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Most Walkable Cities In The U.S

To Make Your Next Trip Enchanting

by Tayebah Malik
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Walking is the best method to discover a city as it can provide you with a different viewpoint of a city than driving, whether you’re moving within your own city or to another one. One of the finest methods to travel is by foot because it is eco-friendly, may help you save money on transportation, and is a great way to exercise. If you’re considering relocating or traveling and want to find out the most walkable cities in the U.S or wondering where to go and enjoy various modes of transportation, like walking then you are reading at the correct place.

So, read on to learn more!

Why Consider Walkable Cities

There is an increasing need for cities that are accessible by foot. They benefit the economy, are fair, and are sustainable. These advantages are real and supported by extensive data from studies and statistics. Despite the paucity of pedestrian-centric development in the US at the moment, there is still a chance to build safer, more livable, and ecologically responsible communities. 

More than 50% of Americans choose to live in walkable cities than the other ones. Because they provide you the chance to thoroughly explore the city, there is an abundance of affordable transportation, and your joy and physical health are increased.

Most Walkable Cities In The U.S

In addition to being healthy, walking is the ideal method to see a new city. Although American cities aren’t known for being walkable, taking a taxi or using public transportation will allow you to see sights that you otherwise wouldn’t. Even your chances of comprehending the locals’ way of life will improve.

Whether you’re looking to experience a city’s vibrant streetscapes, take in the stunning natural scenery of a scenic hamlet, learn about the local culture, or sample the local cuisine. Moreover, you can do it for the least expensive price while lounging in the warmth of your shoes. Here are some recommendations for the most walkable US cities to help in your coming travel preparation.

St. Louis, Missouri


In addition to its famous Gateway Arch, St. Louis has a number of other attractions. Public parks abound in St. Louis, bar hopping is great in Clayton, and visitors may learn about the French culture in the Soulard neighborhood. Hipsters and art enthusiasts will also enjoy exploring Benton Park West’s top-notch galleries, shops, and breweries.

Honolulu, Hawaii


Honolulu is considered the U.S’s most walkable city thanks to its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, mild climate, and vibrant nightlife. Walkers can be confident they’ve arrived in paradise when they are surrounded by tropical flora and the erupting Diamond Head in the distance. The best neighborhoods in Honolulu to roam around include, Waikiki, Downtown, Mccully-Moiliili, and Ala Moana-Kakaako.

Los Angeles, California


Given the volume of transportation in the Los Angeles region and the beauty of California, you might assume that walking is impossible in the metropolis. But there are plenty of beautiful places for a lovely walk in the City of Angels. 

Beverly Hills is a particularly walkable neighborhood where you may indulge in some luxury store window shopping and perhaps even run across a familiar movie celebrity. Central Hollywood, MacArthur Park, and downtown Los Angeles are additional places that are great for strolling. Between artistic Venice Beach and charming Santa Monica, you may also bike or walk.

Boston, Massachusetts


Massachusetts’s Boston is the preferred destination for pedestrians, where you can explore Boston Common, the country’s first public park, or watch Fenway park’s game known as Red Sox. Boston is packed with historical treasures, many of which are easily walkable. The best way to explore the elegant tree-lined roads of the Beacon Hill and Back Bay areas is by walking. Moreover, charming sidewalk cafés and Boston’s iconic Irish pubs are the ideal spots to stop, rest, and refuel. Beautiful Bostonian brownstones also contribute to attractiveness..

Washington, D.C.


A common activity when visiting the capital of this country is walking. You’ll walk a lot just on one Smithsonian institution! The National Mall known as “America’s front yard” is a two-mile grassy swath and is also well-known and able to visit.

It is valuable on every walk because it is surrounded by memorials, monuments, museums, and a renowned art gallery. The International Museum and numerous other sights may be reached on foot from the National Mall. In general, chocolate city Wahington DC Downtown is the best and consider as the most walkable city.

Chicago Illinois


The need to find parking when driving in Chicago nearly works against you. The best way to experience Chicago’s world-class parks, vibrant neighborhoods, and outstanding architecture is by walking. The West Loop, North Side, or East Village are some of the few places to go for a stroll in the city of winds.

