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Amazing Things To Explore In Seaside Florida-The Sunshine State

by Tayebah Malik
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The city of love needs no introduction. Whether these are the best small beach towns in Florida to the Florida road trip, this fantastic destination without a doubt gives you goosebumps. However, one of the nicest things to do is to visit Seaside, Florida. Florida’s coast is a popular travel location for numerous reasons. First of all, it is located in the USA that is well-liked by tourists from over the globe. Second, Seaside, Florida offers a wide variety of activities. Every beach lover’s fantasy comes true in this tiny town, which is known for its shimmering shore, expansive white sand, and attractive pastel buildings. The welcoming attitude and wealth of things to do in this Florida beach town will entice you to return time and time again.

Fun Things To Do In Seaside Florida-The City Of Love

Incredibly charming small-town Seaside, Florida offers a ton of entertaining activities. On your upcoming holiday, this gorgeous location is exactly what you want to detach from reality and unwind! The greatest things to explore in Seaside, Florida, are listed below if you’re thinking about visiting this tiny piece of paradise. 

Do Some Yoga In The Pavillion

Joining a yoga session conducted in the Seaside Pavillion is one of the most calming things to do when visiting the Seaside if you require some sitting in the downward dog. Listen to the tranquil wave’s sound as you inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Weather permitting, vinyasa courses are offered on weekdays at 8:30 AM. Cash, checks, or Venmo can be used to pay for classes. It’s first come, first served as well as a limited amount of space, so arrive early!

Take A Swim At Seagrove Beach

Seagrove Beach, another of the busiest 30A beaches of Scenic Highway, includes several public beach access sites, including San Juan Beach Access. The center of Seagrove is where this beach is located. Get here early because there isn’t much parking at San Juan Beach Access. This beach has few facilities, but the stunning vistas of the Gulf more than try to compensate for it! The beach at Seagrove is a terrific area for sunbathing or just hanging out with your loved ones.

Walk Around The Town

Everything in Seaside is under strict regulation, including the type of homes built, the street size, and the trees that are planted. All residences have front patios and picket fences and are constructed by the accepted “Seaside Code.” The town was planned to be very walkable, with vehicles allowed but not encouraged as the primary form of transportation. The town plaza in The Seaside is charming and features a sizable outdoor amphitheater. Most mornings and evenings of the year feature musical and theatrical acts here. 

Explore The Interesting Sundog Books

Visit this charming neighborhood bookshop to experience browsing the row of bookshelves like the lead character in a classic Hollywood movie. Located in the center of Seaside, Sundog Books is really a family-run bookstore that has existed operating for 30 years. This modest bookstore’s wide range of book genres will be appreciated by bibliophiles. If you’re searching for a certain book, ensure that you ask the bookstore’s friendly staff for help in locating it. Make sure to visit this bookstore to experience the welcoming, cozy atmosphere of the space.

Relax Your Cravings At Great Southern Cafe

Visitors rank it as one of the top experiences in Seaside and a unique location. It tells the tale of both species and individuals. It combines flavors for global appeal, southern cookery, and fish products. The Cafe serves meals such as Fried Green Tomatoes, Crab Cakes, and New Orleans Inspired Seafood Gumbo. Pensacola Pulled Pork, Bansalmic Salmon, and many more are also included. Additionally, it has a distinctive vibe that stays with guests long after their visits. It is a restaurant with excellent service, delicious food, and many of Seaside’s best cocktails.

Explore The Farmers Market

Located in Central Square, close to Modica Market, amid the Seaside’s stores and food carts! Central Square is really a lush green park area with plenty of space for children to run about and play, making it one of the most tranquil things to enjoy on the seaside. It’s also a fantastic place to watch a Florida sunset! Visit this location every Saturday for several annual events such as the Harvest Wine and Food Festival as well as Seaside Farmers Market. Bring your own chairs or just relax on the grass with your loved ones for a fun evening!

