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10 Unique Things To Do In Bermuda-Dive Into The Discovery

by Tayebah Malik
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Welcome to Bermuda, the dream destination that has it all! This enchanting island getaway offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. From lounging on pink sand beaches to snorkeling among vibrant reefs, you’ll be immersed in nature’s beauty. Indulge in luxurious spa treatments, savor world-class cuisine, and stroll along charming streets adorned with pastel-colored buildings. With a sub-tropical climate, Bermuda welcomes you with blue skies and gentle trade winds, making every day a delight. Whether you seek family fun, a romantic escape, or thrilling activities like cliff jumping and whale watching, Bermuda promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler. So, pack your bags and let Bermuda cast its magical spell on you with these top things to do in Bermuda, the east coast of the US!

About Getting Around Bermuda


Renting a scooter and exploring Bermuda is the greatest way to get around. When exploring Bermuda, things to do, you may cherish the freedom of hiring a motorbike and traveling the entire island. Since insurance costs an additional $15 one day, you will feel confident knowing that should something go wrong as the roads are secure and well-maintained. Without a doubt, it’s a fantastic way to discover Bermuda. It does not have standard automobile rentals, but you may now rent small electric vehicles to get around the island.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda

Wide pink-sand beaches, rich tropical nature paths, stunning parks, thrilling water activities, UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as charming Bermuda traditions are just a few of the unique things to do in Bermuda. These are a few of the most enjoyable activities you may enjoy while on vacation in Bermuda.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse


One of the first cast iron lighthouses in the world, the 117-foot-tall structure was constructed in 1846 by British Royal Engineers, and today there are only two left. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse’s 185-step spiral staircase will reward climbers with breathtaking views of the land and sea. The lighthouse, which is roughly in the middle of the island, provides views of South Shore with Little Sound as well as Hamilton’s beautiful pastel-colored white-roofed structures as well as the Royal Naval Dockyard. Reward yourself again by eating a delicious burger and pizza at the restaurant located on the grounds of the lighthouse, which was formerly the lighthouse keeper’s residence.

Horseshoe Bay Beach


Horseshoe Bay in Southampton Parish serves as one of Bermuda’s most popular beaches, making it difficult to get a good place on the sand, particularly if a cruise ship is in port. Horseshoe’s blushing sand is lovely year-round, but around October to May, the water is icy, so unless you relish a cool dip, you should avoid the tide. However, Horseshoe is a lovely place for romantic walks down the sand even in the winter months. Additionally, if you’re in town for Easter, you must make a special trek to the beautiful spot for a glimpse of the stunning, individually made Bermudian kites soaring high on Good Friday. The icing on the cake is that there are many beachfront restaurants to pick from if you become hungry.

Bike The Railway Trail


Follow the Bermuda Railway Trail, an old railroad bed that meanders around most of the island, for an unmatched view of Bermuda’s breathtaking natural splendor. This is one of the top things to do in Bermuda, no matter if you bike, hike, or just take a leisurely stroll along the trail. It’s simple to walk or ride bike parts of the path and depart where it’s convenient because there are numerous trail entrances spread out over the island, one of which is just a short distance from the Royal Naval Dockyard. The track showcases the island’s breathtaking surroundings and follows the Bermuda Railway‘s original route, which started running in the 1930s when cars weren’t permitted on the island. The landscape is diverse and includes steep areas, beaches, old bridges, and flat, paved sections. You’ll pass lush vegetation, fragrant trees, and vibrant flowers on the route.

Rent A Twizy


In Bermuda, you cannot rent a gas-powered vehicle, either at the airport or in the city. However, you can hire a Twizy, an electric two-seater automobile with a cartoonish appearance. The adorable vehicle is ideal for transportation as you visit the island in comfort and at your own speed. (In Bermuda, a round-trip drive only takes around an hour.) The Twizy fleet is parked next to the Hamilton Princess Hotel. Renting one runs from $150 to $200 per day. Renting a moped at one of the many outlets on the island is another way to get around. Of course, there are other taxis with a simple and effective network.

Do A Rum Tasting


Thanks to the Gosling family, who arrived in Bermuda in 1806, rum plays a significant role in the island’s history and way of life. The well-known Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail, which is mixed with ginger beer, is powered by their island-blended Black Seal rum, which was given that name because bottles used to be sealed with black wax. The 1932 fruit juice-based Rum Swizzle, which is enthusiastically drunk at Bailey’s Bay’s grubby and enormously popular Swizzle Inn tavern, is made with the same spirit. The Frog & Onion Pub, housed in the opulent former cooperage in the Royal Naval Dockyard, is another popular drinking establishment. Its menu, which is unashamedly British and features roast beef, curries, chips, and fish as well as a “true English pint” of Bermuda-brewed ale, is sure to please.

