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Twirl Rides At Family Kingdom Amusement Park

by Tayebah Malik
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Well, if you are in search of some fun, thrill, and excitement, head off to visit the Jaw-breaking sights and take some exciting rides. Well, if you go to the Family Kingdom Amusement Park at the Myrtle Beach in the United States, you can go for all-wooden roller coasters, a log flume, a lovely carousel, and much more. Warmly welcome to the Amusement Park South Carolina,`s largest ferry wheel. The Family Kingdom Amusement Park caters, to the entire family, not even just children, but to the hearts of the family for fantastic and exciting rides and activities. 

The best section includes a small seaside park, a swamp fox, a dark ride, and some other flat rides for children. In addition, a previously closed splash water park would also reopen. You must visit the Family Kingdom Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach to enjoy the many thrills and exciting activities.

General Considerations Before Planning The Visit


  • Check the website for verified reviews
  • Pets are not allowed within the boundary of the Park
  • Keep your plan flexible to enjoy boundless memories of life
  • Any type of weapon and Alcoholic Beverages are not allowed
  • All found and lost items should be turned to the office of the park
  • Try to catch the thrilling moments later in the day to avoid bumpy traffic and crowds.
  • Security services are available during visits to the park. Security is patrolling and helpline services are also available
  • The park is mostly open in summer from March to early October, and most area of the park is covered with snow in winter.
  • Family Kingdom Amusement park food offers food courts with all kinds of snacks and eatable items.
  • Family Kingdom Amusement Park Hours are determined by the days and seasons. The preferable time for visiting the park may be from May to September.
  • Some of the attractions may be closed due to bad weather, wait until weather conditions permit allowed.
  • When you enter the park, in front of the Log Fume ride, you can easily access strollers and wheelchairs, available for rent. There is also a facility of a First Aid box at the same location. 
  • (Rental Fee of Stroller — $ 10.00 and (Rental prize of Wheelchair— 10.00). Electrical Convenience Vehicle may be arranged for visitors. (cost: $ 25 and $ 50 would be deposited in the office.
  • The Entrance is free, while visiting the park, you must try to search for the Family Kingdom local discount. Fortunately, you get terrific discounts according to your needs and desires;(Unlimted Wristband for** Adults and Children— 432.95, **Solo ride is for $ 1.15, and **for 3 to 5 tickets per ride, check-in the family kingdom amusement park prices lists). And here, an identification card must be required to pay a rental fee. 

To discover the entertainment, fun, thrill, enjoyment, and much more, like taking a ride on the yo-yo swing, Tilt a Whirl, Thunder Bolt, and many others. The experience depends on the individual’s experience; some like boat rides, or flying high in the air, and others may be like just sitting on Coaster to encounter the adventure. The Family Amusement park also issues several instructions and policies to ensure the rider’s safety.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park warmly welcomes guests.

Days Hours
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 6- 10 pm
Saturday 5-11 pm
Sunday 6-10 pm 
Monday 6-11 pm

Note: Timing depends on the COVID-19 rules and regulations.

Timing changes as per management rules.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park Rides

To enjoy the multiple fun and excitement at Myrtle Beach’s amusement park, one must go with a family. From adults to children, the theme park has something for everyone. Surprisingly, your excitement may begin as soon as you enter the park, which includes thrilling rides, Family Kingdom sights, food courts, and racing cars.

Fortunately, the park will almost certainly have a blast! The amusement park has everything for thrill seekers, including the Scrambler and the Galleon ship. Adults enjoy the Dodgems Bumper Cars, and those who enjoy thrilling rides head to the Myrtle Beach Roller Coaster or Sling Shots. 

Don’t be concerned! There are numerous opportunities for children, such as Bumper. There’s a Berry Go Round, a Kite Flier, and much more to enjoy. Children can have some watery splashing fun on the Log Flume Water Ride or test their shooting skills at the Pistolero Roundup. When you walk into the park, you’ll notice that not even a single member of your family will be saddened, as the park also has mini-ride options for toddlers. 

Other options for family fun for the kids include bumper boats and mini kiddie ferries on wheels. Regardless, everything is incredible and sensational for children of all ages. Park has planned a variety of Carnival activities for visitors to enjoy. Simply try your luck at one of the fantastic games to win some awesome and delightful prizes.

Some Family Rides

  • Train — while riding the train, take in the scenic views of the beach and park.
  • Sling Shot — a free-fall swing that drops from 100 feet to test your fear of heights.
  • Scramble — move around in the circle. These are designed like the Classic Park Ride.
  • Log Flume Water Ride — come for a thrilling ride in a log when it falls into the water.
  • King Model T’s Antique Cars — drive in gas-powered car replicas on the Antique Track.
  • Dodgem Bumper Cars — smash and collide with any other bumper car just for the sake of fun.
  • Yo-Yo Swing —- take a ride on a swing to explore new heights and spin around in this high-flying swing.
  • Twist’n Shout Coaster — the coaster is made of steel with four seated passengers that have vintage automobile-themed experiences and sharp turns that keep you on the corner of the seat of the ride.
  • Swamp Fox Roller Coaster — the beach’s iconic swing offers incredible experiences you’ve never had before. Provide a 2,400-foot oceanic view on all wooden tracks.
  • Hurricane — move around in a circle near the hilly track to discover roller coaster excitement.
  • Tilt a Whirl — when the platform spins in a circle, every car spins in random positions, and changing speed offers a thrilling experience.
  • Thunderbolt — swing in circular shapes that wing around backward and forward, up and down, for fun-loving adventure.
  • Beery Go round — the fun factor of the ride is that you can experience it in a circular motion with controlled directions. while experiencing the Family kingdom version of the teacups.
  • Ferries Wheel — offers an ultra unique experience of round that come up to the 100 feet view of myrtle beach.

Some Kiddies Ride

  • Mini Enterprise — fly in a circle on the rocket ship.
  • Mini canoes — will take you down the winding river.
  • Flight School –-take a swing with the pilot and copilot in circular movements.
  • Mini Bumper Cars— the cats and mice theme cars attract kids towards them, and children enjoy bumping into other cars.
  • Magic bikes — a hot air balloon theme that offers flying up and down in slow motion for a fun-filled experience.
  • Fog Hopper –- a slow ride that bounces the toddler up and down, putting a smile on your child’s face.
  • Cycles — move around the track at a slow speed in motorcycle style as rocking wheels travel along the track.
  • 4 by 4 Big Truck— designed to look like a big truck and give the impression of a child driving a truck on an oval track.
  • Hampton Combo — a merry-go-round style ride with any vehicle like a car, school bus, Motorcycle, and fire engine. The choice depends on the child, and which one he would choose for the ride.
  • Kidde Speed Way— the little race car driver enjoys the ride around the corners of the oval track.
  • A kiddie swing — is a small swing that is intended for children. The swing looks like a yo-yo but is made for small children to enjoy the fun.

The Takeaways

Don’t miss any of it! Myrtle Beach has been offering amazing and enjoyable experiences in life. Try to

do rides on all of them, but if some attractions are leaving due to a shortage of time, come again to join them. as there are limitless experiences of thrill, adventure, entertainment, and much more.

In fact, the park is designed for all ages of people, from toddlers to adults. Also, the elders adore the fun sightseeing views in the park. The park provides a wide range of exciting rides and activities. This carnival-style treat encompasses memorable attractions like the amazing Ferris wheel in South Carolina, but also more exciting rides like the Twist ‘n’ Shout steel roller coaster, go-karts, and plenty of options for the kids in the family.

So, come forward to the amazing Family amusement park to make a connection with Litso Traveling and Tours  and spend time at a fantastic place.

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