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Things To Do In Beaufort, SC  

by Tayebah Malik
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Beaufort is a beautiful town in south Carolina and has a rich history. South Carolina can prove to be one of the best destinations for your tours and you will find many best things to do in Beaufort, the country’s major city. Gorgeous coastal views and many other adventures on the water enhance the beauty of Beaufort. It has beautiful beaches where you can relax and take an easy breath on the large swing overlooking the river. 

In Beaufort, you can see the culture of the city union cooperation and get a closer exposure to the Gullah Geechee, the language of the west and central Africans. In general, there are many unique things to do in Beaufort SC as well as fun things to do in Beaufort SC that will live within you for a lifetime. 

In Beaufort SC, you will find many restaurants, historical homes, parks, and wide beaches. Travelers that are passionate to get a deep exposure of the historical villages of the U.S, should book a trip to Beaufort and fetch its history. That is because this historical village was established in 1711 during the exploration of Spaniards and french surrounding regions. Other than history, there is a lot you can do in Beaufort and the article includes a brief of these activities. Let’s get along to explore this less-famous but worth-visiting town! 

Enjoy a Day In The Sun At Beaufort Beaches

There are different beaches to do fun things in Beaufort. You have to pick one beach to enjoy your holidays. Keep the following things in mind while choosing the beach for you. Here are the details mentioned of every beach. 

Hunting Island Beach

Hunting island beach is a more famous and well-known beach in Beaufort. It is located inside the hunting island state park some five miles away from the sandy, famous flower shop. It is the busiest beach because of its popularity in the world and you will see millions of visitors on this beach. You can soak your skin under the sun on these beaches and enjoy the fresh water in an eye-catching environment.

There are many kid-friendly things to do in Beaufort sc beaches like hunting island beach. You will see much local wildlife on this beach and this area is a loggerhead area for the nesting season during the summer season. You will see many varieties of birds like seabirds or shorebirds when you are swimming on this beach. During the migration of these birds, it is the most famous place to feed them as well as a nest for them.

Hunting island beach is open at the same time as the park and you can get permission from the beach by paying the fee of the park. You can enjoy them from 6 AM to 6 PM but it can be different on the holidays or the special event day. 

The Sands Beach

If you are finding a beach that is more close to Beaufort,  then you can see only sands beach. The sand beach is the perfect match for you because it is the nearest and free public beach and it is located at the point where battery creek meets with Beaufort river in port royal. This is famous for unique things to do in Beaufort like soaking up under the sun and playing volleyball on the beach. 

You can also enjoy hunting for shark teeth on this beach. For this purpose, you should wear shoes because many oyster shell clusters are too sharp. If you want to see the surrounding sights, then you should not forget to check the four-story tall observation tower on the henry Robinson boardwalk. Additionally, it is a famous spot for fishing. 

Sands beach is much more similar to Daytona beach because you can drive your car and park on both beaches. If you are doing this fun thing on the Beaufort, you should check the tide schedule and not attempt these things during the high tide. 

Lands End Beach

If you are looking for a crowd-free beach, then lands end beach – Lands End Beach – is the best option for you. It is a favorite beach among the local visitor and it is difficult to find out this beach. It is most famous for the family things to do in Beaufort. The public beach that is present down to the Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard on st. Helena Island on the place at which port royal sound meets the Beaufort river. 

It is a secluded beach and its access is a little tricky. Lands Ends Beach does not include the car parking area even if a small car can not be parked along the road. This beach will be the best opportunity when you are traveling from the little quiet time travel.

Outdoor Fun Enjoying Beaufort’s Parks & Trails

The beautiful Beaufort offers many opportunities to go outside and enjoy your holidays and trips. All of the parts of this coastal town have many beautiful spectacular views that can be seen and can be enjoyed.  

Hunting Island State Park

Hunting island state park is the most popular that contains a beach inside it. Many visitors that like to see the marine, as well as the wildlife, come here to entertain themselves. It is spread among 5000 acres of the South Carolina Lowcountry. You will be entertained by its marshes and maritime forest as well as saltwater and ocean inlet. This is a great place for romantic things to do in Beaufort and for enjoying outdoor activities during your stay at Beaufort.  

Besides the beautiful Hunting Island Beach, you’ll find plenty of marshes and maritime forest acreage, as well as a saltwater lagoon and ocean inlet. As I’m sure you can imagine, this is a great place to visit if you’re looking for some outdoor activities during your stay in Beaufort. The park is relatively short but it provides the best way to enjoy the natural surroundings and wildlife. In this park, you mostly see the oaks and Spanish moss in their maritime forest. 

Furthermore, it includes many varieties of local wildlife that are ranging from raccoons to alligators. It is a great place to enjoy bird watching everything from painted buntings to herons’ frequent hunting island. 

