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Top 20 Best Cities To Visit In Colombia – 2023 Guide On Mapping Them

by Tayebah Malik
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It’s a fact that Colombia is a country that really stands out on the world’s trip map. It is in the middle of South America. In this spot, the sounds of a troubled past are slowly giving way to the beats of a lively and varied present. 

Colombia is your next stop if you are looking for an extraordinary travel experience because it has back-to-back locations that are waiting to be explored. Also, each city of Colombia has its own story to tell, sights to see, and activities to enjoy.

This country has a wide range of adventures for all types of travellers, from busy cities to quiet colonial towns, from lush green jungles to clear blue beaches. So, take a trip with us through this post as I am going to present the top 20 best cities to visit in Colombia! 

The Cities To Visit In Colombia – A Level Up Travelling List

As a traveller, you can enjoy a wide range of explorations in Colombia’s cities that spark in their own way. Just like, Bogotá has busy streets, Cartagena has old-world beauty, and so on. There are many things to explore for you in Colombia, from dancing salsa in Cali to taking it easy in Villa de Leyva. 


Here is the list of the “20 Best Cities to Visit in Colombia” for a unique trip. Every place in Colombia has its own unique activities, sights, and ways to experience the country’s rich culture. Come see this friendly and diverse country.

  • Riohacha:

Mapped on the northern coast of Colombia, Riohacha is a beautiful coastal jewel known for its harmonious combination of beachside serenity and thriving indigenous culture. The city’s beaches are perfect for getting lost in the world, with their golden sands and rustling palm trees. Take a stroll down the Malecón and you may buy fresh fish from local vendors. Riohacha is your ticket to a magical world of sand dunes and indigenous culture in the Guajira Desert, so don’t miss out!

  • Neiva:

Huila Department’s capital, Neiva, is a must-visit for its rich culture and fascinating customs. Check out the city’s parks and plazas while taking in the exciting music and dance events held in Bambuco. Neiva also serves as an entry point to the spectacular Tatacoa Desert, where red and grey landscapes contrast well. The city serves as an excellent jumping-off point for excursions into the beautiful countryside of Colombia.


  • Leticia:

The beautiful Amazon Rainforest may be accessed from Leticia. This city in Colombia’s extreme south provides visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife. Participate in wildlife trips and meet the local indigenous people while you’re there. From Leticia, you can enjoy the Amazon’s unrivalled beauty and wildlife on exciting excursions like riverboat tours and jungle treks.

  • Barranquilla:

The city of Barranquilla, Colombia, is recognised for its explosive Carnival celebrations and lively cultural scene. So, visit the city during Carnival to experience the vibrant plazas, Caribbean cuisine, and vibrant traditions. Take a leisurely stroll around the Malecón and bask in the cool ocean air. Also, Barranquilla is a great starting point for seeing the stunning beaches and verdant jungles of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

  • Mompox:

Santa Cruz de Mompox, more often known as Mompox, is a colonial gem that has been conserved for posterity. This island on the Magdalena River is home to a historical site that has been designated as a Santa Barbara Church Site. It’s great for history buffs thanks to its cobblestone streets and maintained buildings. Discover the local ateliers and enjoy the peaceful setting of this colonial place of diverse experiences. Mompox is a genuine and peaceful refuge from the stresses of the modern world.


  • Bogotá:

Bogotá, the vibrant capital of Colombia, is a city where history meets modernity in a captivating dance. High in the Andes, the city’s sky is adorned with countless red-brick buildings and emerald-green hills. It’s a place where the bustling streets of La Candelaria, the historic district, whisper tales of colonial times, while the contemporary locality boasts a dynamic art scene. You will get lost in Colombian food options at local markets or find yourself in the city’s world-class museums. With its blend of tradition and innovation, Bogotá is a destination that keeps you forever curious.

  • Medellín:

Medellín, the “City of Eternal Spring,” is a remarkable transformation story. Once known for its turbulent history, it has evolved into a city of innovation, resilience, and urban artistry. Ascend into the hills, where gondolas glide over a locality that used to be off-limits, offering panoramic views of the city below. Stroll through the Botanical Garden or explore the vibrant street art scene in Comuna 13. With its pleasant climate, warm-hearted residents, and a blossoming cultural scene, Medellín welcomes you to experience the revival of a city that has risen from the ashes.

