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15 Fun Things To Do In Mcpherson, Kansas-Discovering Delights

by Tayebah Malik
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There are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy while you’re in McPherson, Kansas. The town has numerous fantastic attractions that the whole family will love and enjoy. You can tell a community is proud of its history when practically every attraction is named after it. They will refer to it as such if McPherson is not included in the official name. During a 24-hour stay in McPherson, while traveling across South-Central Kansas, I discovered that the city was a thriving one. The city is still booming with trade, and tourist attractions today. After my visit, I felt the need to share my insights with you in order to help you plan an unforgettable trip to McPherson, Kansas. 

15 Best Fun Things To Do In Mcpherson Kansas

The city of McPherson, located in Central Kansas about an hour’s drive north of Wichita, is a sight to behold. My family and I once stopped at this wonderful location on a memorable road trip across Central Kansas. As you prepare for your visit to this gorgeous region, I hope that this list of entertaining things to do in McPherson, Kansas, will be helpful to you. 

Downtown Mcpherson

Since every establishment in this area is locally owned, it might take you some time to walk the few streets from the railway tracks to Skancke Street. Plenty of one-off shops for more items than we can mention here, including antiques, games, doughnuts, healthy foods, flowers, and art materials. You may see the majestic places here which have a touching tale, for culture. A variety of cuisines are available, including Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and the well-known Neighbors Café, which serves morning favorites.


Museum And Arts Foundation

This Arts Foundation is the ideal site to begin your trip to McPherson. It is situated on the main thoroughfare that runs from the Interstate into town. You may explore the museum, discover about the Globe Refiners, or pick up many pamphlets about all the exciting things the town has to offer. Visit the model train display and the collection of the historical, cultural, and aesthetic history of the McPherson community while you’re there. Someone is always available to give you a tour and explain how the renowned basketball squad got started.


Mcpherson Opera House

Modern entertainment theater and leasing facility, the beautiful McPherson Opera House was built in 1888. I heartily advise you to attend an engaging live show at this outstanding theater if you are searching for fun things to do in McPherson at night. It has a small auditorium with a seating capacity of 500, and numerous rental facilities, including a lavish ballroom, ancient building tours, and more. Prepare to be surprised as you spend the evening at the McPherson Opera House witnessing an incredible live performance with your loved ones, significant other, or friends. You can see musical concertos, folk dances, concerts, operas, plays, films by independent filmmakers, and a lot more, depending on their schedule. You can sign up for a daytime excursion of the more than 130-year-old structure to discover more about its past.


Mcpherson County Courthouse

The McPherson County Courthouse is 105 feet tall and was built in 1894. A clock was built there in 1908. The McPherson County Courthouse, constructed in the year 1908 serves as the primary site for county offices and services today. A bronze statue of the Civil War Union officer who gave the name of the city can be seen when strolling down the street. Explore the building and be amazed by its Richardsonian-Romanesque design from the 19th century.

Maxwell Wildlife Refuge

A nice spot to explore the outdoors and view native plant life, birds, bison, wildflowers, and perhaps an elk beyond is in Canton, Kansas, which is just 20 minutes from McPherson. Take a seat on the tram and get ready for a few minutes of supervised prairie tour around the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge. While there, you’ll learn about the Santa Fe Trail and how people formerly lived there. Even the bison herd’s young will get up and personal with you. We’ll never refer to a bison as a buffalo again because the two are not the same, that much I am certain of. 


All Schools Day

This distinctive festival has been going strong since 1914, which makes it the longest-running event of its kind in the country. A parade and luncheon held in honor of eighth-graders served as the foundation for All Schools Day, which has since grown into a full week of enjoyable events for everyone to enjoy. The event includes a weeklong carnival at Wickersham Park starting on the first Friday. Then, on the next Friday, there is a large procession in the city center that attracts more than 40,000 spectators, followed by fireworks in the evening.

Mcpherson Water Park

If you want to do something more leisurely, time run around at a wide pool or rest by the 500-foot lazy river. You can enjoy the ultimate water park experience at this worth visiting McPherson Water Park thanks to its many amenities. Children are welcome to use the splash area or the enormous water slide. Remember to test out the diving well, Bulldog slide, and zero-entry pool. Almost six swimming lessons are available for children who want to learn how to swim. The younger lifeguard program is also available to children aged 13 to 14. All you need after a long, exhausting journey is a pleasant, soothing pastime, and the worth visiting a water park has both.