Its timing is like the hunting island beach and it opens daily from 6 AM to 6 PM and the closing time is usually extended to 9 PM during the summer month. There is a fee for entering the park and it includes the entire park including the beach. If you are traveling with your pet, you will just pay special attention to signage and a handful of restrictions when it comes to access. 

Hunting Island Lighthouse

Hunting Island lighthouse is one of the lighthouses in South Carolina that is opened publicly. It is an excellent spot to view the coastal surrounding and is loved by many visitors. Along with this the harbor town lighthouse in the Hilton head sea pines is also opened publicly. 

The hunting visitors also climb the 167 steps to reach the top and which will be 130 feet above the ground. You can enjoy the sight of the South Carolina coast nearby the maritime forest. Let’s take a look at its history. It is formed in 1859 and after that is destroyed during the civil war. 

It was completely rebuilt again in 1875 and made up on the base of the design that is ever needed for the lighthouse and also composed of interchangeable cast iron pieces. The lighthouse is open publicly for climbing on most days of the year but sometimes it is closed on days of bad weather and on Christmas day. 

A small amount is required for the administration fee to see the town from the top of the lighthouse. You should ensure the days while planning to visit here. And double check the timing of the visiting hours or seasons. 

Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

Henry C. Chambers waterfront park is near downtown Beaufort. You should visit this place while planning to do unique things in Beaufort. It is named by the local Beaufort mayor that spends a lot amount of money to produce green space in Beaufort. It is open for both local marina and free local spots to enjoy the Beaufort waterfront views in the downtown core. 

If you want to do things in Beaufort today, then you can enjoy its 7 acres of green space. It is a dog-friendly park and its walking paths offer to see live oaks and palmettos. You can see many young visitors that enjoy the waterfront playground and lid back picnic rooms in this park. 

The park has a safe for drinking water and restrooms along have includes plenty of beaches to a lounge to take the view of the harbor. It has a free parking area while some stations need a little amount of parking.

Spanish Moss Trail

Spanish moss trail is an awesome trail that is located outside of Beaufort city. It has 10 miles of paved 12 feet wide paths and six parking trailheads. There are many fun things to do in Beaufort to get an experience of the Lowcountry wilderness. 

This is only open for pedestrians and non-motorized transportation and you can not travel with a bike. You can enjoy the lashed walk with your best friend and will find a couple of the restrooms onsite. If you are looking for beautiful marsh and coastal views then you should choose this park but the wildlife is not mentioned in the park. You can visit this on any day between dawn and dusk for free. 

The Top Beaufort Restaurants You Need To Try

The vocations are not enjoyable if you missed the local cocktail and snack. Here are the beautiful restaurants where many cool things to do in Beaufort town. Here is some listed restaurant that is described below to choose for your vocations and visit. 

Plums Restaurant

Plums restaurant is located near henry c. chamber waterfront park in the historical downtown Beaufort. This restaurant contains the sample local seasonal goods that are harvested from the nearby farms and seafood suppliers that will provide the Lowcountry flare. 

If you are a seafood lover then you should visit here to enjoy the seafood dishes like half-shell oysters, fried oysters, and the oyster tower. Additionally, it includes pan-seared cakes and gumbo. You can find the plumbs that are the healthy selection of burgers and salads for you. 

There should be no need to go the extra mile in planning your visit to plums. It is open every day of the week from 11 AM to 9 PM. If you want to enjoy the view of the waterfront park, then ask them for an outside table to enjoy lunch and dinner with relaxation. 

Breakwater Resturent & Bar

Breakwater Restaurant and Bar is another featured restaurant that contains a menu guided by the local seasonal ingredients. Its mission is to provide services that are based on local sources. Located near the gem in the center of Beaufort national historical district. Its menu includes traditional Lowcountry dishes and seafood plates like tuna Crudo and spicy calamari. 

You can try the petite steaks or diver scallops when you are bored with the little snacks. They also served house-made bourbon ice cream in this restaurant. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 9:30 PM and later on the bar is opened in this place. While planning to visit this site, you should keep in mind the Sunday holiday of the restaurant. 

Common Ground

If you are looking for pick-up services, you should check the common ground coffee shop. It provides good services including the best coffee, breakfast, and sandwich for overlooking the waterfront. If you visited this, then you should not forget to enjoy the freshly baked pastry. Lunch option includes flat grilled sandwiches, salads that are more gelato, and smoothies. 


There are many things to do in Beaufort sc on your vacations and trips. You will get to experience its history as well as explore its beautiful spots. There are many things to do in Beaufort for couples, too, because the city is rich with romantic hotels as well as beach spots. You can visit its beaches and lighthouse that are publicly open for visitors. In general, regardless of your taste, there’s a lot you can experience and enjoy in Beaufort – all you have to do is, pack your bag and grab a tour package! 

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