Wonder Yourself At Seaside’s Famous Purple Wall

Be sure to look out for the renowned Vincent Scully mural, which is a wall painting the size of a wall, as you walk around Seaside Central Square. The painting honors Vincent Scully’s achievements as an artwork and architectural historian and professor. Vincent Scully was one of Seaside’s first backers who thought the coastal city had the potential to grow into a lovely urban community, and he encouraged several architectural students who came up with the vision of Seaside. Andrew Pisacane, popularly known as Gaia, a well-known street artist, produced the wall-sized artistic portraiture.

Sate Your Appetite At Bud Ans Alley’s Rooftop Bar

A seaside destination and the beach neighborhood’s longest-running restaurant is Bud and Alley’s in Florida. It was established in the early 19s by neighborhood surfers and features both vintage and contemporary settings. Come and enjoy yourself at the bar while getting excellent service and delicious meals from some of Florida’s top servers. The rooftop bar has a peaceful atmosphere and offers stunning sunset views. Fantastic location for anyone who wants dinner with breathtaking views.

Enjoy A Surfing Lesson

The beach waves are good enough for those who have never attempted surfing while not being well-known as a hotspot. Surfing lessons are a lot of fun and a great method of spending time on the beach with your family. A nearby local service provider provides courses with a kid-centric approach. With an emphasis on fun and water safety, trained teachers lead both private and group lessons. The necessary equipment is available, and if it gets too chilly, the reputable staff will lend you a wetsuit.

Glass Works At Fine Art Glass

Be astounded by the one-of-a-kind creations created by the more than 100 featured artists when you visit Fusion Art Glass & Fine Jewelry, a distinctive art glass exhibit in Seaside. You must visit this spot if you appreciate original art so that you can explore the superfine art museum and gaze at the exquisite pieces on display. Fusion Art Glass and Fine Jewelry offer a large selection of glass art pieces, including both functional and decorative crafts, as well as jewelry, metal objects, coins, ceramics, and other products.

Relax At Ruskin Park, Central Square

Ruskin Park is the perfect place to go if you wish to spend the morning at the community center where you can relax and take in the energetic atmosphere of Seaside. This charming park is situated at Seaside’s Central Square northside, where you can take a leisurely stroll through the heart of the city while being accompanied by art galleries and boutiques. You can take a seat under the shade of the enormous oak trees that line the entire park if you become too exhausted to tour the city.

Eat At Seaside Merchants

Seaside vendors offer a variety of goods and enjoy window browsing. At Modica Market, in addition to Duckies, Sundog Books, the Art of Simple, and Mercantile, you may window shop while enjoying a delicious snack. At Seaside Merchants, there is a lot to view through the windows, including different things to purchase, read, wear, eat, and many other things. Put yourself there and take advantage of the shopping and other special activities.

Eat From The Food Trucks

The numerous food trucks at Central Square just along the highway catch your eye as you pass through Seaside, Florida. The things you’re looking for are available in these airstream trailers, including gyros, barbecue, hot dogs, shaved ice, and grilled cheese. The majority of food trucks also provide drinks or alcohol. At the town plaza, gather some food and enjoy a small picnic. There is lots of room to spread out and enjoy your meal here. Alternatively, you can cross the street and sit down at the beach. Alternatively, you can cross the street and sit down at the beach.

Ride Bikes Around the Town

The greatest way to discover Seaside, Florida’s top attraction is on two wheels! The town has many scenic pathways to visit and was planned with bike and pedestrian traffic in mind. Being a small town, Seaside makes it simple to navigate without getting lost. And if you actually get lost, it’s alright; you’ll ultimately return to the beach or your starting point. There are a few real bike paths in the vicinity if you wish to enhance your biking skills.

Stroll Around The Beach

Speaking of sunsets, watching one on the beach is one of the nicest things to experience in Seaside, Florida. Nothing compares to a stroll along the beach at sunset. A beautiful experience is created when the water’s sound breaking against the beach, the aroma of salt, and the sensation of sand under your feet all come together. Deep blue hues give way to pink and orange as the sun sets, and gold streaks appear in the sky. The sunsets over Seaside beaches are something you won’t soon forget.

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