  • Cartagena:

Cartagena, a Caribbean gem, enchants travellers with its enchanting blend of history, culture, and coastal beauty. The walled city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a maze of cobbled streets, bougainvillea-draped balconies, and centuries-old churches. Explore the charming plazas and sample the flavours of Colombian cuisine, with fresh seafood being a highlight. Beyond the historical centre, Cartagena’s beaches beckon with their white sands and azure waters. It’s a city where the romance of the past is inextricably linked with the allure of the Caribbean, creating an atmosphere that lingers long after you’ve left.

  • Cali:

Cali, the “Salsa Capital of the World,” is a city that moves to the rhythm of life. The music is everywhere, from the lively dance clubs to the streets, where locals often break into spontaneous salsa. Cali’s warmth is not only in its climate but also in the spirit of its people. Stroll along the riverfront, where sculptures tell tales of the city’s history, or visit the beautiful San Antonio neighbourhood, adorned with colourful houses and street art. Cali is where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant world of dance, music, and infectious energy.

  •  Santa Marta:

Santa Marta, nestled on the northern coast, invites you to experience a fusion of coastal allure and adventure. It’s the gateway to the enchanting Tayrona National Park, where lush jungles meet pristine beaches. Santa Marta’s beaches, like El Rodadero, beckon sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts. So, must take yourself in the city’s rich cultural heritage, sample Caribbean cuisine, and explore the bustling Mercado Público. Santa Marta is a place where the beach and the jungle coexist in harmony, offering travellers a taste of both relaxation and exhilaration.


  •  Manizales:

Situated high in the Andes, Manizales is the city of eternal springs, where time seems to slow down as you enter its picturesque place. Here, coffee is more than just a morning ritual; it’s a way of life. Manizales is the heart of the Coffee Triangle, surrounded by rolling hills of coffee plantations. Wander through the lush terraces, where coffee beans ripen in the sun. But it’s not just coffee that defines Manizales; it’s also the warmth of its people and the grandeur of its surroundings. It’s the place for hike lovers to the Los Nevados National Natural Park, where misty mountains reach into the sky, and let the sight of the imposing snow-capped Nevado del Ruiz take your breath away.

  •  Pereira:

Pereira, the dynamic capital of the Risaralda Department, is a city that radiates a vibrant spirit. Its streets are alive with music, street art, and a rich culinary scene. Stroll through the city’s plazas, where buskers serenade you with melodies of the Andes. Don’t forget to sample the local delicacies, from “arepas” to “bandeja paisa.” Pereira is also the gateway to the lush coffee region, offering travellers the opportunity to dive into coffee culture. This city’s lively atmosphere and its proximity to nature make it a perfect base for exploring Colombia’s stunning landscapes.

  •  Bucaramanga:

Known as the “City of Parks,” Bucaramanga is a city that blends urban sophistication with the calmness of green spaces. Here, you’ll discover a vibrant cultural scene in the midst of a serene natural setting. Spend your days wandering through beautiful parks, where the city’s residents relax, picnic, and enjoy the outdoors. So never miss a chance to explore Parque del Agua, a unique water-themed park, or venture to Chicamocha Canyon, one of the largest canyons in the world. Bucaramanga offers a harmonious fusion of modernity and nature, a perfect balance for those seeking urban adventures and moments of serenity.

  •  Popayán:

Popayán, often referred to as the “White City,” is a true colonial jewel located in the Cauca Department. Its cobbled streets, whitewashed buildings, and red-tiled roofs create a picture-perfect setting. Explore the city’s rich history and cultural heritage in its many museums and churches. Popayán is also famous for its Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations, where the city comes alive with colourful processions and religious traditions. As you meander through Popayán’s charming streets, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time, experiencing the beauty of Colombia’s colonial past.

  •  San Andrés:

There is a haven of relaxation in Colombia called San Andrés in the Caribbean. It’s the place where you’ll find crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine life. The archipelago, located off the coast of Nicaragua, beckons travellers with its postcard-perfect scenery. Explore the coral reefs while snorkelling, or simply relax on the soft, white sands of San Andrés’ beaches. With its warm, turquoise waters and lively reggae rhythms, this is a place where time loses its meaning. The charming island of San Andrés is the ultimate destination for beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and those seeking a Caribbean escape in the heart of Colombia.

