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The Beaches In Southaven, Michigan | All You Need To know  

by Tayebah Malik
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There are various beaches in the north and south of Michigan, and most people frequently visit to enjoy the weather and play in the largest beachside areas; still, there is no match of beaches in Southaven. South beaches are larger than others and are more likely to have play equipment, restroom concession stands, and other amenities for enjoying the sun. Other beaches have limited access to facilities and may not offer many other amenities than the sun, sand, and Lake Michigan.

South Beach is the only public beach on the river’s south bank. North Beach and the other beaches are situated on the north side of the island. Parking fees collected through the “park and pay program” are used to run the beach cleaner, ensuring that the public has access to the most beautiful and clean Southaven Michigan Beach. 

Note: Follow parking limitations on the beaches. 

Southhaven is famously known for its seven beaches, which are located in Lake Michigan and allow for multipurpose water activities and relaxation. Although all seven beaches have their charms, North Beach, Southaven, and South Beach, Southaven have some extra perks and charms. This could be true when you come to discover the scenic beauties of the landmarks and sights. 

Beaches in Southaven – Some Fantastic Facts

When you visit the Southaven beaches, you will know that many beaches in Southaven offer free access to wheelchair users or provide other mobility devices as well. Whether is quite an impressive and active place for beach lovers. While you are searching for beaches in Southaven, you won`t miss the popular North Beach and South Beach that is situated in Downtown Haven.

  • North Beach: The Picturesque Views

northen-beacheNorth Beach is located on the edge of Lake Michigan, which draws millions of visitors every year. The beach draws visitors who want to explore the scenic beauty and tranquil blue water experiences. The beach provides large-scale activities on and off the water. Scroll down to discover more about North Beach and what amenities make it popular around the globe.

North Beach lies in the north of the city, near the bank of the Black River. one of the seven beaches that are publicly famous in the city. The locals and visitors come and take part in activities like beach volleyball, swimming, kiteboarding, and fishing. You’ll find every possible activity here. North Beach provides fun in the nearby playground as well as the beach, a beautiful pier, restrooms, and parking accessibility. 

The sand of the north beach is far away from the shoreline as compared to the other beaches, like the south beach. So if you are interested in playing sand games, just pick up North Beach!

Open from sunrise to 11:00 p.m. daily.

The Pretty Large Size Parking

The beach is famous in the city. So it offers spacious parking along the edge of the beach. When you enter, you must have beach parking stickers from the city. Otherwise, you would pay for parking near the small payment station.

Pay around $10 (prizes might be subject to change).

The North Beach Pier

The beach has a pier on both sides of the river. The North Pier and the South Pier have the main piers on the river. On the south side, there is the Southaven Lighthouse. When you get close to driving, you can reach another side of the pier.

Heaven, as you know, is a paradise for beach lovers and people who want to return and enjoy themselves endlessly. North Beach has its beauty and charm, but South Beach will not disappoint you when you come here to enjoy the vocations.

  • South Beach: Instagram Views

south-beachSo head south and you’ll find… South Beach! The water of the beach flows down into lake Michigan, to access the beach, there are numerous ways to reach there.

south-beach-view As I told you earlier, there is a pier on both sides of the river. The south pier indicates South Beach and the north pier indicates Astoria. That`s why, if you want to go south, you would walk to the beach’s southeast corner. 

The Beautiful Blue Stairs

The Beautiful Blue StairsIf you are in search of a place to start a Southaven trip, explore spectacular views of the ocean, use the blue stairs, and come down to South Beach. You can also park your car in the nearby, free street parking.

The choice is yours! whether you park your vehicle on the main road or nearby residential streets. Luckily, there is a bike rack to park bicycles at the top of the stairs.

Just park your vehicle and indulge yourself in the great scenic views of the lake.

Pretty Large Size Parking Lot

parking-lotThe paid parking needs a sticker that anybody could get from the city. if you don’t do so. Come and pay first, while you are parking the car. The location is regarded as the most convenient parking location. While parking on the south beach, you may come across the beach’s construction with the current temperature! 

It is expected that you will pay $10 (check current rates).

water-temp If you’re going to Southaven when there are high water levels and looking for a beach with lots of sand in Southaven, you might try North BeachHope So ! enjoy the day at the beach!

Warning: In the passing years, there have been no lifeguards at the Beach. But while I was visiting the beach in the summer of 2022, I did not look for any lifeguards.

Note: Perhaps it will arrange by the authority of Beaches.

Take Away

The beaches in Southaven come with remarkable sightseeing views but the most famous of them are south beach and north beach. When you get tired while walking along the shorelines of both sides beaches., don’t forget to visit unlimited recreational activities like sun n sand resort Southaven. They provide exceptionally best facilities and versatile staying areas. These are developed according to international standards that` why numerous visitors come and enjoy the local gifts of sun bath activities with iconic resting amenities.

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