Noffy’s Sandwich Shop And Pub

Visit Noffy’s Sandwich Shop & Pub if you’re on the hunt for something to eat while exploring the city. Enjoy a variety of genuine eastern coast delicious sandwiches in the lovely state of Kansas. Take pleasure in a traditional Italian sandwich that features capicola, provolone cheese, plus the BLT combination. The Caprese hoagie, which is loaded with fresh mozzarella, basil, spinach, tomato, and balsamic reduction, is another option. Naturally, a cold beer would be required to round off your dinner. If talking about my experience in Noffy’s, a beer will go well with your delicious long sandwich.


If you visit in December, you’ll get a fantastic tour of the community in addition to the added advantage of seeing sparkling holiday decorations all over the place. The town’s favorite is the intricate painting of the Globe Refiners. Take the trolley and visit the place for an interesting trip to see the bright and spectacular murals downtown that reflects the history of McPherson. Several antique historical structures and the lovely McPherson Courthouse will also be passed by as you travel through. In general, the location will serve you well if you’re looking for the top activities in McPherson with a dash of history.


Lakeside Park

This lovely park on Turkey Creek is located in the middle of McPherson and attracts a lot of visitors every year. Due to this, Lakeside Park is a perfect location for summertime outdoor gatherings. Throughout the months of June and July, a number of films are shown at the bandshell on Fridays. With numerous amenities like a daring golf course, playgrounds, six places for the picnic, the lovely Swan Court fountain, as well as a fishing lagoon, Lakeside Park is connected to nearby green spaces along Turkey Creek.

Dyck Arboretum Of The Plains

About a short distance from the south side, the Kansas City of Hesston is where you’ll find the Dyck Arboretum. Because this was the first stop I have seen during my road trip, therefore I stayed there all day. The fun thing I remember is that the weather was so pleasant and the temperature was lovely. With a garden for the summer, this arboretum features a variety of gardens displaying native Kansas species. People from the neighborhood come out to participate in the Book Walk, which features a book of the month on kiosks around the grounds, as well as to relax on the seats and the beautiful chirping birds inside and outside. The entire book can be read while you stroll. It was one of my cousin’s favorites, along with the snakes he saw, in the arboretum.


Mcpherson Valley Wetlands

The wetlands are a great location for seeing migratory birds if you are considering a trip during the spring. Just go to the McPherson Valley Wetlands and explore the wide marshes, waterways, and shallow reservoirs to tune out the sounds of the busy streets. Enjoy hunting and other types of game in the area, or look for whooping cranes, which are rarely seen. As of now, there are more than 50 controlled wetland pools in the area, along with two refuges.

Turkey Creek Golf Course

You may play golf on an 18-hole course featuring bluegrass fairways at the worth visiting Turkey Creek Golf Course. The best time for sharpening your swings on the golf course has traditionally been on sunny days. This 1990-constructed place has four sets of tees with a total yardage of roughly 4,597 to over 6,300 and a par of 70. Enjoy the serene surroundings and the immaculate course that features native grasses. You can also stop by the wide driving range featuring full-length hitting pads and natural grass tees.


Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo is a chocolate and candy shop that sells a wide range of desserts, including chocolates, cupcakes, candies, and cakes. Locals and visitors who are desiring sweet sweets frequent the location frequently. The huge flamingo display that spans the entire store catches the attention of the owner, Chad Mock. Enjoy a huge variety of uniquely shaped chocolate delights that are exclusive to this shop. You might wish to try the store owner’s handcrafted cookies and other delights since he is also an accomplished self-taught baker. Additionally, the store sells enormous cups of peanut butter in a variety of flavors.

Mcpherson Hemp Victory Garden

If you’re seeking places in the city center to go to acquire high-quality hemp-infused cosmetic goods and nutritional supplements, head over to the McPherson Hemp Victory Garden. The Place is a well-known retailer of hemp goods for beauty and health. It is conveniently located close to many well-known tourist attractions, shops, dining establishments, green spaces, and public transportation options. Spend a few minutes browsing the numerous products at this well-regarded store with your loved ones or friends. Shop for items such as lip balms, hemp oils, and much more. Other activities including eating at a dining establishment, attending a live show at a theater, walking through a park, visiting an attraction, and more are available both before and after.


Bottom Line 

In conclusion, McPherson, Kansas is a hidden gem filled with an abundance of exciting activities and attractions. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, this charming city has something to offer everyone. From immersing yourself in the rich history at the McPherson Museum to indulging in outdoor adventures at Lakeside Park, the list of things to do in McPherson, Kansas is truly impressive. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the picturesque McPherson Water Park or savor the flavors of local cuisine at the delightful downtown restaurants. With its warm hospitality and vibrant community spirit, the magnificent place invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and create lasting memories. So, pack your sense of adventure and immerse yourself in the captivating experiences that await you in McPherson, Kansas!”

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