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Key Largo Vs Key West- Exploring The Contrasting Charms Of The Florida Keys

by Tayebah Malik
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You could be tempted between choosing Key West or Key Largo for your upcoming vacation. They are both beautiful cities in Florida’s warm climate. In this comparison of Key Largo vs. Key West guide, we discuss all factors to take into account when deciding which is best for your trip as well as what makes each area of the Florida Keys unique. You may be wondering “Which is better, key west or key largo,” of course, you’re not required to pick just one! There is a lot to do and see between Key West and Key Largo, which is just a 2-hour trip away. So, I’m going to share my experiences from visiting both Florida paradises in this blog post and let you know which one is the greatest and best suits your needs. Therefore, get ready to explore the many variations to guide you toward the ideal holiday spot for you.

How Far From Key Largo To Key West

If you don’t want to spend a lot of traveling, a vacation to Key Largo is an ideal place to go since it is considerably near Florida’s mainland than Key West. The majority of travelers will start their journeys to the Florida Keys in Miami, and I was one of them. Given this, it is important to compare the distances from Miami to Key Largo and Key West. And if you’re wondering what is the closest key to Miami, the answer is Key Largo. The trip from Miami to Key Largo is approximately more than 60 miles long and takes about an hour and a half. Despite the fact that the road to Key West is somewhat longer, it is important to remember that there are many things to explore along the way and that the drive is gorgeous. You will pass 42 bridges with beautiful coastal views while traveling along the Overseas Highway. Finally, Key West has its own airport, making it possible to fly there directly. Even though it usually costs more, this avoids long drives.

You can also bookmark my guide of the 160-mile Miami to Key West Drive, which takes around 4 hours to complete without stops or traffic.

Which Key Is The Best To Visit-Knowing The Difference Between Key Largo Vs Keywest

Have you really puzzled about which island in the Florida Keys would be the best option for your upcoming getaway? Both Key West and Key Largo are well-liked vacation spots, yet they have very different things to offer. Both provide a range of activities, stunning white sand beaches, and clear waters. And if you’re thinking about taking a trip to the beautiful Florida Keys right away, you might not know which island, given your tastes, is the best place to go. Both Key Largo and Key West are breathtaking tourist sites in Florida. They provide a lot of the same amenities and activities that you seek. Let’s explore the many variations to point you in the appropriate direction of the ideal holiday spot for you.

Comparing Activities And Things To Explore

Winner-Key West

Regardless of which island you prefer, there are a ton of things to do there. Despite Key Largo’s reputation as the “Dive Capital of the World,” the two islands offer top-notch snorkeling and scuba diving. Key Largo offers access to a very magnificent underwater world because it is home to the National Marine Sanctuary of Florida Keys and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. But if talking about the fun on land, Key West offers a lot more to enjoy. Key West offers a wide variety of activities and a vibrant nightlife because it is the Keys’ main tourist destination. The worth visiting Museum including Hemingway Home, and other historical structures can be found here, along with well-known tourist destinations including Mallory Square, as well as the Southernmost Point. In addition, Key West is home to beautiful peaceful places such as Butterfly and Nature Conservancy, one of my favorite Florida Keys attractions. So if talking about which Key is best for enjoying activities, then Key West is the best option. Want to read my guide to the best things to do in Key West? Go through it and hit the jackpot. 


Comparing Eateries And Shops

Winner-Key West

Both Key Largo and Key West are fantastic locations for water sports. Both places offer plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing excursions, and jet skiing. But be aware that Key West offers more dive bars whereas Key Largo offers more dive shops. In other words, Key Largo serves as more of a destination for outdoor activities, but Key West has a vibrant social scene. Visit Caribbean Club in Key Largo, where Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart filmed the movie Key Largo. However, Key West has a lot more bars. Sloppy Joe’s, the Green Parrot, and the Garden of Eden are a few of Key West’s best bars. Therefore, Key West is, in my opinion, the great Florida key to satisfying your wants if you are contrasting the stores and bars with dives in the comparison of Key West Vs. Key Largo.