  •  Armenia:

Armenia is a charming city located in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, known for its picturesque landscapes and coffee plantations. As part of the Coffee Triangle, Armenia offers a glimpse into the world of coffee production. Travellers can explore coffee farms, witness the entire coffee-making process, and savour freshly brewed Colombian coffee. Don’t miss a visit to the Cocora Valley, famous for its towering wax palm trees. Armenia is a perfect destination for those seeking a taste of Colombia’s coffee culture and stunning natural beauty.


  • Villa de Leyva:

Nestled high in the Andes, Villa de Leyva is a well-preserved colonial town frozen in time. With its cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings, it’s a picturesque destination for history and culture enthusiasts. The town’s central square, Plaza Mayor, is one of the largest in South America and is surrounded by charming cafes and shops. Explore the Fossil Museum, which showcases ancient marine life, and visit El Infiernito, an archaeological site with stone formations. Villa de Leyva is an enchanting and peaceful escape, located in the Boyacá Department.

  • Pasto:

Pasto, the capital of the Nariño Department, is a city in southwestern Colombia known for its unique traditions. It’s famous for the Carnival of Blacks and Whites, a UNESCO-recognized festival celebrated in January, where people paint themselves with black or white, and colourful parades fill the streets. Pasto is also a gateway to beautiful natural wonders. Visit the striking Laguna de la Cocha, a serene lake surrounded by lush hills, and explore the nearby Las Lajas Sanctuary, a stunning church built into a canyon.

  • Tunja:

Tunja, the capital of Boyacá Department, is a city rich in history and culture. Explore the city’s colonial architecture, including the beautiful Cathedral Basilica of St. James. Visit Puente de Boyacá, a historic bridge where the Battle of Boyacá took place, marking a significant moment in Colombia’s fight for independence. Tunja is also known for its delicious cuisine, with hearty dishes like “ajiaco” and “fritanga.” It’s a city where the past and present beautifully coexist, making it an excellent destination for history buffs.


  • Ibague:

Located in the Andes, Ibague is the capital of Tolima Department and a city surrounded by majestic mountains. It’s known for its traditional music and the Festival Folclórico Colombiano, where dancers and musicians showcase Colombia’s rich cultural heritage. Explore the city’s natural beauty by visiting the nearby Los Nevados National Natural Park. Ibague offers a combination of cultural richness and outdoor adventures, making it a great destination for those looking to experience both music and nature in the Colombian Andes.

Mapping The 20 Best Cities To Visit In Colombia

Visiting the charming cities of Colombia is like rolling out a vivid map of exciting adventures. Your journey will start in Bogotá, the vibrant capital of Colombia, where the past and present combine seamlessly. From there, urban art and a vibrant culture await you in Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring. Then there’s Cartagena, a Caribbean gem with a walled old town and beautiful beaches. Cali’s infectious beat is calling you to its bustling streets, where you may experience the true spirit of salsa.

As the trip goes on, you may arrive in Santa Marta, a location where verdant jungles converge with unspoiled coastlines. Then, you’ll go to Manizales and Pereira in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle to learn more about the region’s rich coffee tradition. While Popayán, the “White City,” will immerse you in historical grandeur, Bucaramanga, the “City of Parks,” offers a combination of urban sophistication and natural serenity.

The city of San Andrés welcomes you to its Caribbean paradise, complete with white sand beaches, turquoise oceans, and the soothing sounds of reggae music. The Colombian historical significance and natural beauty are best experienced in the departments of Armenia, Villa de Leyva, Pasto, Tunja, and Ibague. going next The captivating allure of Riohacha’s coastline attractiveness and the profound cultural richness of Neiva engross one’s senses. With Leticia, you can enter the Amazon and find all sorts of exciting adventures.

After all, your tour will be complete when you experience the vibrant life in Barranquilla and the classic allure of Mompox. This fascinating city map of Colombia promises a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the country’s varied landscapes, ancient customs, and cultural treasures.

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