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Fascinitating Parks In Zagreb; To Make Your Next Trip Enchanting

by Tayebah Malik
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Zagreb, the capital of the “Republic of Croatia” has become the top tourist attraction because it’s worth seeing, a beautiful, breath-taking place. Full of best-visiting spots, it is the best place to be your stressed mind fresh and lets you experience happiness with its well-being and stunning environment. We can say that you can find a haven and peace of serenity here. When it comes to the stunning part here, you would not believe that one may forget to take a breath after seeing the eye-catching view of the parks in Zagreb. Want to know more about Zagreb parks?

Just read the article thoroughly!

What About Zagreb?

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and its political and cultural center, is a lively and dynamic city. It is a long-established tourist hotspot featuring its amazing museum, as well as a fantastic dining, shopping, and café scene. Moreover, one of its wonderful features is the abundance of nature parks in the area. According to the latest reports, the Croatian capital has 333 maintained parks covering an area of 400,000 sq meters. There is a little paradise of calm and greenery in practically every nook of this city, where you may retreat on steamy summer days or go for a stroll on a moonlit night.

Parks In Zagreb-The Paradising Places

If you want to escape the bustle of your busy and stuffed life or relax on a seat or a blanket in the midst of greenery and nature then visiting the parks in Zagreb is the best option. Choose from a variety of possibilities because the Croatian capital has more than 30 parks covering over 400,000 square meters, along with many more green spaces where you may relax your body and mind.

Given that Zagreb is sometimes known as the “Green City,” the total would be significantly higher if one included all of the city’s green spaces. Aside from the benefits to your health, going for a walk in one of Zagreb’s parks will provide you with a feeling of tranquility that we frequently ignore. If your question is “Is there anything more relaxing than a nice, peaceful green haven?” If it comes to me then I would suggest that visiting parks in Zagreb is a wonderful idea to make your vacation full of calm and greeny.

Locals assert that it is a large city that is passing for a small metropolis. Viewers will appreciate this landlocked Croatian capital’s relaxed pace and verdant beauty from the moment they go outside to explore it. Let’s take a detailed look by which you will come to know the mesmerizing beauty of the parks in Zagreb.

Maksimir Park

One of the nicest places in Zagreb is Maksimir, the city’s oldest public park. It was the first sizable public park in Southeast Europe and was established in the late 18th century on what was the borders of ZagrebDue to the expansion of the city, this 800-acre park is now accessible to all residents of Zagreb and is situated between the eastern and central areas of the city.


Maksimir park is one of the worth-seeing places in Zagreb also known as the oldest park in the city. It is the first huge park in Southeast Europe that came into existence in the late 18th century. But at the current time park has moved out of the suburbs of eastern and central Cegrab parts because of the growth of the city. It is a natural fairy tale made up of enchanted lakes, forests, verdant meadows, hills, and walking and running pathways. Also, there is a worthy-seeing zoo located in this park. And if you also wanted to visit the lush green park then you can get a pram having number 4,7,11 and 12 to reach directly.

Cmrok Park

There is a park/meadow and promenade called Cmrok in the northern section of Zagreb, on the Medvednica mountain slopes. In the summer months, this is the right choice and a wonderful gathering area for you if you are a pet owner or want an enchanting picnic to make your day. Moreover, this spot is best known for its sleigh ride slope for youngsters when it snows in Zagreb.


If it comes to the query of “how to reach?” then it’s rather close to the center, so you can either walk (it’s behind the Upper Town) or take a bus from Britanski Square or Kaptol using 101, 102, or 105.

Mt. Medvednica


Mt. Medvednica park is a conveniently located getaway for city dwellers because it is only 20 minutes by car from Zagreb’s city center. In the summer, it’s a favorite of hikers who do the 2.5-hour ascent to the summit of Sljeme. The snow-covered park offers excellent skiing and sledding in the winter. Don’t hike? Do not worry; a bus will take you up to the summit. As winter is going to start, therefore, visiting this park must be a fabulous idea and if you are also fond of hiking then it is going to be the cherry on the top for you.

Bundek Park

North of the neighborhoods of Zaprue and Sredie in Novi Zagreb is where you’ll find Bundek. Since its renovation in 2005, it has gained popularity as a wilderness retreat. Moreover, the lakes and tracks for cycling in this park, it has an eye-catching view because of its promenade.


