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6 Best Things To Do In New Orleans- The Beautiful City In Louisiana

by Tayebah Malik
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“Of course, New Orleans!” is my response if you ask me where the vibrant sounds of jazz and the mouthwatering aromas of delicious cuisine are the most popular. I visited this place with my buddy last year and without a doubt, this was one of my enchanting trips I have ever experienced. Whether it’s the food-focused festivals or the live music on Frenchmen Street, New Orleans’ top attractions draw tourists from all backgrounds. I’ve compiled a list of the top 6 sites to visit in New Orleans based on my own experience, so you may cross them off your bucket list. 

Where Is New Orleans Situated?

With its lively energy and distinctive blend of cultures, New Orleans, which lies tucked away along the banks of the Mississippi River, is a national treasure. Known as the “Big Easy,” this city by the Gulf of Mexico is a popular tourist destination because of its vibrant nightlife, soulful live music scenes, and delicious food. You can take the ancient streetcars or stroll around the streets to see the must-see locations. 


Top 6 Things To Do In New Orleans With Kids And Friends

Although the city lacks mountains or beaches, its enchanting bayous, serene lakes, and parks invite you to immerse yourself in the distinctive charm. As you explore these natural wonders, you’ll find a different kind of beauty that has stolen the hearts of many, ensuring your love for this vibrant city only grows.

  • Hang Out At The French Quarter

Nestled along the picturesque Mississippi River, the French Quarter is famous for its culinary delights and vibrant entertainment. During the day, Bourbon Street is warm and friendly, but at night, it turns into a lively and beautiful place with lots of people. The buildings here have a French style, with cool arcades, fancy iron balconies, and red-tiled roofs. 

They used to be old, but now they’re turned into hotels, restaurants, and art shops, all with a jazzy vibe. Royal Street, is another cool spot with fancy shops and a famous Jazz Brunch place that used to be a court in 1832. If you love traditional jazz, head to Frenchmen Street for artsy restaurants. Don’t miss Jackson Square and St. Louis by the water for a unique evening feel. 

  • Enjoy At Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is like an old music spot that’s all about jazz! They have live shows and events that attract a bunch of tourists. The musicians play traditional jazz music, and you can catch them from 8 to 10 p.m. on Monday to Wednesday, with extra shows at 5 and 6 p.m. Also, on Thursdays through Sundays, it’s all about that classic jazz feel. 

There are not many seats, so it’s a small and cozy place. If you want to know when things are happening, just check the door – they have the schedule listed every day. Don’t miss out on the awesome music at Preservation Hall!

  • Explore The History At The National WWII Museum

If you want to explore the gripping history of World War II then make your way towards National WWII Museum. The museum, situated in Downtown New Orleans, unfolds in three distinct sections catering to enthusiasts of the Pacific, devotees of Europe, and those captivated by WWII aircraft. 

There are various rooms where you will delve into the documentaries. They will tell you the authentic stories of wartime struggles and the array of weapons employed in battle. The National WWII Museum not only educates but also entertains, offering a comprehensive and engaging perspective on one of the defining chapters in world history.

  • Shop And Dine At Magazine Street

Magazine Street is a vibrant six-mile stretch that offers a little bit of everything, making it a fantastic destination for a day out. You can explore unique shops, indulge in the taste of New Orleans at the numerous restaurants, admire art galleries, and marvel at the distinctive architecture. 

It truly captures the essence of a diverse and enjoyable experience, making it a must-visit for those seeking a mix of fun activities and a friendly community vibe. The street is not just about shopping; it also features an award-winning zoo and is home to welcoming local businesses. 

  • Soothe Your Eyes At The Lafitte Greenway 

The Lafitte Greenway is like a nature haven right in the heart of the city, stretching 2.6 miles from City Park to the edge of the French Quarter. This linear park is a perfect escape, with a path for bikes and pedestrians that leads you past playgrounds, beautiful native plants, art installations, and sports fields. 

Plus, it’s super close to cool places like breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, and cultural spots. If you’re around on Thursday afternoons, don’t miss the Crescent City Farmers Market on the Greenway. And if you’re into staying active, there are plenty of outdoor fitness classes happening throughout the week.

  • Take A Ride On The St. Charles Streetcar

Visiting New Orleans allows you to take a ride at St. Charles Streetcar, which stops at Canal Street and Carondelet Street, to discover the charm of New Orleans. You can go through the breathtaking St. Charles Avenue on this famous streetcar route, which is the oldest continually running street railway in the world. 

Take a leisurely trip around the Garden District, passing by some of the most magnificent architectural structures in the city, for only $1.25 each way. If you ride to the end, take in the beautifully groomed grounds of Audubon Park and learn about the institutions of Tulane and Loyola before returning. 

New Orleans Weather- Best Time To Visit

Choosing when to visit New Orleans depends on your preferences. For the lively Mardi Gras experience and cooler weather, aim for February to May. December and January are peaceful months if you’d rather be alone. The summer can be rather hot and muggy, so think about going in the winter. Every season has its own allure, from the colorful spring festivals to the cheerful and affordable winter celebrations. 

Wrap Up

As we come to an end to our journey through the greatest of New Orleans, allow the vibrant jazz music and the delectable flavors of this special city to stay with you. No matter where you walk, it leaves a permanent impression. So, enjoy the moment and appreciate the Big Easy’s lively culture, extensive history, and overall happiness. This journey is more than just a visit; it’s a tune of enduring memories.


What makes New Orleans so well-known?

New Orleans is renowned for its vibrant jazz scene, delectable Creole cuisine, and lively festivals like Mardi Gras, making it a cultural hotspot that captures hearts worldwide.

Which state in the USA is home to New Orleans?

Situated along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, New Orleans is in Louisiana, adding its unique flavor to the southern charm.

Is New Orleans considered a budget-friendly or expensive destination?

New Orleans offers a mix of affordability and luxury. While there are budget-friendly options, the city also caters to those seeking upscale experiences, allowing visitors to choose according to their preferences.

What is New Orleans recognized as?

Affectionately known as the “Big Easy,” New Orleans is celebrated for its laid-back atmosphere, rich cultural heritage, and the easygoing way of life that defines this captivating city.

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