Comparing Where To Stay

Winner- Key Largo

One of the most crucial choices you must make when organizing a vacation is where to stay, and both Key Largo and Keywest provide excellent options. From upscale luxurious lodgings to hostels and all the places in between, Key West has lodging options. You can discover something here whether you’re planning a family trip, a wild weekend with your buddies, or a romantic retreat. On Key Largo, there are a few larger, luxurious resorts, although even these offer a more homey atmosphere. The lodging options in Key Largo are better suited for a quiet retreat or a romantic trip. Numerous of these villas also provide access to private beaches for water sports. However, Key Largo is the ideal island for people looking to unwind. So, Key Largo is the place to go if you want to take advantage of the most amenities, party atmosphere, and accommodation options.


Comparing Walk-Friendly Options

Winer-Key West

One of the nicest places in the United States for pedestrians and bikers is without a doubt Key West. The city anticipates visitors to leave their automobiles at their hotels and walk the streets instead. For anyone without mobility concerns, nearly everything in the whole area is walkable, and the entire island is bike-rideable. The Conch Tour Train is another alternative for traveling in Key West. Key Largo vacations, on the contrary, probably call for a vehicle. Since Key Largo serves as a longer island overall, everything is spread out more. It is possible to travel from one point to another on Key Largo on foot, but most visitors opt to utilize their vehicles instead. So driving is the only way to get to Key Largo in my opinion. Conversely, Keywest encourages walking which means it is walk-friendly.


Comparing Beautiful Beaches

Winner-Key Largo

It might surprise you to learn that the magnificent Keys of Florida aren’t famous for their beaches. Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t many expanses of the beaches of white sand in the region. Instead, its primary attractions are the weather, history, and water-based activities. Having said that, Key Largo vs Key West each has a few beaches where you can spend some time relaxing with your feet on the sand. They are quieter and more tranquil even if they are not as big as the north Miami Beach. It’s difficult to choose between the beaches of Key Largo and Key West with Key West just barely winning out. On the other hand, excellent offshore snorkeling is accessible from Key Largo beaches. So if you’re wondering which Florida Key has the nicest beaches, Key Largo is your best bet, in my opinion. 

Is Key Largo A Good Vacation Spot Or Keywest

Key West and Key Largo are without a doubt tropical havens with towering palm palms, fine white sand beaches, with stunning ocean scenery that are ideal for a getaway. However, Key Largo’s biodiversity might be more noticeable. Two state parks, several waterways, hardwood trees, and native aqua lifeforms can all be found on the island of Key Largo. This area was chosen for the filming of the well-known Hollywood film “Key Largo” based on its beauty. Keywest is also lovely, although it has the drawback of being a metropolis on a significantly smaller island. The island’s former natural beauty has been mostly replaced with restaurants, bars, fashionable boutiques, high-rise resorts, shops, and other establishments of a similar nature. 

Therefore, due to overdevelopment, you may not realize you’re in Key West until you go to a beach or a company on the beachfront. A major distinction between Key West & Key Largo is this degree of development. Therefore, Key Largo is the place to go if you’re searching for natural beauty during your vacation. You can appreciate the plants, trees, and marine life in the nature reserves and parks there. By taking part in the area’s many leisure pursuits, particularly snorkeling, you may take in Key Largo’s natural beauty to an even greater extent. Therefore, if you’re asking “Is Key Largo an excellent holiday spot” then the answer is YES!Key Largo” can be on your bucket list. 

Bottom Line 

To sum up, if you want to party, socialize, and sightsee, then Key West is the better choice than Key Largo for your trip to South Florida. But if you’re more interested in recreational activities, relaxation, and witnessing the natural beauty of South Florida, then consider visiting the more laid-back Key Largo. Ultimately Key West and Key Largo both have something unique and different to offer tourists and have some stunning beaches. For this reason, there is no real ‘better’ choice between the two it just all depends on your interests. We truly hope you have found this comparison of Key Largo vs Key West useful for deciding which island to choose. If you still can’t decide, we highly recommend taking a Key West to Key Largo road trip and seeing both! Have a great trip!

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