Museum Campus, Chicago Institution of Arts, Buckingham fountain, Maggie Park, and Millennium Park are all located in Grant Park, also referred to as “Chicago’s Front Yard.” Take the Lakefront Trail to walk on the Field Museum, Museum Campus close to the Adler Planetarium, and Shedd Aquarium, to stroll beside Lake Michigan and enjoy one of the city’s best views.

Miami, Florida


Miami is best experienced on walking to get a sense of its vibrant districts and welcoming residents, from South Beach leisure to street art stroll and Little Havana. All of these activities are conveniently accessible from downtown, including enjoying the scenery of the beach, learning the architecture of art decorating, and nighttime walks down the brightly lit Calle Ocho.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Philadelphia is the first city in America to be named a UNESCO World Heritage City, experience the history of Americans at the Bell of Liberty, indulge in real cheesesteaks and hoagies, and discover public art and events. With wide space of public greenery to explore across the city and ancient areas full of cobblestone walkways, Philadelphia is largely pedestrian- and outdoor-friendly.

Newark, New Jersey


Despite having an older city center, local officials in Newark, New Jersey, are always working on measures to improve the city’s foot traffic. The University Heights, Forest Hill, and Newark Business District neighborhoods are some of Newark’s most walkable regions.

Along Newark’s walkable districts, you’ll also find historical sites, parks, art galleries, and restaurants. The social life of the community is positively impacted by all of these attractions and businesses.

Seattle, WA


Despite its hilly terrain and frequently inclement weather, Seattle made the list of the most walkable US cities. This is due, in part, to the convenience it provides for locals. The Emerald City is known for the Space Needle, gorgeous scenery, and robust coffee and in 2021, there were just 12 pedestrian fatalities here.

Seattle’s hills are made more approachable by staircases, and thoughtfully designed transit routes connect key locations. Local amenities are also accessible by foot, which is a crucial factor in determining how walkable a city is. Belltown, Downtown, and the district International are some of Seattle’s neighborhoods with the best pedestrian access. Thanks to the locals’ healthy agitation for walkability, many areas continue to offer first-rate public transport systems, bike paths, and open spaces for the public.

Long Beach, California


Just west of Los Angeles, Long Beach provides a walkable neighborhood that has recently seen an increase in population. The primary factor causing this group to increase in Southern California is those who want to live without an automobile. Saint Mary and Downtown are a few of the Long Beach neighborhoods that are good for strolling. They have a ton of diverse restaurants and lively stores.

 Bluff Heights and Alamitos Beach are two areas of Long Beach that are ideal for walking. The eclectic assemblage of businesses and eateries contributed to the “Retro Row’s” peculiar and alluring charm. You can use the same strategy to draw more residents if the nearby cities already have walkable areas. Create interesting intersections along the path, a la Long Beach’s Retro Row.

Portland, Oregon


Any community can become a walkable city at any time, as Portland has demonstrated. Some years back, Portland was hardly walkable at all. But brand-new apartment complexes and neighborhoods also contributed to the development of walkable communities, helping Portland rank among the US cities with the highest walkability. 

One of the nicest neighborhoods to explore is the Pearl District. There are many restaurants, breweries, and art galleries around. Because everything is close to one another, pedestrians in this busy area of northwest Portland appreciate, both locals and visitors.

Denver, Colorado


The 2019-launched Foot Traffic Forward program has helped Denver ascend the list of US cities with the friendliest sidewalks. Five Points, Downtown, and Capitol Hill are some of the greatest areas with access to convenient public transportation, food, and entertainment options.

The Lower Downtown (LoDotransformation )’s into a historic area was one such momentous decision. As a result, there was a development boom that persisted at the time. LoDo is a walker’s paradise due to the blend of traditional and modern establishments. For example, Union Station brings together the majority of leisure, shopping, and eating opportunities in addition to being a significant transportation hub with a historical history.



The penalty for walkability in America can occasionally be costlier rent and what appears to be an ever-rising expense of living. You cannot, however, dismiss the advantages it also offers. Walkable cities not only have lower carbon emissions but are also healthier and provide you with many facilities. The most walkable cities in the US are listed here to help you plan your next vacation and to clear up any confusion. Check them out before asking for your next trip. After the detailed explanation, I’m hoping this helpful article answers all of your questions.

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