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How To Explore Narragansett, Rhode Island, Aka The State Of Oceans 

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Although the lovely beaches in Narragansett, Rhode Island, are well known. But in addition, this location has a lengthy history. The town has remained able to keep the charm that drew tourists from all over the world decades ago when it was recognized as just a go-to summer resort. A vacation here will offer a laid-back, peaceful experience visiting the coast, from broad sandy beaches to thrilling fishing places.

About Narragansett-What Is The History

A favorite road trip location throughout the year-long, particularly during the scorching summer months, Narragansett is a set of photos hamlet on the Ri shore that is only a 40-minute easy drive from Providence. This New England seaside town is well-known as “The Towers,” an iconic structure that was formerly a part of the opulent Narragansett Pier Casino. Moreover, it is just the ideal location for a home.

Fun To Explore At Narragansett-The Land Of Beaches

Narragansett, Rhode Island

With its well-kept beaches, odd restaurants, historical sites, and laid-back surf-town feel, Narragansett, Rhode Island, regularly draws tourists away from more packed coastal attractions. Surfers brave some of New England’s most challenging waves here really in the off-season, and beachy lodgings, eateries, and motels keep the summer vibe alive. These sights and activities should be at the top of your list of “musts,” whether you’re visiting Narragansett, Rhode Island, for a vacation or are simply passing through.

Spend A Beach Day At Scarborough State Beach

Without a doubt, Scarborough State Beach is among the nicest beaches in Narragansett. Its wide area of sand makes it possible to stay put when the tide is in, spread out your blanket and umbrella, and construct sandcastles. Scarborough State Beach contains two pavilions, a ton of outdoor tables, outdoor and indoor restrooms, and a refreshment shack in addition to the beach and shoreline. Take a stroll along the promenade to the viewing platform if you feel like getting some exercise. Incredible vistas of the surroundings will be your reward.

Visit The Black Point Trail For Trek Fun

Take the 1.5-mile Black Point Trail for a trek through a variety of landscapes, including a beach, a woodland, flowers, and rocks. With its fascinating settings and panoramic views, this road is a photographer’s paradise. Keep an eye out for, boats, birds, and even stone ruins—beautiful remnants of a historic summer estate—as you walk along this family-friendly trail. They are repeatedly alluded to as the Scarborough Ruins, and are a must-see Narragansett attraction!

Meet Your Inner Child At Adventureland

If you are in the neighborhood of Narragansett between the months of October, stopping at Adventureland for a couple of hours is the best idea. You may go-kart racing, miniature golf, or other classic amusement park rides like bumper boats, dodgems, the batting cage, and bumper cars. Play air hockey, skee ball, and other vintage games ride the vintage Carousel, and dare your pals to a round of Bankshot, a brand-new basketball-meets-mini-golf experience.

See The Point Judith Lighthouse At Sunset

Even though you can’t enter, the area around this well-known Narragansett lighthouse is available to the general public during the day. Arrive just before sunset to watch the lovely beacon as the sky starts to change colors. Point Judith Lighthouse still serves as an operational Coast Guard station, so if you arrive as the sun sets, you’ll be chased away. The cairns underneath the light seem even more mystical due to the illumination at this moment of the day. You will treasure the memory of building among stone towers alongside your children.

Get Yourself Fulfilled By Fishing

From Narragansett Harbor, you may choose from a variety of excellent fishing trips. The Seven B’s V is among the best. The main targets of planned trips include porgy, sea bass, fluke, cod, and squid. They provide gear and training for those who are new to fishing as well as big water pleasure for more seasoned anglers. If you’ve never gone sea fishing, a day expedition with all the necessary equipment and instruction is ideal for beginners. Be cautious since you can discover a new pastime.

Have A Delicious Food At Oysters

The best seafood meals on the coast of Rhode Island may be found at Matunuck Oyster Bar. To enjoy your meal with a backdrop of Potter Pond, just choose a table on the terrace to enjoy delicious cuisine. You won’t find any fresher oysters than those at Matunuck, whether you prefer raw bar oysters, bourbon oysters,s or even oysters from Rockefeller. Every type of fresh seafood is available on the main course menu. The cherry on top is that you may choose the ideal wine to go with your entree.

Meet The History At South County Museum

You may learn a lot about the coastal heritage of Narragansett at the South County Museum. A carriage barn, carpentry shop, farm animals, as well as a functional blacksmith store where you can observe things being created the traditional way even today are just a few of the best displays! Sometimes you may catch fun neighborhood activities like Museum music, where local musicians perform, food trucks show up, and people gather to enjoy this lovely old green space. No doubt, this is one of the best family activities in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Shop Like Royals At Narragansett 

The shopping scene in South County isn’t a draw for tourists from across the nation. However, if you move there, there are enough choices to last you while also having the added benefit of being close to popular retail areas like Providence, New York City, and even Stamford, and Greenwich. 

As a resident of South County, you’re probably going to frequent the Shopping Cente of Salt Pond because it offers many of the shops you might visit every week, including food and clothes stores. Accessing the area is simple, you just have to place from the Narragansett Sea Wall through South Pier Road which is located on Point Judith Road, right off the highway of Commodore Perry.


Have A Fun Of Ride At Narrow River Kayaks

Narrow River Kayaks served you from May to October and provides single and double kayaks, paddles, and stand-up paddleboards. The Narrow River of Pettaquamscutt Watershed and other waterways present a variety of sights and difficulties. You have the option of going alone or taking a tour. This must be your choice of things to do in Narragansett, Rhode Island if you enjoy a challenge and being on the water.

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