There are activities for both adults and children. For example, there are barbecues you may use for outdoor gatherings under the trees. Gardening is given special care, resulting in stunning blooms lining the promenade. Around the lake, there are also pubs and restaurants. Swimming is popular here throughout the summer, and lifeguards are on duty. Although Bundek is smaller than Jarun, it is nonetheless very lovely and easier to access from the city center. 

Zagreb Botanical Garden

Zergab Botanical Garden is also known as the home of 10,000 species of plants, including 1,800 exotic species. For aquatic plants, it also offers sizable ponds. Visit this beautiful garden for the quickest and easiest way to lose yourself in nature while you’re in the city. It is accessible to the public and has free entrance from April to November. The Botanical park in Zagreb is heaven on earth that will provide you with paradise-like scenery as it is a brilliant place to make your mind free from stress and hustle. 


According to people, it is a lovely place in the heart of Zagreb. A top-notch tourist destination in a serene setting. The trees are lovely, and it’s a pleasant spot to stroll around and get away from the noise and bustle of the city. Ponds in the turtle here also increase the beauty and attraction of the visitors here.

Ribnak Park

Ribnjak Park is the ideal urban escape and is situated to the east of the Zagreb Cathedral. The nature park has large shaded trees, a small pond, a playground, and a few memorials. And if you are fond of fishing then there is not a worth-seeing garden for except it as this garden is best known for its fishing pond present here. It’s the ideal place to unwind after a long day of exploring Zagreb (and is also great for a picnic!)


With its alluring, stunning features and the distinctive fun attractions it provides, Ribnjak Park in Zagreb is regarded as the best park in the city. As a result, going there with your family is among the greatest picnic plan.

Plitvice Lake Park

The Plitvice Lake National Park is big and the ancient park in the parks in Zagreb. The park covers an area of 296.85 square kilometers and is situated in the karst region that surrounds Bosnia and Herzegovina. The park is a must-see sight in Zagreb and is well-known for its various lakes, of which there are presently 16. Come to this park for a wonderful entryway into nature.


This region has traditionally drawn nature enthusiasts because of its extraordinary natural splendor. As a result, on April 8th, 1949, it was designated as the Republic of Croatia’s first national park. According to people’s reviews, it is the most stunning example of natural beauty. Moreover, it is full of so many breathtaking lakes, cascades, and waterfalls. Even if you are not a skilled photographer, your pictures will turn out beautifully because of the vibrant colors ((due to the genuinely magnificent landscape).

Strossmayer Promenade


The Strossmayer Promenade offers the most breathtaking panoramas in Zagreb. The tree-lined lane was constructed in the 19th century and ran beside the old southern defensive wall. It’s a nice location for a quick respite from city exploration. As you proceed, you will see a sculpture of Croatian poet and author Antun Gustav Mato perched on a bench and looking out over Zagreb. Most of the year, there are performances, events, and concerts held here.

The Mirogoj Cemetery

The Mirogoj Cemetery doubles as a lovely park and a site for interments. Its grand arcade is crowned with a row of cupolas, giving the exterior of the building the appearance of a fortress. It is close to the city’s heart and is encircled by lush flora. Its monuments and tombs serve as memorials for the numerous conflicts dead. There are walks, sculptures, and beautifully crafted crypts all across the cemetery. An interesting region with many well-known politicians, artists, and writers is accessible via the tall, ivy-covered walls.


Art Park

You may take a break in the heart of the city while taking part in a number of the newly revitalized areas known as Art Park. This charming but formerly abandoned little park is located beneath the Strossmayer Promenade in the city’s core, close to the Zagreb Funicular bottom station.


It is regarded as an energetic outdoor gallery that provides a spot to unwind, cool off, and appreciate excellent company and creativity. A few of the grassy portions in the park are sloping, and the park contains steps. The art park street in Croatia provides summertime fun, cool beverages, art, and music events.

Park Josipa Jurja Strossmayera

Josipa Jurja is Zagreb’s most attractive and underappreciated park. Josip Juraj Strossmayer, a statesman, bishop, and benefactor, is honored by a statue in Strossmayer Square, and his name is also given to the park. Numerous community celebrations and events are planned here.



Bottom Line 

In conclusion, Zagreb is rich in natural beauty since the breathtaking scenery here makes it impossible to stop and see the breathtaking view. If you wish to unwind in the midst of greenery and nature while taking a break from your busy and crammed life, visiting these parks might be a brilliant idea. And I’ve described some incredibly gorgeous parks here to help you make up your mind while choosing the parks in Zagreb. I hope it would be a the right choice for you when planning your upcoming trip.

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