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Cool Things To Explore In Lanesboro, Minnesota

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Situated in southeast Lanesboro, Minnesota provides camping, art, ancient museums, environmental experiences, and a bicycle track that is appropriate for all skill levels. Regardless of your level of cycling proficiency, you will enjoy the State Trail of Root River. The charm will draw you in as you wander the streets of Lanesboro. The Root River Valley’s bluffs offer year-round opportunities for you to enjoy. In general, when visiting Lanesboro, you may choose to be as active or as laid back as you like.

Wonderful Experience In Lanesboro Minnesota

Lanesboro is a magnificent attraction near the Wisconsin border and is situated about 2 hours southeast of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the twin cities. It is roughly halfway between Rochester, Minnesota, and La Crosse, Wisconsin. A popular feature of Lanesboro is its wide variety of beds and meals. It’s a fascinating and interesting experience if you’ve never been to a bed and breakfast before. Here are a few things to enjoy in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Explore Culture At Bluffscape Amish Tours

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Lanesboro is Bluffscape Amish Tours. It is enjoyable to learn about Amish culture and have an engaging and instructive tour through the largest Amish rural community in Southeast Minnesota. A wonderful trip to see how the Amish live simply and modestly amid the rolling green hills of their farms is offered by Bluffscape Amish Tours. In this attractive location, one can enjoy a distinct Christian society lifestyle. Horses and buggies can be seen ambling slowly through the tranquil Amish farms of Bluffscape.

Lanesboro Minnesota

Shop Like Royals At Little River General Store

The Little River Shopping Center is a filled canoe, kayaking, and bicycle repair facility as well as an all-season outfitter. In Lanesboro, you can rent a kayak or a bicycle for your outdoor adventure. Additionally, a tube shuttle facility and tube rentals are offered. I was captivated by the structure that houses this store. It is situated next to the cycling trail in the center of Lanesboro. The structure has personality. It’s the ideal area to park a ton of kayaks and bicycles, as well as a nice spot to pick up some trinkets and food for the journey.

Enjoy Some Meal At Juniper’s Restaurant

The patios of Juniper’s Restaurant are guaranteed the best in town! The eatery is perched directly above the river, so you can enjoy the sounds of the water running and feel a refreshing wind off the water. After a full day of exploration, the welcoming atmosphere is the ideal way to unwind. Despite the menu’s tiny size, it includes options for people with various dietary needs and restrictions. There are lots of options that are vegan, diet, and dairy-free! Be prepared for substantial and filling portions.

Explore Lanesboro Arts

In Lanesboro, Minnesota, there is a fantastic art center called Lanesboro Arts, which is blessed with a wide range of artistic expression. It’s a non-profit, interdisciplinary arts organization that supports local established and up-and-coming artists and supports the arts. For anyone who likes art, it is a wonderful site to visit. For more than 35 years, Lanesboro Arts have offered a dazzlingly diverse artistic range of performance experiences to numerous people and the Lanesborocity  

Entertain Yourself At Lanesboro Golf Club

The stunning Lanesboro Golf Club is a great spot to go when vacationing in the fantastic Lanesboro, particularly for tourists who enjoy playing golf. It is the one golf course in the community and has a length of 5,458 yards. This outstanding golf club was founded in 1929 and currently offers a terrific golfing experience. It is a great option to play enjoyable rounds of golf frequently. It’s a brand-new location where loved ones may come together and have a great time doing something fun. Just placed yourself here as it is without a doubt, a more spectacular golfing adventure has excellent facilities and equipment to use.

Lanesboro Minnesota

Buy Gifts At The Fabric Garden Of Cheryl

You will enjoy everything Cheryl’s Fabric Garden must offer if you’re a quilter. Join a quilting getaway with your friends for an enjoyable sewing experience. This Lanesboro quilt business is prepared to welcome you whether you are an experienced quilter or are just starting out. This store carries a wide variety of textiles, including quilts, table runners, quilted handbags, tablecloths, aprons, napkins, wall hangings, art quilts, and placemats. Cheryl also focuses on assisting her clients in producing unique goods.

Sweet Your Tooth At Pastry Shoppe

You never realize what’s on the menu at Pastry Shoppe of The Lanesboro until you get there, which makes it special. There is no doubt that you may find anything to eat. Ask if you can’t see it. Popular menu items include blueberry scones, waffles, and pancakes. This is the ideal place to stop for brunch when traveling the Root River Trail if you’re an early bird. Given that they do not take credit cards, please have cash on hand if you don’t want to wash their dishes.


Release Stress At Commonweal Theatre Company

The performing arts center Commonweal Theatre Group in Lanesboro is fascinating and enjoyable. It is among the top theater groups and is located in the picturesque heart of Minnesota, in the heritage area of Lanesboro. Every interested visitor to the business can enjoy the top-notch theater, which offers a comprehensive creative experience. It is a beautiful theater that is listed among the top attractions and things to do in Lanesboro.

Grab Fish At Fly Fishing

The Root River can help with fly fishing excursions in the Fully depleted Area of southeast Minnesota. In Lanesboro, you may order all of the necessary fly-fishing equipment or schedule a professional fly-fishing trip. Both organized walk fly fishing trips and guided boat outings are offered. Book a visit at the beautiful Bue Apartment in Lanesboro, which is located just above the shop, if you require a place to rest after your enjoyable day spent fishing your line.

Lanesboro Minnesota

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