Front Street


Front Street is the central business district of Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital city. The beautiful port lies on the south side of the street, and the north part of the street is lined with vibrant colonial buildings, making for a picturesque stretch that tourists like. Visit a high-end store or boutique while you’re out exploring, enjoy a meal at one of the many eateries, or just watch the locals as they commute to and from work. For a really Bermudian fashion oddity, keep an eye out for the males wearing the typical Bermuda shorts & knee-length socks. After sunset, the region transforms into a popular destination for nightlife and amusement. Recent visitors reported that Front Street offers a variety of sights and activities, including Goslings Rum tastings at the Birdcage, a well-known cocktail establishment. In the summer, Wednesday nights are when Harbour Night is held in the region. From 7 to 10 p.m., the roadway closes to traffic and comes alive with local sellers, costumed dancers, food, drink, and music.

Crystal And Fantasy Caves


Take a guided tour to cool off and descend 120 ft underground to experience the Crystal Cave’s underground realm. The cave, one of Bermuda’s top tourist destinations, was found by two lads in 1907 and is said to be at least a million years old. Be in awe of the stunning stalactites and stalagmites that have developed since the Ice Age. Walk a pontoon bridge across a subterranean lake that changes color in accordance with the tides of the sea. Learn about the freshly uncovered underground amphitheater. Explore Fantasy Cave, the younger sibling of Crystal Cave. It is more compact and smaller than Crystal Cave, but it has a larger lake inside and ancient mineral formations on the walls that look like frozen waterfalls.

Dolphin Quest 

Dolphin Quest, which is housed inside the National Museum of Bermuda‘s protected lagoons, offers a wonderfully interactive and animal-friendly experience. Many elements of the trip were valued by our trio. You observed the connection between the leader, a marine mammal expert, and the dolphins. The educational experience was enjoyable as well because we had time to swim with the dolphins in the crystal-clear sea. Additionally, Dolphin Quest has an excellent special needs program that is completely accessible. Visitors at Dolphin Quest Bermuda have the chance to see, interact with, and interact with dolphins in a safe, realistic ocean lagoon setting. This facility enables visitors to take advantage of on-site interactive activities in a setting that is secure and welcoming for both our visitors and our dolphins.

Bermuda Aquarium

Once you drop your head underwater on one of Bermuda’s reefs, your eyes will pop, and you’ll immediately want to know the details of what you can see. One of the largest displays of living coral in the world, the 140,000-gallon North Rock display is a good place to start before moving on to the fish. Here, over 200 different species are displayed in a number of gigantic tanks, and you’re sure to be inspired. The Maria Celestia perfume, which recreates a rare aroma found in bottles from an 1864 shipwreck, is a unique memento to look out for. Keep in mind that some stores, including Marks & Spencer, don’t give their services on Sundays. In the spring, the Aquarium offers whale-watching excursions. Perhaps you might visit the Crystal and Fantasy Caves as well. These limestone tunnels are a frightening and fascinating delight, full of deep saltwater pools and studded with stalactites and stalagmites.

Pink Sand Beach


Pink-hued beaches are among Bermuda’s best, and they are both stunning and renowned. Although Horseshoes Bay Beach has its own name as the beach with the most Instagram followers worldwide there is no one other than Coral Beach in Bermuda. The small form of coral in the reef off Bermuda’s coast that cleans up on the shore is what gives this pink sand beach its color. Coral is destroyed by the sea’s motion as it is washed up on the shore and combines with the sand. It eventually takes on a stunning pink hue. There are numerous places to rent beach gear. Additionally, there are more sophisticated restaurants and a casual cafe close by. Baby Beach, a portion of the beach divided by a sizable rock formation, is ideal for families since it has quiet, crystal-clear waters with a shallow shelf. 

Bottom Line 

In the embrace of Bermuda’s captivating beauty, a world of enchantment awaits every traveler. From the timeless allure of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse to the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay Beach, the island’s riches are abundant and diverse. With endless adventures and breathtaking sights, there’s no shortage of things to do in Bermuda. Let this island paradise cast its spell on you, weaving memories of a lifetime in its enchanting embrace.

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