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8 Most Walkable Cities In The US- Explore The Foot-Friendly Gems

To Make Your Next Trip Enchanting

by Tayebah Malik
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Walking offers you a unique view of a location that driving cannot, making it the ideal way to explore a new area. Additionally, there are many advantages to traveling to an American walkable city, like the opportunity to see various sights, take in the local way of life, maintain good health, and most importantly, save some cash. 

Not to mention, by lowering your carbon footprint, you’ll be helping the earth. I’ll go over some of the most walkable cities in the US in this post. So, you can be sure that these walking locations are lovely and full of interesting things to do because I am a sucker for enchantment.

Why Consider Walkable Cities 

Walkable cities are becoming more and more popular for good reasons. They support sustainability, advance justice, and provide financial advantages. Extensive research and statistical evidence substantiate the benefits of pedestrian-friendly surroundings. 

Although there isn’t much pedestrian-centric construction happening in the United States right now, there is still a chance to create livable, safe, and environmentally conscious neighborhoods. 

Living in the best walking cities is preferred by more than 50% of all Americans because it allows for in-depth exploration of the city, provides accessible and reasonably priced transportation, and has a favorable effect on happiness and physical health. This choice highlights how crucial it is to design urban areas that prioritize walkability for both the environment and the well-being of those who live there.


Most Walkable Cities In The US

These best walkable cities in the US have plenty of activities, dining options, and lodging options, all of which are connected by pedestrian-friendly streets. They were selected by a team of travel experts and selected as the best by readers based on their walkability. 

  • St. Louis, Missouri


Beyond its well-known Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri, has a variety of sights to see. The city welcomes public parks, which provide lush areas for strolling and pleasure. Clayton is distinguished by its thriving pub culture, which offers a lively setting for mingling. 

Discover the city’s historical and cultural origins by immersing yourself in the rich French culture of the Soulard neighborhood. Benton Park West draws art lovers and hipsters with its fine galleries, unique stores, and craft breweries, forming a vibrant and creative center in St. Louis.

  • Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a small, readily navigable city that is distinguished by its walkable design. The city’s main attractions and the best hotels are all conveniently located within easy walking distance of one another and host a diverse range of amazing museums and monuments. 

The superiority of the public transport network further reduces the need for tourists to think about hiring a vehicle. This accessibility guarantees that visitors who want to walk or take public transport will find it easy and enjoyable to experience the city’s rich cultural and historical offers.

  • Balboa Island, California


California’s Balboa Island is a fun place to visit for several reasons. Some of the most beautiful cottage houses are there, showcasing its amazing charm and creating a stunning scene. This seaside treasure is even more alluring because of its lovely main thoroughfare on Marine Avenue. 

It is one of the most charming and strollable tiny towns in Newport Beach, which makes it a great place for a leisurely tour when viewed from a larger perspective. Families looking for exciting things to do can take a short ferry ride from Balboa Island to Balboa Peninsula, which is home to The Balboa Fun Zone. 

  • Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, emerges as a city easily navigated on foot, particularly in its bustling downtown area. There are sidewalks and walking-friendly routes in many other areas of the city, demonstrating that pedestrian-friendly design is not limited to the downtown area. 

Walkable neighborhoods with distinct charms include Oak Park, East Ukrainian Village, West Loop, Lincoln Park, and Noble Square. The Chicago Lakefront Trail is a well-liked option for those looking for a picturesque stroll because it offers amazing vistas all along the route.

  • Honolulu, Hawaii


Hawaii’s Honolulu is regarded as the best walkable city in the country, and there are several important reasons why this is the case. Honolulu is a walkers’ paradise, with pleasant weather, a bustling nightlife, and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. 

The pleasure of strolling about is enhanced by the presence of tropical flora and the famous Diamond Head in the distance. If you’re looking to meander around lively neighborhoods, Waikiki, Downtown, Mccully-Moiliili, and Ala Moana-Kakaako are the finest places to go exploring. Each of these neighborhoods adds something special to the city’s walkability.

  • New York City, New York

One of the best walking cities in the world is New York City, which has a remarkable combination of attractions and accessibility. Many tourists choose to explore the city on foot since walking offers a distinctive experience, even though there are many public transport choices available. 

Notably, there are a number of the city’s well-known landmarks that are all conveniently close to one another on foot. Furthermore, New York City’s walkability is evident in each of its five boroughs, highlighting the city’s overall pedestrian-friendly design. 

  • Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston, South Carolina, is the state’s largest metropolis and is considered the most walkable city; go there for a dose of Southern charm. It’s a joy to explore this charming city on foot since you can take in its distinct vibe. 

A stroll through the picturesque Waterfront Park, the Battery neighborhood, the famous Rainbow Row mansions, and the lively assortment of stores and eateries surrounding King Street are all worthwhile stops. Due to its walkability, Charleston is an ideal location for people who enjoy taking strolls around picturesque areas and fully experiencing the unique charm of this Southern treasure.

  • Boston, Massachusetts


Boston, Massachusetts, is a pedestrian haven with a wealth of historical and cultural attractions that are conveniently located by foot. Visit the well-known Boston Common, the nation’s first public park, or see a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. 

Boston’s beauty is revealed by meandering down the sophisticated, tree-lined boulevards of Beacon Hill and Back Bay, which are dotted with walking historical marvels. Charming pavement cafés, hotels, and well-known Irish pubs make for great places to stop, relax, and refuel along the route.

Final Thoughts 

You’ll love visiting these most walkable cities if you’re excited about the prospect of traveling without a rental car. I’ve only included a few of my personal favorites, but there are plenty more! Please feel free to leave a comment if you think any other cities or small towns should be added!


Where can you find the most walkable cities globally?

Florence, Italy, takes the crown as the world’s most walkable city, offering enchanting strolls within 10 minutes to iconic landmarks like the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

Which city tops the list as the most walker-friendly in the world?

Freiburg, Germany, is often considered the most pedestrian-friendly city globally, with car-free zones and a commitment to sustainable transportation.

Which country excels in providing the best walkability?

The United Kingdom shines as one of the world’s most walkable regions, with cities like London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh leading the way. Car-free zones and compact sizes make walking enjoyable and convenient for residents and visitors alike.

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