuisine that insist you lick your fingers.

Burgers, tacos, and shellfish are available as starters, and they are matched with artisan and cold cocktails.

Nobu Malibu

Nobu Malibu la

The beautiful seaside restaurant run by chef Nobu Matsuhisa is a must-visit for its exquisite sunset views and world-class sushi. Although the on-the-water terrace is the best place to enjoy small nachos and tiraditos, the interior is very exquisite. The atmosphere and food at Nobu make it the winner of the Best City Escape award.

Seating at the sushi place is given on a first-come, first-served basis for individuals.


Holding the title of Hollywood land and “the city of Angeles,” this beautiful destination has a lot to provide its tourists. From its famous attractions to the best restaurants, Los Angeles will never disappoint you by giving its best. Here I have given you a detailed guide of the best restaurants in Los Angeles with a view. Hope my guide will be beneficial for those who want to enjoy a delicious meal with the magnificent sites.

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