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Kennedy Plaza In Downtown Providence – A Must-Visit Place 

by Tayebah Malik
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If you really want to hear about the Kennedy Plaza, the first thing you will probably want to know about is where is it located in the USA. Actually, nestled in the heart of the city in the USA. Before, I started my own Adventure in the USA. I was inspired to explore the USA after reading other travel blogs.

Surprisingly, America is a mega center of the World’s best deserts, opulent oceans, spectacular islands, and stunning landscapes and definitely, you were not disappointed — come to the breathtaking states and wonderful skyscrapers of Great America.

Similarly, Providence was one of the first cities in the country known for the industrialization of textile manufacturing. The island of providence has incredible  400 years old history having Transatlantic Slave Trade and performing a revolutionary part in the wars. The vast history has splendid buildings, red hot restaurants, and magnificent  La Gondola sights adjacent to elegant Rhode island.

Let`s fly down to one of the most unique and famous landmarks in the United States of America. While I stroll, I can observe that there are numerous huge-size buildings that depict history and trademark centers in the Gorgeous Downtown. 

Naturally grown parks and fantastic places to visit. Many of them are designed for multipurpose activities such as enjoyment, doing business, exploring and preserving the history and culture of Americans, developing to captivate visitors, and so on.

As You know, History Is Mystery

Although, in the 18th century, the Plaza was just a connector of Great Salt cove. But in the 19th century, providence rapidly grew in the economic field and there is a need to transfer goods and many other products to other markets. To address the problem, local companies like Boston and providence railway road and providence and Worcester railroad established a railway track in the commercial center. 

After in  1846, the building of Providence`s first union station and Lombard Romanesque was defined as two towering spires. The construction of the area developed the area in terms of the Exchange center(known as the transport center in the city.) Over time, the town witnessed various changes in the area during the time of war and peace, and the most famous leaders’ favorite spot for speeches was to gather fans of them. That is presently known as Kennedy plaza providence.

kennedy-plaza-history.  On November 7, 1960, the day before, he was selected as President, when John F. Kennedy spoke from the steps of City Hall and addressed a crowd of 40,000 to 50,000 people. Kennedy’s speech is a campaign attack on Republican candidate Richard Nixon. After Kennedy’s assassination, the plaza was renamed John f Kennedy plaza in honor of the late US President. In the hopes of reducing congestion and pollution, city bus stops around Kennedy plaza directions such as some of them being stopped on Washington, Westminster, and Weybosset streets were consolidated at Kennedy Plaza.

With the passage of time, the local company began to redesign efforts in the summer of 2014, changing the configuration of John f Kennedy Plaza and relocating current bus stop terminus points that were previously located at the Plaza. The Plaza was transformed into a pedestrian-friendly environment, with bus terminals relocated to the plaza’s outskirts and adjacent sights. One of them is the finest structure the Kenndy plaza is known as City hall park, the Exchange center, a brick-lined metropolitan center, the largest indoor shopping mall, and much more.  While moving in the streets of Washington D.C. 

kennedy-plaza-politicsPersonally, I found it worthwhile to visit these locations to explore various facilities such as lodging, purchasing daily necessities, or simply for recreation or enjoyment. Kennedy Plaza is one of them, located in the heart of Downtown Providence, near Rhode Island.

The Fantastic Features Of Kennedy Plaza Providence, RI

An Architectural historian, Wm. McKenzie described Kennedy Plaza as “The city’s most constantly reworked space.” Despite its flaws, Kennedy Plaza is a compelling open space with enchanting surroundings for visitors. You might come and adore the fascinating sights of a building that serves as a transportation hub and civic center.

In fact, for many years, Kennedy Plaza is modern Providence’s main hub for transportation — as more than 69,000 people move through this site daily. The center is designed as Exchange Place in the 19th century and has always served transportation needs.

In the past, Thousands of people stood here to see President Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Houdini, and most important and marvelous personality of presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. Today John f Kennedy plaza remains a gathering place for the community, anchored by three city parks, including the Bank Newport City Center & The Providence Rink, which features ice skating, recreational activities, music, and arts.

Come Forward to the Greater Kennady plaza and explore what you need — a Massive facilitator that has down-to-dusk facilities and currently serves three somewhat disparate “purposes”: greenbelt (Burnside Park), the Kennedy plaza ice rink, and the bus passenger terminal. These areas are separated by roads with vehicular traffic, which disrupts the park’s flow and detracts from the pedestrian experience. In addition, one of the oldest places for business opportunities, bus terminal and in coming times, something more and more to explore.

Every time you go there, the changes happen again, because of strong business participants who revitalize Kennedy Plaza and its adjoining sides. Downtown’s master planners have figured out how to muck up Kennedy Plaza once again. Actually, The firm develops pedestrian-friendly public spaces in an effort to boost real estate values and major investments in Providence.

Perhaps, the long-term development and the nine unique destinations that serve multiple public requirements are being developed. Business owners want to design their business centers in the best locations. For this purpose, transformation happens again and again.

Central Square—a central meeting point with unobstructed space that can be used for events and festivals both during the day and at night, the location is buzzing with art, food, and entertainment performances.

Civic Plaza— the front porch of city hall used as the venue of political speeches and events such as various heroes in the past, came here and gathered thousands of fans. The area will be improved with added seating and planting. 

Market Square — anticipated as the plaza’s economic powerhouse, with an active market, a coffee house with both indoor and outdoor facilities, and entertainment.

Judicial Square — features more planned and structured botanical gardens and moveable sittings.

Bank of America City Center – The area will remain in use as a skating rink, but new recreational uses will be explored. The surrounding area will be designed to make the space adaptable for different event uses. New retail buildings will be constructed to accommodate a wide range of activities.

