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Unforgettable Adventures-The Best Things To Do In Shelby Nc 

by Tayebah Malik
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Well recognized for the beautiful name “The City of Pleasant Living” the traveler’s paradise “Shelby” in North Carolina was incorporated in the year 1843. The land of rhythm and roots which is only 45 minutes west of Charlotte, the city left you to think that “this is a different world.” The world-acclaimed Don Gibson Theatre has a full calendar of music and entertainment and there are beautiful city parks and museums and galleries here, which will leave you inspired and more educated about Shelby. Whether you are a fan of music, history, art, or food, Shelby, North Carolina, has something you’ll enjoy. We love this charming town in western North Carolina and are excited to share what makes it the perfect place to visit. If you love small towns, you’ll love this hidden gem in North Carolina. So, read on to find the best things to do in Shelby NC, most of which are within walking distance of each other!

Where Is Shelby In NC-Why It Is Worth A Visit?

The current Shelby municipal limits were formally incorporated in 1843. Cleveland County, which was established in 1841, has its county seat in the city. Colonel Isaac Shelby, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, was given the name of the city. It is the largest city in Cleveland County and was designated an “All-American City” in 1970. Shelby was recognized as one of the first “Main Street” communities in the country in 1980. Shelby is located along Highway 74, halfway between Kings Mountain and Forest City, just over an hour from uptown Charlotte. Shelby, the county seat of Cleveland County, maintains its strong historical ties while seizing chances for community expansion.

Uptown Adventures

You can see a lot of the uptown district in a single visit because it is a manageable walking distance. Take advantage of the free public parking lots or park on one of the streets. (There are bike racks located all over the uptown area if you’d like to explore on two wheels.) Then, put your walking boots on and embark on a journey of your choosing. 

Fantastic Things To Do In Shelby Nc For All-Adventure Awaits

I went to the city with my friends, and even now, more than a month after I left, I still find it difficult to leave behind the gorgeous beauty of the place. If you wish to discover the music tales, public art, fascinating history, stores, and restaurants in this idyllic town, take a stroll through it. I’ve listed several wonderful activities in Shelby, North Carolina, below, most of which can be reached on foot.

Don Gibson Theater

Don Gibson, the legendary songwriter of “Sweet Dreams,” “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Oh Lonesome Me,” and others among scores of other well-known tunes, is honored in the theater. It’s the ideal location for live theater, movies, and music. There is a small museum from Don Gibson’s lengthy career in the foyer where you may take a self-guided tour starting with the memory of Don Gibson as a young child. The theater’s director, Stan Lowery, invited us backstage to show us the wall covered in the autographs of many of the performers, including Chubby Checker, Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, and many more. In the year 1939, the State Theater opened its doors. Over time, nevertheless, the building deteriorated. Don Gibson used to sit here and watch movies as a child. He never imagined it would bear the name and house mementos of his life.


Owl’s Eye Vineyard And Winery

This intriguing vineyard is located just outside Shelby, North Carolina, not far from Charlotte. You will have a special and pleasurable time here whether you are a wine expert or just starting to learn about wine. It is approximately 2 and a half miles from Shelby’s historic downtown. They provide tours, wine tastings, as well as private gatherings and celebrations. The winery’s tasting room offers a warm setting for banquets, receptions, business meetings, and special events. I highly recommend you to visit this magnificent winery because one of my friends says that he never tastes that type of winery ever and if talking about my experience, then even before knowing this winery I too have kept my taste buds deprived of this delicious taste.

Meander By The Murals

Wandering about seeking public art and murals is one of my favorite activities to do in Shelby, North Carolina (and really anywhere, really), and Shelby’s public art scene is vibrant! Be sure to see the Don Gibson painting which is presented on the side of the Botiqur of Miss Molly, the former residence of Gibson’s spouse Bobbi, as well as the Earl Scruggs artwork. In order to honor significant and ground-breaking musicians in North Carolina, Scott Nurkin painted both of these outstanding murals as an element of the project NC Musician Murals. Bring out your cameras! The ideal location to capture the entire family in flight is this charming wall of wings hidden in a tiny passageway on South Dale Street. Additionally, in Uptown, keep an eye out for the colorful Bobby Bell mural and the mural on the Arts Council of Cleveland County, building that depicts a mother teaching her kid.

Great Metalmorphosis Giant Head

In Charlotte, North Carolina’s Whitehall Technology Park, there is a mirrored sculpture called Metalmorphosis. About 40 pieces of shining steel make up the creation, which consists of seven segments that autonomously rotate 360 degrees. The mouth releases water into the nearby pool. When all the parts are lined up, it resembles a huge silver skull with each fixture in its proper location. Internationally famous Czech sculptor David Cerny created the masterpiece. Metalmorphosis’ initial notion served as the foundation for Cerny’s conception, creation, and execution of the work. According to the local who was taking pictures next to us, his design integrates a complicated infrastructure and synchronized movement on a grand scale, producing a lovely harmony of form and function. 

