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Best Things To Enjoy In The Mysterious Oatman, Arizona

by Tayebah Malik
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Smaller cities possess a unique quality. You’ll quickly be infatuated with Oatman Arizona whether you’re visiting for the weekend or thinking about staying a little longer. In fact, there are so many amazing activities and fascinating sights to see that you may never like to leave! The town’s unusual feature is that you will see there a large number of burros even more than people residing there. In Oatman, it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of donkeys roaming the main street, poking their faces through the railings along the pine walkways, nudging people for food, and generally amusing tourists.

The burros may be an entertaining novelty, but Oatman also has a fascinating origin story, a wild mining past, and a location on U.S. Route 66. In fact, a lot of movies and TV shows are filmed there, making it a popular site. Even though it’s little, there are a lot of things to do and attractions here that draw thousands of people every year. However, let’s look at how you can travel there first before we get into the specifics of what is in store for you.

So, How To Go To Oatman, Arizona?

To begin with, this small hamlet is situated two hours south of Las Vegas in northwest Arizona. It is situated directly along Old Route 66, between Topock and Kingman. The Black Mountains are home to the town of Oatman. Renting a car is the most convenient method to get there and allows you to spend your time taking in the area. Let’s look more closely at the interesting things to enjoy in Oatman now that you understand how to reach it.

Wonderful Things To Enjoy In Oatman, Arizona

Oatman doesn’t quite qualify as a hidden gem because it welcomes more than 500,000 visitors each year. Despite this, it could seem alone given its adverse surroundings. With only 96 residents, the tiny hamlet additionally is not far from turning into the “ghost town” this is frequently called. Here are a handful of the unique things to wonder about in this mysterious town.


Fry Eggs on the Sidewalk

Oatman, Arizona is supposedly so warm that it’s possible to fry eggs on the pavement. Do you want to try it? The yearly Oatman Roadside Egg Fry, which takes place at noon on the Fourth of July, is a must-attend event. The Oatman Egg Fry gives competitors 15 to 20 minutes to fry the eggs exclusively with solar power. Winners receive prizes, and everyone is welcome to participate in the fry-off.

Sweet Your Tooth At Gold Rush Candy Shoppe

One of the pleasures of our visit to Oatman was this tiny sweets store. It’s a vintage, Wild West confectionery store, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You may find a wonderful assortment of candies and penny sweets almost anyplace, in addition to a wide range of homemade treats. We haven’t seen the prickly pear sweets since; it was unusual. You may purchase some to give as presents. I advise against purchasing chocolate unless you intend to consume it right away. By the moment we returned to the car, ours had completely melted.

Share Your Meal With Oatman Burros

If you’re aware of Oatman, it’s probably due to the donkey-like burros there, known as Oatman burros. It would not be wrong to say that Oatman is best known just for them. More than a number of burros were roaming the main street when I went there in late October, poking their head through the rails of the wood-plank walkways, nudging people for goodies, and generally enjoying the children and adults who were there. In any case, the burros surely enhance the town’s appeal. You’ll see throngs of visitors patting the fuzzy heads of the animals and taking photographs with them. 

Olive Oatman Ice Cream Parlor

A little eatery called Olive Oatman’s offers ice cream, sandwiches, and breakfast items. With several pieces of artifacts from the Wild West, the decor has an old-west saloon feel to it. Olives are known for their ice cream, presumably because every day here is a good day for ice cream due to the intense desert heat. Just be sure to keep the four-legged hunters out of your cones. Seriously, if you’re under four feet tall, those donkeys will grab your cone of ice cream in an instant.

Oatman, Arizona

Enjoy With Gunslingers On Main Street

Get set to travel back in time. In Oatman, Arizona, traffic stops daily afternoon for a firefight reminiscent of the Wild West. Arizona’s earliest gunfighter organization, the Ghost Rider Gunfighters, should not be ignored. The Ghost Riders pull the most tourists following the burros. Consider visiting Oatman early in the morning if you don’t like crowds. Your youngsters will adore this brief performance that lasts perhaps a half-hour and combines history, music, and comedy.

Experience The Road Mines Tour

Oatman was established during the discovery of gold, so if you truly want to learn about the history of the area, you can enjoy a tour of such an old mine hole. The most well-known mine shaft you may visit on a walking tour is Gold Road Mines Inc. Go beneath and see directly the hardships that miners faced while looking for wealth. Visit this Oatman Mine Museum for a glimpse into a slightly eerie mine shaft. There, you can stroll a small way into a shaft and peruse open-air shops.

Satisfy Your Cravings At The Oatman Hotel

The Durlin Hotel, which bears the name of its original builder John Durlin, represents the only ancient two-story adobe structure in Mohave County. The Durlin, known today as the Oatman Hotel, is a must-see site in Oatman because of its well-known visitors and otherworldly occupants. Many people assert that the Oatman Hotel is home to spirits who can frequently be heard laughing and whispering in empty rooms. The Oatman Hotel is regrettably no longer a place to spend the night, but you may still go there during the day to view the museum, cafe, and bar.

See The Past At The Original Oatman

The town’s namesake, Olive Oatman, gained national attention in the 18th century for being abducted by the Apaches, sold to the Mohaves, and eventually discovered not far from where the modern Oatman is located. Olive, who was originally from Illinois, spent a number of years living with the people of Mohave, who are said to have given her a blue face tattoo and reared her as one of their own. When she was brought home five years later, she instantly rose to fame. Images of Olive’s tattooed visage may be found all around the city of Oatman, which bears her name. She is honored by having her restaurant and saloon named Olive Oatman. I went there and studied history.

Oatman, Arizona

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