Burnside Park – Tangible advancements will transform into a popular destination for people and families pursuing relaxation and recreational activities. A swimming fountain, sand volleyball courts, expanded children’s play area, exercise facilitator, and art exhibitions are among the additional options being perceived in the coming era). 

Biltmore Plaza and Gardens – Landscaping, and programming improvements in this section of the plaza will transform it into a quiet, lush garden with a gazebo that can be used for special events like wedding events or simply as a peaceful reading area for the nearby hotels, business owners, and citizens.

Burnside park and Biltmore Park have introduced some rules and regulations. While you are walking in the area, you can understand that the management applies these rules strictly, many sign boards are placed here.

  • Fire prohibited area
  • Deposit all trash in the trashbin
  • Don`t pick or step on flowers
  • While walking, don`t feed pigeons and squirrels
  • Skateboard, rollerblading and scooters are not allowed
  • Tobacco and other drug-addicted products are not allowed

Timing: Open 7 am – 9 pm Daily


When you entered the urban Kennedy park plaza, you would experience various entertainment facilities. By 11 a.m., this small park has become a crowded and bustling place, with families and children who come to watch a local storyteller performance, and other children building Lego towers or experiencing the park’s boat sculpture. While artists are busy preparing for Art in the Park, passersby simply enjoy the scenery while waiting for the lunchtime food trucks to arrive.

The following year, Art in the Kennedy park plaza and a mobile playground were added. Although these appear to be children-only programs. Local authorities were determined to create activities that would appeal to a wide range of users. There is always something that engages parents on a deeper level and that children can enjoy. Seeing the parents play is one of my favorite things. 

Terrace –  numerous flat terraces will be built as a way to host retail, including a beer garden and many other opportunities for restaurants at Exchange Terrace to have a presence on the park, while also providing a setting overlooking events at the Bank of America Center. 

Gateway – This area serves as the visual connection facing the Providence train station and should be improved as a park gateway through signage, wayfinding, and interactive sculptures.

In fact, as a getaway from downtown providence, more than 40,000 people visit the plaza every day. The plaza is advanced storage of the main transportation hub, where close up to 69,000 people walk through it daily. Originally known as Exchange Place in the nineteenth century, this plaza has always served as a transportation hub. 

The Spacious Bus Terminal In  Kennedy Plaza Providence, RI: 


When I need to ride on public transit, I am surprised to know I am part of America’s largest public Transit community so are you! Whether you are once in a blue moon rider or usually use it for connecting to the other parts of Providence, or just to enjoy Instagram places of Downtown it never disappointed you.

But for some past timing, there are loud voices sounded with a proposal of shutting down the Kennedy Plaza, in this manner the critical transportation center would suffer serious problems and probably impact those whole rely on the public transport system.

The bus terminal serves more than 15,000 boarding passengers weekly. The passenger of the buses belong to diverse communities– some of them are low-income holders.      

The Kennedy plaza bus schedule welcomes its tourists in two familiar languages English and Spanish. The building has a woody interior, art laboratories, and an information booth. If you want to enter the park, just wait for a while and take some time by using one of the electronic ticket booths with the following steps

  • Select ticket 
  • Insert currency 
  • Take ticket 

 Note: Fair prices may vary

Are you looking for a lovely place to live in a warm and welcoming environment? Kennedy Plaza apartments feature newly renovated studio, one, and two-bedroom units! All three buildings have completely renovated units with new appliances and vinyl flooring! During the cold months, energy-efficient windows help keep your place warm! Surprisingly, the electricity, hot water, and warm facilities all are included in the rent.

Kenndy Plaza Accommodation

kennedy-plaza-accoumendationKennedy Plaza apartments have versatile balconies, which provide stunning views of Downtown Providence during the day and especially at night. If you live in the tower, residents interact or participate in activities in the large community room. offers some other additional facilities such as the on-call maintenance staff, professionally trained that keep home safe and secure 24 hours a day.

Amenities Included:

  • Walk-in closet
  • Off street parking
  • Brand new Cabinets
  • Newly designed rooms
  • Locates near the bus routes
  • Large size bathroom with closet
  • Private balcony with Fantastic views

Maybe in the upcoming era plaza unveiled some more Instagram features including those that call tourists globally.

Likewise, there is another spectacular addition in the providence that is world widely known as 50 Kennedy plaza or Fleet center. The providence is drastically increasing and postmodern skyscrapers developed. Currently, one of the sixth highest buildings is 256 feet high and stands northeast of current Kennedy. The structure is sandwiched between one financial center and Industrial National Bank Building. According to architectural historian William Woodward, it is “a trifle too low for the site.” However, when combined with its two neighbors, the building forms one of the most management to identify the Providence skyline.

Just have to be aware of your surroundings.


Take Away

In a nutshell, by collecting the ground realities, I come to the result that Kennedy Plaza is renowned as a tremendous center in DownTown.The populous city has the competency of endless possibilities whether these belong to the business, fulfilling amazing living standards, resourceful transport hub, enthusiastic parks, formerly Exchange center and much more such known as True civic center of the city.

Expectedly, The Kennedy Plaza would transform on and on. The old generation has a different prospect of viewing and the present generation has different. Just wait and watch to explore ambiguous features that would be uncovered in the coming magnificent centuries. The plans may include new traffic plans and expansion or demolition or maybe changes happening in the transport center that directly affects local passengers and tourists also.

I hope advancements and plans become fruition for homeless locals that drag pictures of the town, specifically effect on travelers who come to spend money and explore the indescribable charm of Kennedy Plaza. In Addition, if you want to explore some other glorious places of the United States of America, come forward to make a connection with traveling Guru Litso travel and Tour and unveil the limitless boundaries of the USA. 

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