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All About Turtle Island National Park Malaysia-Things To Do Plus Best Time To Visit

by Tayebah Malik
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Enter the magical realm of Malaysia’s Turtle Island National Park, a paradise for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. This region is sea turtle central, including gorgeous islands like Satang and Padre. Step into the world of precise beaches from where Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles set off for the ocean. Moreover, witness the heartwarming turtle releases at Padre Island National Park. Get ready to explore the best times to visit, the exciting activities in the store, and the easiest ways to get here. Whether you’re into Sabah’s Turtle Islands or thrilling island cruises, Turtle Island National Park promises a tidal wave of unforgettable experiences by the sea.

About The Beauty Of Turtle Island National Park, Malaysia

Want to step into the place where time slows down, and the soothing sounds of the waves put you at ease? Turtle Island National Park, located in the Sulu Sea in Sabah, Malaysia has its all. his is a special spot where something incredible happens – the lives of sea turtles unfold right before your eyes.


Rescue, Conservation, And More

At the heart of this enchanting island lies a mission that touches your heart. Turtle Island National Park is a sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and conservation of two remarkable sea turtle species: the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle. These magnificent creatures find refuge on these shores, a safe haven for them to nest and hatch their young. This beach is not just a scenic stretch; it’s the very cradle of life for these precious turtles. Here, the turtles come to lay their eggs, delicately burying them in the sand to incubate under the warmth of the tropical sun. 

Nature’s Miraculous Cycle

Witnessing the cycle of life in its purest form is a privilege Turtle Island National Park grants its visitors. From the awe-inspiring sight of a turtle nesting and laying eggs to the heartwarming spectacle of hatchlings making their inaugural voyage into the sea, each moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of nature’s artistry. The island’s sands hold stories of generations, stories that unfold with every hatching and every journey taken by these marine wanderers.

How To Get To Turtle Island National Park- Your Path To Paradise

Ready to embark on your Turtle Island National Park adventure? Let’s map out the journey so you can set sail to this tropical paradise with ease:

Fly To Sandakan

Your journey begins in Sandakan, a charming town in Malaysia. Start by catching a direct flight to Sandakan, where your island adventure will truly take off. From Sandakan, it’s time to hop onto a boat ride that’ll transport you to Turtle Island National Park. While there aren’t public boats available, you have options to arrange private boat rides. The journey across the shimmering waters takes about an hour – an hour filled with anticipation and excitement.


Experiencing Turtle Island National Park-Best Time To Visit 

Alright, adventurer, you’re ready to set foot on Turtle Island National Park, but you’re probably wondering: how do you get there, and what’s the deal with the turtles? Here is all about that.

The Where And How

First things first – getting to this slice of paradise. If you’re thinking about the best time to visit, look no further than July to October. It’s like the Turtle Oscars season! To start your journey, catch a direct flight to Sandakan. From there, it’s boat time. Just hop on a boat ride to the island – it takes about an hour. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled, because you might just spot some playful Irrawaddy Dolphins on the way!

What’s The Buzz?

Hold onto your snorkels, because during these months, the sea turtles step onto the sandy stage. Imagine it as their ultimate meetup, where they showcase their ninja nesting and egg-laying skills. Can you believe it? You get a front-row seat to the epic life cycle of these fantastic creatures. What’s the big deal about these months, you ask? Well, it’s when the sea is all chilled out, and the waves are like, “Hey, let’s be calm today.” This makes it the turtle-preferred time to hit the beach without any wave-related interruptions. 

How To Get There

Ready for the nitty-gritty? To reach this turtle haven, you’re in for a boat ride from Sandakan. No public boats, but hey, private ones are just as cool. The boat cruise takes around an hour, and guess what? If luck’s on your side, you might spot some friendly Irrawaddy Dolphins tagging along. Talk about a bonus travel companion! Sometimes, the turtles might be fashionably late to the sandy party. So, kick back, enjoy the scenery, and know that you’re in for a treat, whether it’s turtle time or dolphin discoveries.

Things To Do In Turtle Island National Park- Dive Into Adventure!

Hold onto your hats because Turtle Island National Park isn’t just about turtles – there’s a whole bunch of thrilling activities waiting for you to dive into. Let’s explore all the awesome things you can do here:

High Gravity Adventures

Feeling the need for some heart-pounding action? High Gravity Adventures has got you covered. Swing like a superhero on their three-person giant swing. But that’s not all – they’ve got a bunch of ground challenges that’ll have you climbing, balancing, and conquering heights ranging from 15 to 50 feet.

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Sky Valley Zip Tours

Ever dreamed of zipping through the sky like a bird? Sky Valley Zip Tours makes that dream come true. They offer two fantastic tours: the canopy tour and the kids’ zip tour. While the little ones are having a blast on the kids’ tour, you can enjoy a leisurely walk around the area or snap some incredible pictures of your mini adventurers.


High Mountain Expeditions 

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’re in for a treat at High Mountain Expeditions. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, they offer a treasure trove of thrilling activities. From river rafting and caving to hiking, there’s no shortage of adventure here. It’s like stepping into a nature lover’s paradise, where the mountains become your playground.

Nature’s Beauty With Guided Tours

Feel like a true explorer by joining guided tours around the island. Expert guides will take you through the lush landscapes, sharing secrets about the local flora and fauna. It’s not just a walk – it’s a journey of discovery that brings you closer to the island’s natural wonders.

Snorkeling And Diving

The underwater world around Turtle Island is a treasure trove of marine life. Grab your snorkeling gear or take a dive to explore the vibrant coral reefs and encounter a variety of colorful fish. It’s like entering a whole new universe beneath the waves.

Turtle Islands National Park Cruise

Get ready for an extraordinary experience by joining a Turtle Islands National Park cruise. Sail across the turquoise waters, soaking in the panoramic views. Keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins, as they might just join you on your aquatic adventure.

Keep An Eye Out For The Dolphins

As you cruise towards the island, keep your eyes peeled for a delightful surprise – the playful Irrawaddy Dolphins. These friendly companions might join you on your journey, making your boat ride even more memorable. And just like that, the island paradise comes into view. You’ll arrive at Turtle Island National Park, where the turquoise waters and pristine beaches welcome you with open arms.


Turtle Island Nearby Wonders- Selingan and Beyond

Turtle Island National Park isn’t the only enchanting spot around here – there’s a whole world of wonders to explore nearby. Beyond it, there’s a whole world of exploration waiting for you. Let’s take a peek at what awaits you beyond the turquoise shores:

Selingan Island

Right next door lies Selingan Island, where turtle magic continues to unfold. Here, you can witness the nesting and hatching of turtles in action. It’s like being part of a nature documentary as you observe these incredible creatures make their journey into the world.


Pulau Bakkungan Kecil

Venture a bit further to Pulau Bakkungan Kecil, also known as Little Bakkungan Island. Imagine crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life. Snorkelers, get ready to be amazed as you dive into a vibrant underwater world of colorful corals and curious fish.

Gulisaan Island

Gulisaan Island, another gem nearby, is a haven for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. Wander through lush landscapes and keep an eye out for various bird species. It’s a peaceful escape where you can connect with nature’s beauty.

Wrap Up

As our journey through Turtle Island National Park, Malaysia, comes to a close, we’re left with a heart full of sea turtle stories and the soothing memory of those crystal-clear waters. This place has truly cast its spell on us, a reminder of how precious and untouched nature can be. Whether you’ve had the joy of releasing a turtle into the ocean or you’ve explored the waves on a cruise, these moments will stay with you. So, as the waves keep sharing their secrets with the sandy shores, hold on to the enchantment you’ve felt and the beauty you’ve witnessed. 

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