Earl Scruggs Center

Earl Scruggs is a well-known figure in bluegrass music whose impact on the genre cannot be denied. His quick fingers and complex three-finger picking technique in the Scruggs way of banjo playing gave birth to an entirely new sound that swept the globe. Visitors can take a photo with the life-sized statue of Earl Scruggs, view the banjo he first learned to play, and explore interactive displays at the Cultural Center of Earl Scruggs to learn more about his formative years, his distinctive picking technique, and his significant musical career. I began by watching a documentary on Earl Scruggs’ life before being shown around by Clyde Buckner, a docent. You are greeted by Earl Scruggs in the museum’s core. The white statue is so realistic that you believe he will approach and shake your hand. Clyde mentioned that they used banjo and genuine garments to make the sculpture. Epoxy was then applied in several applications to conceal it.


Fun Activities To Do In Shelby Nc With Kids

Are you seeking a thrilling family adventure in Shelby, North Carolina? Look nowhere else! This little town has a wide range of entertaining activities that will amuse both children and adults. Shelby offers activities for everyone, including interactive museums and outdoor expeditions. Below is the list of exciting things to do in Shelby NC, with kids. 

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South Mountains State Park

South Mountains State Park is definitely the ideal location to appreciate nature because it is tucked away in the woods. Additionally, it serves as one of the most rocky regions of Carolina. Here, a magnificent mountain range can be seen jutting out of the Piedmont’s gently undulating terrain. The park has heights of up to 3k feet, an 80-foot waterfall, over 40 miles of trails, and altitudes of up to 3,000 feet. There are so many exciting opportunities! The paths are ideal for trekkers, equestrians, and even mountain bikers, and they are a terrific opportunity to truly immerse oneself in the breathtaking nature around you.


Carawba Science Center

Kids may have fun learning about science, particularly when they do so through hands-on, interactive exhibits that let them experiment, create, and learn for themselves. Children can learn about a variety of subjects at the Carawba Science Center, as well as the natural and physical worlds. Additionally, there are interactive displays that rotate throughout the year so you may revisit old favorites while learning something new! Ever been to a science museum and seen sharks? You already do! Kids can interact with Real sharks and stingrays in an aquatic touch pool by going to the saltwater and freshwater exhibits at the amazing aquarium.

The Escape Game Concord

You and your party will have 60 minutes to gather hints, work out puzzles, and overcome obstacles to finish your task at The Escape Game Concord until time runs out. There are 5 different adventures available, ranging in difficulty from escaping from jail to rescuing the planet! Gold Rush, Prison Break, The Depths, Playground, and Special Ops are the five levels in question. First off, one of my friends opted to bring the whole group here even though we had not agreed to find this kid-friendly activity. To be honest, once we were here, we forgot that we were adults because the activities compelled us to overcome our shyness and savor the child-like experience. 

Hands-On Children’s Museum

Children may have interactive fun in a museum created specifically for them! Hands-On because the Children’s Museum in Hendersonville has a ton of educational and entertaining displays as well as games for kids to engage in throughout the day. There are a total of 12 displays, covering a variety of subjects like math, engineering, science, nature, health, and more. Regardless of their interests or where they are in their growth stage, these exhibitions are all designed for children up to the age of ten, so there is something for everyone! In the Studio of Art and Sensory, a special place where kids may grab a canvas and a smock and paint to their heart’s delight, youngsters can express themselves.


Things To Explore In Shelby Nc This Weekend

Looking for a weekend getaway destination? Think about including Shelby, North Carolina, on your travel itinerary! Shelby makes for the ideal weekend getaway location because it is only a short drive from Charlotte and only a couple of hours from Durham. You can find the ideal balance of leisure and touring in Shelby and the neighboring areas thanks to the abundance of things to do.

23rd June: Featherpockets’ Live Music

Prepare yourself for a memorable live music performance by local musician Featherpocket! You won’t want to miss the live concert on June 23rd at 917 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204, which starts at 8:00 PM EDT. The distinctive music of Featherpocket combines elements of folk, indie rock, and pop to produce an enthralling listening experience. Come out and enjoy a night of fantastic music in a warm and welcoming environment while supporting local artists. Just make your plans and round up your pals for a memorable evening!

24th June: Movie Night In The Park 

Have a good time with the kids and join them for a movie in the park. Don’t forget to take your chairs and blankets, if you want to get more comfortable. They will gather at the YMCA’s adjacent Kings Mountain Track. The movie will begin at 7:00 a.m., and check-in begins at 6:30. And get ready for a fun night with the kids as well as popcorn, and with raffle prizes.

Foothills Farmers Market 

The Foothills Farmers Market is open on Saturday mornings from the month of April through October from 8 am to lunch and features products from regional farmers and craftsmen. On a typical Saturday, 30 vendors display their wares; however, during the summer, that number easily doubles. Local musicians play at the event twice a month. Additionally, you can locate regional food trucks like T’s Tiny Farm, which serves the greatest grilled cheese in town. You can discover here anything from freshly-made cheese to baked pies to fresh tomatoes and other artisanal goods. 

Bottom Line 

Shelby City is the spot to go if you want to enjoy a fun-filled day because there are so many relaxing locations and exciting activities to do there. Additionally, there are always a variety of things to do in Shelby NC, for everyone, including recreational areas, museums, inexpensive restaurants, entertainment venues, and marketplaces. If you are making your way to North Carolina, don’t forget to include this lively city on your bucket list because there is so much to discover and learn there. 

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