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Have Fun At St. Louis Without Breaking The Bank

by Tayebah Malik
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There are many good reasons to travel to St. Louis, Missouri, in the Midwest. You can keep active in this undervalued city with anything you’re interested in, including art, beer, music, food, sports, and more. But the abundance of free activities in St. Louis is among the Biggest reasons to travel there. This guide is for you if you are looking for some fun to explore this weekend or planning a trip to St. Louis and searching for free activities.

Why Saint Louis Should Be On Your Bucket List

The foremost city in Missouri is the magnificent riverfront metropolis of St. Louis. Take a much-needed vacation from your routine when you travel to the most luxurious destination without spending a fortune. Enjoy your time as you explore historical sites, enjoy the entire day in nature, take leisurely strolls in parks, and take pictures in front of architectural treasures. Here I created particularly for you to help you plan your inexpensive vacation!

Cathedral Basilica Of Saint Louis

Built in 1914, Saint Louis’s beautiful Cathedral Basilica is a magnificent example of Roman Catholic architecture. The St. Louis Cathedral is its usual name. It is recognized for its enormous mosaic installation, which has over 41.5 million pieces of glass tesserae in at least 7,000 different shades. Additionally, there is a museum on the premises with exhibits including historical garb, priceless items, and more, as well as a burial for prior Archdiocese leaders.

Saint Louis Art Museum

The St. Louis Museum of Art also referred to as SLAM, is a renowned museum with a collection of more than 34,000 items. View works of art from a variety of cultures, including those from Ancient Egypt, Oceania, Asia, Europe, and much more. Photographs, paintings, ornamental arts, textiles of Chinese silk, and many other types of artwork are on display there in both temporary and permanent shows. Additionally, it houses works by well-known artists from around the world, including Georges Braque, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Ellsworth Kelly, Giambattista Pittoni, and others.

The Muny

The Muny also called the Theatre of Municipal Opera, is a well-known performance space in St. Louis. It is an outdoor amphitheater with 11,000 seats that hosts a variety of performances during the warmer months. For the warmer months, 1,450 free, first-come, first-served seats become accessible; even though they are in the extreme back, the sight is outstanding. If you’re interested in one of these spots, just try to arrive early because individuals can only enter after 7 o’clock.

Fun At St. Louis

Kiener Plaza

Before its recent renovation, there wasn’t much going on in the green space of downtown Saint Louis. There are now two water fountains, a bright playground, and weekly free Sunrise Yoga lessons there. Additionally, there are evening boot programs and days dedicated to families, complete with stories and outdoor games. The Gateway Arch, seen from Kiener Plaza, magnificently highlights the Old Courthouse. You can also read about Kennedy Plaza.

James S. McDonnell Prologue Room

Boeing’s Saint Louis headquarters of the Prologue Room spans many decades of aviation history. Moreover, it pays tribute to the flight pioneers, even though it is only open to all visitors during the warm months of July and August. See actual-size replicas of the Mercury and Gemini spacecraft as well as scale versions of numerous well-known aircraft, such as the Air Force One.

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

About half a mile west of the Old Courthouse is the magnificent art deco Soldiers Memorial Military Museum, which pays tribute to the nation’s valiant military personnel. A memorial constructed of black marble lists the names of the residents of Saint Louis who perished in World War I. Several exhibitions featuring handwritten messages, uniforms, and other items tell the personal stories of other women and men who gave their lives for the US during the First World War and the Vietnam War.

Union Station Fire And Light Show

A train canopy at Missouri’s Union Station is seen surrounding a lake. While there are many attractions inside the historic site, including aquariums, restaurants with train-themed drinks, and a seasonal Polar Express adventure, the Light and Fire Show is a breathtaking display of spewing features, waterfalls, and fire that erupts from floating lotus figures. It is also free. The show is available every evening from 5 pm to 9 am.

World Chess Hall Of Fame

This fascinating and enjoyable museum has three levels filled with chess artifacts and history. A visit to the hall of fame provides multiple photo opportunities and interesting points that anybody would find amusing, even if they have never played the game. Some visitors merely want to take a photo with the largest chess piece in the world, while others come to enjoy the quirky gifts available in the gift store. Although the entrance is completely free, donations to the charitable outing are always welcome.

Forest Park

Fun At St. Louis

Approximately 13 million people visit Forest Park annually, a well-liked urban and historical park. It comprised around 1,326 acres when it first opened in June 1876. Spend your day here, enjoy yourself with your loved ones and friends, and have fun while taking advantage of various free activities in St. Louis. This spectacular park has a zoo, science center, museums, golf course, skating rink, historic buildings, and more amenities. It also has a lot of monuments and memorials, as well as playgrounds, a cafe, sports courts, clean restrooms, beautiful pathways, and plenty of parking. With its forested areas, green lawns, and sparkling lakes, the area’s stunning landscape must be soothing to the eyes.

Grant’s Farm

If Budweiser is the first thing that springs to mind while thinking about St. Louis, the gorgeous Clydesdale horses might be the second. Fellow animal (and beer) enthusiasts will want to go to Grant’s Farm because Anheuser-Busch no longer provides free tours that let you to meet the famous draft horses and try the Bud. This free sight is an animal park with a beer tent that is filled with history, all around a log cabin that was erected by President Ulysses S. Grant!



There are so many amazing free things to do in St. Louis, from art galleries to animal encounters, from historic structures to a World Heritage site. The start of the new year will now be marked by beautiful weather. So, to make your upcoming trip memorable, pack your luggage and get ready to visit Saint Louis.

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